Bayview Loan Servicingmortgage payment... extra principal not being applied

K Nov 28, 2017

Im trying to pay my mortgage off faster after being sold out from one main financial after i had to leave my job. Now im good and trying to pay extra on my principle each month. I have the payment taken off my card every month with a extra $12 paid that i was told woukd automatically go towards my principle. I also paid $2000 extra with a money order and on the payment stub marked everything out other that extea principle and even highlighted extra principle and wrote on the paystub that my payment is already auto drafted every month and the $2000 is to go to principle ONLY. WELL what do you know they applied it to regular payments and said i was 3 months ahead but only $150 went to the principle because all the rest was insurance and interest. I called 2 times. First time i told them i was tape recording the call because im constantly being told different things and they refused to talk to me even though they say they are recording for training and safety purposes . Then she tells me that no they dont apply extra to principle that i have to call and tell them apparantly every month since i have extra being sent to them every month. Then i ask to be transferred to someone who can answer my questions about why now it says my march payment was being charged 2 seperate $18 fees saying one is a late payment fee and the other is another is that when im paid up until march according to yall!??.. When i was transferred to somebody that could answer my questions i was conveniently cut off. I was told that any extra funds goes to the unapplied funds because they dont know where to put the money...but as i told her i sent $2000 and it says 1400 was in unapplied fund then it says $0 and you applied the money to regular payments so i have to pay all that interest first so what you are saying doesnt even make sense. You better keep track of all payments made to these ppl and call them frequently to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing. Apparantly they dont want you to be up to date because then they start charging you extra stuff on your mortgage bill and then you cant talk to anyone to get a answer because they conveniently cut you off. Sorry excuse for a business and if these funds are not applied correctly im consulting a lawyer.

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