Baymont Inn & Suites / baymont inn & suites in peoria, il

Ames, IA, United States

Our room at Baymont was about the 3rd to the worst hotel room we've ever stayed at

1. When we got there the room was freezing and the heating unit was not plugged in. There were no outlets that fit the type of prongs on the cord. Called the front desk and the manager came down and just kind of grinned at us, like we were stupid, when he saw the visible outlets. We told him the prong did not fit that type of outlet and again, he acted like we were simple. Finally he realized we were correct and he had no idea where an outlet was that would fit the prong. I told him maybe since the cord was coming from under the wall unit, perhaps the correct outlet was under there. He had to lay down flat on the floor and found the outlet and had a difficult time getting it plugged in. A guest would have never been able to reach that because they sure wouldn't want to lay down on the carpet!
2. Once the heater was plugged in, it rattled, thumped, shook, whined, whistled, bubbled and clunked. ALL NIGHT!! We got very little sleep and had to be on the road early in the morning.
3. Someone else's food was in the refrigerator when we arrived. Ick.
4. The refrigerator, whether off or on, had a high-pitched whistle the whole time we were there.
5. When I got up in the night to use the bathroom, the bathroom floor was covered with ants. Ants in November?? I hope they were only ants.
6. Bed was hard as a rock and room was not in very good condition, overall.
7. Had to call front desk to get a TV channel listing
8. Picture on tv screen was fuzzy

The lady at the front desk, who checked us in was very nice. We stayed because the sign indicated the hotel was newly remodeled. That was not evident inside, however the outside looked nice.

Our confirmation number was 81574EC024042
We stayed at 2002 West War Memorial Drive, Peoria, IL 61614
November 17, 2018, 1 night
Total of $55.86, but we'd rather pay more and avoid the above hassles

Thank you for your attention to these matters. We would appreciate the compensation of a nights stay at the Baymont in Ames, IA

Mr. & Mrs. E.F. Foshé
3205 Polaris Drive
Ames, IA 50010

Nov 21, 2018

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