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I became a Beezid member last year. I bought a small bid package. In practice, I won a vacuum I did not want to I used their "flip" option put it back for sale on their site. It sold. After all was said and done I had $9.04 cash in my wallet and 99 win bids. Neither of which I can claim unless I buy more bids. The rule is evidently that once you win something, any leftover bids get classified as win bids. You must call them in order to convert them to usable bids but they won't do that without an additional purchase. And the money in my Beezid wallet from the sale of the vacuum cannot be returned to me if it's less that $10. This is bold faced extortion in my opinion.

Apr 01, 2016
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  • Co
      Apr 01, 2016

    How is this extortion? If you didn't bother to read the terms & conditions before you signed up, I suggest you do so now.

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