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I have just noticed unauthorised payments leaving my bank account to Be First Marketing. I took a trial for £60 n plus vat for one month. My Mum was dying at the time and I told them I couldnt think straight yet they hassled by this company to take a trial. Despite asking them not to take any payments after the trial they have now taken £118 three months in a row. I have been bogged down with an Inquest for the last six month and just picked up on this... I shall take them to the small claims court and put their name to shame . I will also let you know if they do the decent thing and re-emurse the money...pigs migt fly first!

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  • Ju
      Jul 09, 2011

    I am sorry to read of your complaint Carols art, you are being taken advantage of by the single largest confidence scam operating on the internet and by telemarketers today. It is called a "negative option" or “up sell” recurring billing scam. They are always promoted by means of false and misleading affiliate marketing networks that lure people in with offers of "Free" or "Free Trial". Simply type in the words “free trial offers affiliate programs” or “Free Trial Offer Scams” into your Google search engine or whatever other search provider and you will find much more on this topic. You may see info on Federal agencies attempts to slow down these many scams:

    For Release: February 9, 2009
    FTC Targets Weight-Loss Marketers’ Allegedly Bogus ‘Free’ Sample Offers
    New FTC Staff Report Offers Guidance on Online ‘Negative Option’ Marketing

    Do be very careful of opening non government links that can lead you into a vortex of computer security breaches. Victims’ rights vary as greatly as the many regions of the world. The United Kingdom has enacted much legislation in the attempt to stop affiliate marking networks from this unjust enrichment scam by use of false and deceptive practices. You may someday see “pigs fly” but it will be on champagne flights aboard Lear jets.

    Because I have dared to offer my advice to you, your complaint here may be flooded by many comments from others that may attack you personally, your complaint as written, or me and my comment personally. It is a free complaint forum I have been informed by these many paid assassins so there is very little anyone cares to do about the dominance of all these public relation firms that spend much time here at the ComplaintsBoard to defend their many clients. You can simply click on any commenter blue highlighted name to see how many total comments and on what groups. Any profile that shows large numbers of commenter on a wide variety of companies IS a paid agent from a public relations firm. This simple check of that profile will tell you what companies have the greatest trouble with customer service complaints. I have nothing to hide, check mine and click on links to my comments. I don’t think you will see me attacking people that dare to complain or comment here. This comment will be a roll call for all the ### paid assassins that clearly have posted over 50% of all the content found here at the ComplaintsBoard

    Good luck with your search, don’t give up, you will find the help you need.

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