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We met with a Bath Fitter sales rep who guaranteed us they would complete the work of installing a shower in our upstairs bathroom in one day. After taking measurements, the sales rep left our house and said someone would be contacting us to set up a time to complete the job.
After more than three weeks, someone finally contacted us to schedule a date/time to come to our house and install the shower. On the day of the install, one man - who barely spoke English - arrived in a Bath Fitter van to install the shower. After several hours, he informed me that the door for the shower was too big and would not fit into the shower. He also informed me that the job would not be completed that day - as was promised by the sales rep who took the original measurements.
I called the company and, instead of receiving an "I'm sorry, " the company rep instead made excuses for why they would not be able to complete the job. He took no responsibility for their ineptitude and lack of ability to complete the job the same day - as PROMISED. I advised the company rep that I would need a discount on the charge they assessed us because of their inability to complete the job as promised. The company rep appeared taken aback and, after much haggling, agreed to knock a small amount off the final amount (we had already paid $1, 000).
After installing part of the shower, the Bath Fitter employee left our house. Contrary to claims that Bath Fitter employees are factory-trained, this particular employee obviously had little clue as to what he was doing as he forgot to connect the U-joint to the shower. Needless to say, the bathroom began to wreak of sewage after a couple of days. And, would you believe it was like pulling teeth to get someone from Bath Fitter to come back to our house to fix THAT problem? And, once again, there were no apologies from Bath Fitter - just excuses.
After four trips and several weeks, we were more than a bit disgusted with the lack of customer service and failure to provide services GUARANTEED to us by the sales rep at the first visit. We chose Bath Fitter because of the one-day installation promise and because of the lifetime warranty. However, after what we went through in the first few weeks of trying to get them to properly install an itty bitty shower in our bathroom, why would I ever think they would honor any warranty? They now are billing us for services they failed to complete as promised. Anyone looking at Bath Fitter as an option for installing their bath/shower, be warned!

Apr 27, 2013
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  •   Nov 22, 2013

    Hello, thanks for sharing what happened with your installation experience. Was the local office able to resolve this issue? Please feel free to reach our customer service team at [protected] if you need further assistance. Thanks

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