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Bay Area Credit Service / Continual phone harassment

1 MO, United States Review updated:

I suffered an on the job injury in Jan. 2009 and several serious health problems came about while I was in the process of treatment. I have been totally disabled since the injury.
My problem with this collection company can as the result of a fall where I broke my hip. The ambulance ride was the only way I could get to a hospital. I was called by the ambulance company several months after their service and attempted to get them to bill my insurance company correctly, they had used the wrong code so my ins. refused to pay. I thought it had been paid. About 1 year ago I started getting calls from a man who could barely speak English. He was very hard to understand at all. He asked if I was me. I said yes and asked what he wanted. He kept asking my name over and over and over. I finally became very mad and hung up. He called again, same procedure. I demanded his name and company he would not answer me. I asked for his supervisor he refused. I hung up. Then about every two hours the phone would ring, no answer when I picked up. This went on for weeks. Every time he has called it has been the same thing. He asks my name over and over and i end up getting mad and hanging up. Only one time did he ever tell me why he was calling and that was to say he was calling to collect on an ambulance bill. However he never told me who, what I owed, the amount nothing. This has happened over 2 dozen times. Unfortunately I haven't kept a log of these calls. I have been and on bad days I am still a very sick man. I have Ruptured disc in my neck, Myasthenia Gravis which keeps me on high doses of meds. Pain pills, nausea meds, I can't walk very well because of the hip problems. All this makes me so mad I can't deal with it.
This guy called Mon. I couldn't get passed the name asking game. I broke in on his droning and demanded to speak with his supervisor, which I had done before or do not call me again. He said hold and after 3 minutes I hung up.I got 3 call and hang up after he called the first time yesterday. He called back today and I couldn't get past the name game again.( I told him on Tues. not to call me again) I blew up and demanded over and over his name, his company name, address and his supervisors name. After 10 minutes of yelling, screaming and demanding and his refusal to give me anything, I finally got the info I asked for. He would not say his supervisors name, but I kept demanding it and unfortunately I used some language I usually don't use. (I don't suggest you use profanity, I did and I regret that. But I was so mad I couldn't help it.) I demanded he let me speak to his supervisor and he reluctantly finally connected me. The name game began again. I told him I have told you I am the party you are calling over and over and you are so stupid you can't listen. Now, tell me who you are calling for, how much i owe and do not call me again. He tried to argue with me, but I would not let him I kept demanding the information I wanted. I read the Fair debt collection rules to him twice and let him know I was tired of their violations. He started trying to apologize then but I wouldn't hear it. I finally told him not to call me again, that I would contact the Ambulance company IF I received the bill I requested. If not I won't pay your company anything. ( I do not pay anything on line or over the phone at all. (They have a bad habit of loosing the payment and they can drain you bank acct. if you ever give them the debit card info.)
This company is the worst example of a collection company I have ever dealt with. I'm not sure I even owe this company any money since my insurance should have paid it all. I have anger issues because of my illness and the medication I have to take, but their tactics are totally against the law. Look up the Federal Fair debt collection laws on line and for your state too. I wish I had dealt with this sooner and better. I should have sued them long ago. If they continue I will sue them. In Alabama where I live I can collect up to $1000 for damages, plus attorneys fees because of their conduct. Plus I could not have to pay the original bill.
I survive on $1266 a month so there is no money to pay big bills . If they had been reasonable this would have been resolved long ago by my paying a few dollars each month. Now, I don't know if I will pay them anything at all. I am still furious about their tactics.
We have the obligation and duty to pay out debts. I have always paid what I owed, maybe slowly, but I pay. I also have the right to be billed correctly, talked to courteously, treated fairly and given the information required by law. Thanks for allowing me to put my two cents worth of horror in writing. My Best to all who deal with these idiots.

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  • Ye
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    Look up the fair debt collection laws. Federal and for your state. Do what it suggests to stop this problem.
    This company is the worst that I have ever had the displeasure to have to deal with.

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