Beko / Failure to honor warranty/Unprofessional and unethical behavior in Beko Service Center for Senegal

We bought a Beko 445E33X refrigerator in Dakar, Senegal on June 26, 2018 from CB Suarl. Invoice # [protected]. It has a 12-month warranty. It was delivered to our home on July 16, 2018. It worked for 2 1/2 weeks, then failed to cool. We contacted the store we purchased from, who in turn contacted Beko about the problem (these were the instructions given in our paperwork).

Some of the actions of the local Beko service center have been careless or unprofessional. Others have been unethical, and appear to show intent to defraud (ie. not honor the warranty). These are the issues which have occurred.

a. The service center first told us our warranty had expired because the authorized dealer had the appliance for over a year before we purchased it.
b. The service center delayed sending a technician out, waiting well over a day after they had been informed of the problem with our new refrigerator.
c. The Beko technician was incompetent. He said that the compressor had burned out. In reality, it runs, but is not strong enough to pump the coolant. He was unable to give us a reason why the compressor should have a problem and did not look for a reason.
d. The chief technician, Aziz, first told the store we purchased from that Beko would repair the damage, then later told us in a separate phone call that Beko would not repair the damage because it was caused by electricity. This happened twice, on two consecutive days.
e. Aziz was vague as to how this electrical damage occurred, which causes us to believe he guessed what had happened, but did not want to say anything more in order to keep us from learning the truth (and so Beko would not have to honor our warranty).

The store we purchased from sent out a second technician to evaluate the problem. It was then we learned the truth. Our Beko refrigerator has a thermal protection system of 6 minutes which protects the compressor in case of a short power outage (this is stated in the manual). We had a short power outage on July 26, and it was on July 30 that we found the compressor failing to cool. We found there is a defect in the thermal protection system, because it only lasts 15 seconds in our new refrigerator.

We want to have both the thermal protection system and the compressor in our refrigerator repaired, or else be provided a replacement refrigerator.

Aug 07, 2018

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