Beaurepaires / door to door marketing

Today Thurs 25 Feb 2016 at my home in Box Hill North Vic, on TWO separate occasions between 1pm and 3.30pm, I had people knocking at my door representing Beaurepaires.
They were trying to interest me in car servicing. The first fellow was a tall bearded man with a beaurepaires shirt and the second time a young lady with an American accent.
Now I don't normally have to put up with door to door people as I have a LARGE sign next to my front door saying do not knock if you are a sales person, canvasser, religious group, charity caller or cold caller.Both these representatives chose to ignore the sign and wake me from an afternoon sleep, I'm an older retired citizen.
I have emailed media relations at Good year and Beaurepaire feddback hoping to educate them a little

Feb 24, 2016

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