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I am a former employee. I am writing this not out of bitterness, I actually left on good terms. The hours were great and so were the benefits. I managed a branch office in the mid-west region, but was not considered to be a branch manager. I gave over a year in good faith and service to this company and have an excellent, educated and informed perspective on Bath Fitter as a company. It is surprisingly and unfortunately negative.

All employees, including installers and office staff are grossly underpaid with expectations from management to take on extreme work loads. I was the unofficial manager of the office, even recognized in those terms by the branch manager, but was not rewarded in any manner for my skills or services. (Customers would call and ask for me, "the manager" by name!). Installers are paid a measly 7.8% commission rate on installations, which usually average around $1, 000.00 but keep them working on the job until around 7-9 pm. You do the math.

It was common for the local branches to hold Help Wanted Open Houses that are advertised in the newspaper every 2-3 months, in which they hire off-the-street installers and salesmen. The reason behind hiring people with little to no experience is so that Bath Fitter can train them with Bath Fitter's guidelines... A recipe for disaster.

Not only is the turn over rate absolutely outrageous but installers are only required to complete 6-8 weeks of training - only 3-4 of which are used in a hands-on training facility! When our location was desperate for installers, our branch manager approved new hire installers to work after only completing the written course training portion of 4 weeks. Desperate times call for treading a thin legal line, apparently. When questioned by me and other staff regarding the decision to allow this the branch manager responded by saying "who's going to know besides us?"

The people who knew ended up being the angry, dissatisfied customers who's bathrooms were left in damaged, leaking, shoddy condition for WEEKS waiting for resolutions. Sometimes these were customers only bathrooms with children or grandparents residing in the home. The manager would instruct me to handle all complaint calls and "use my best judgement" to resolve them. I dealt with a laundry list of complaints on a daily basis and it only kept growing as I made my exit from this company.

Just so you have an idea, I can recall installers breaking 50 year old porcelain antique bathroom floor tiles and our company never reimbursing, replacing, or repairing them because they were "too old." (So what? Does that mean these customers are not entitled to compensation?) That complaint still had not been resolved by the time I left the company.

It's an everyday occurrence to have a liner installed crookedly. Of course it is usually the "fault of the homeowners floor tiles for not being straight." Yes, that unfortunate excuse was actually given. Never the fault of poor craftsmanship - OR Bath Fitter. This, not to mention the terrible caulking jobs with large gaps, leaking walls, liners with bubbles behind them...these bubbles must be due to the fact that the walls are not perfectly level, right? Laughable.

There was an ongoing issue with a customers home in which the plumber that BATH FITTER provides (not one the consumer chooses) actually broke a water pipe behind a wall and did not say anything and just left it that way. A few hours after the installer completed the job, the home owner's kitchen ceiling light directly below this bathroom was flooding with water and his entire kitchen ceiling needed repair. This went on for WEEKS and WEEKS with Bath Fitter trying to escape responsibility. "Oh, it's the plumber's fault, not ours..." The branch manager finally agreed to send out an installer to repair the drywall and ceiling of his kitchen - an 18 year old, fresh out of high school, green handed kid with NO experience in the realm of home repair.

Branches rarely made good on promises to compensate customers for bills they incurred from repairing damages our company made to their property - like the steam cleaning bill from blood on white carpet and not removing shoes leaving scuffed and scratched floor tile despite being "required" to lay down a drop cloth


Some customers file complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and as soon as Bath Fitter hears of these complaints they are immediately addressed and the situations rectified. Most of the time Bath Fitter attempts to settle issues before complaints are filed, but that only strings trusting consumers along for a waiting period of up to months before the office makes good on their promises.

The salesmen, or "estimators, " are paid only an 8% commission rate on sales. The are not given an hourly rate and usually have around 6-9 calls a week. Of those calls, approximately 30% will sell. Most of the salesmen estimate on a part time basis because of this and therefore it is not their primary means of income. They are instructed by every level of management to make each sale a high pressure sale wrapped in a low pressure atmosphere. They are told to hike the price to an outrageous level and then charm the price down. For example: "Well, Mrs. Mathers, this package is normally around $7, 000 (completely made up) but if you decide to purchase your liner system from me tonight I can lower the price to about $3, 000." Most estimators that I've met could care less about Bath Fitter as a company and even less about their 8% commission rate. There are absolutely no incentives for salesmen, excuse me, "Estimators" to go out and make sales.

If you haven't picked up the trend yet, my main point is that a company's only as successful as the management and employees it hires. And from my experience Bath Fitter fails in both aspects. That's why I left. I wanted no more ties with a company of this negligence. They have unhappy employees and hidden, cowardly management. I have spoken with many Bath Fitter employees who complain of the very same things I've written here, which is so unfortunate because this company has the potential to be more lucrative and successful than it is. I'm shocked that they have been in business this long.

