BBVA Compass Bank / discrimination and theft

North Tenth, McAllen, TX, United States

Compass Bank was charging me 20dollars a month in a type of checking account I did not choose. They wanted a minimum of 7500 dollars. I only had 3000 dollars. When I discovered the monthly debit, I asked them about it and then they told me that there was another basic checking account that only required 1500 minimum balance. I would like the person who supposedly explained the different checking accounts to come forward.
By the time I was told that I could have a basic checking account, I had already had to cancel the checking account and taken the balance to another bank.

Time Deposit. I sent specific instructions as to how I wanted my TD to renew. It was left to renew automatically at a term and rate that I did not want. The bank is keeping interest that I should be earning. This practice is called theft. My instructions were totally dismissed.

I wrote a letter requesting customer service to an individual who was supposed to be in charge of my account. He responded with discriminatory remarks. Why would he have to say that he is not bilingual and that he does not speak Spanish if I wrote to him in correct English? I have been discriminated against, I have been profiled, I have been robbed, i have been ignored, my wishes have been dismissed. In short, never have I been treated with such disrespect a banking institution in my entire life.

My access to on-line banking was blocked, I do not receive statements either on paper or by e-mail. My account was sent to Houston without consultation or my consent.

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