Of course there are those "couple thousand satisfied" customers that they keep telling me about...hmm. From my experience these customers are satisfied - only after Bath Fitter takes responsibility for their managerial and costly in-home blunders. Do you have the time, money and patience to do business with a company like this? You'd be better off doing the project yourself. Bath Fitter is a total scam.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.


  • Ja
    JayeRD Apr 22, 2013

    I paid more than $8, 000 in 2007 for the local Bath Fitter franchise to install wainscoting/shower liner in my home's main bathroom. The work was shoddy from the beginning, and the installers punched holes in my wall. After calling the local manager repeatedly, they patched the drywall, but still did not leave a smooth wall. Also, the trim they use has gaps at the corners and did almost from the start. The silicone-type grout came loose within a month. I've just had to live with those defects because they wouldn't fix them, and neither Home Depot or Lowes sells the same product. Now one side of the shower liner has come loose (bowed out) from the wall. I'm going to call the manager about this and ask to have it repaired under the Lifetime Warranty. If they fail to honor the warranty, I'm going to inform the manager of my intention to (1) report it to the Better Business Bureau and (2) write a scathing online article about Bath Fitter and publish it to HubPages.com where I have a large readership. It remains to be seen whether I'll get proper repairs from Bath Fitters, but--believe me--I WILL get satisfaction one way or another, even if it's only from warning potential customers not to trust them!

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  • BathFitterCS May 06, 2013

    @ JayeRD - Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We regret the frustration you've experienced, and want to make sure you can fully enjoy your new bath liner. Have you contacted the location you worked with to do your remodel? Please feel free to email our customer service department at [email protected] with some background on this issue, and your contact information - this will allow us to contact your local Bath Fitter store on your behalf. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

    Bath Fitter Customer Service

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  • Fr
    Frank chickenchop Oct 19, 2014

    Do not buy the first day, the compamy will follow up and say well mr. Jones, did the sales rep explain everything properly? So the only reason you did not move forward was affordability?Great we can offer an additional discount. You will get the original 10% off plus an additional 10%.

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  • Fr
    Frank chickenchop Oct 19, 2014

    They tried to charge me $1000 for shower doors in my one bathroom
    Then I asked to estimate my other bathroom which was a full convert and they only deducted out $400 when I did not want doors ..???
    The saleswoman left her price List Accidentally if anyone wants..
    Alls iI say is wow. $ 600 too remove. A tub, $ 1000 for a ceiling 30 inches
    Wide by 60 inches long, 1 sheet of wainscoting $2000 plastic 12 foot wide by 4 foot tall ..
    She was nice but very scattered..
    Love the auto text.

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  • Ra
    Ray Pointer Jan 08, 2015

    What Bath Fitters does is fine for a quick and relatively inexpensive alternative to remodeling. But the company is short-term in their concepts, following current styles and trends that may be outdated in 10-15 years. This is particularly the case with bathroom fixtures. I bought an older home three years ago the seriously needed the bath/shower back splash and window replaced. The plastic simulated tile the company uses looks acceptable, but is no real substitute for glazed ceramic tile. My eventual plan was to replace the existing bathroom tile with an Art Deco pattern of glazed tiles, which belongs with this style of house. While the original back splash, fixtures, and shower door installation were worth $3, 000, the tile replacement job with the same plastic materials was not worth an additional $3, 000 when I was quoted $1, 200. The house has the original porcelain fixture that they wanted to replace with contemporary fixtures. In addition, Bath Fitters can provide only one color. I did not want all white, but the varying black, gray, and white areas I simulated on the existing tile as a trial pattern and example of what I was looking for. Bath Fitters is fine for average people, but they do not offer a large enough variety, nor is their staff trained in more artistic concepts than what I realize are right for my house.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Average Jun 05, 2018

    @Ray Pointer I'm "average people"...I have to say, I would ever consider a plastic tub and plastic faux tiled walls in my bathroom. You, a better than average person, may approve of that cheap plastic crap. As for me, Mr. Average, my standards are much to high to consider that crap.
    So...enjoy your faux ceramic tile bathroom walls, and have a nice nap on your faux leather sofa.

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  • Pc
    PC Home Jan 24, 2015

    Port Charlotte, Fl : We had our tub surround done by the Fort Myers franchise after Hurricane Charlie: It was mis- measured from the start, so bad they had to drop the ceiling with a "false" one and cover it to match, the whole thing is held together with 1' deep caulking that turned a mustard yellow after only 6 months and large areas came away from the wall giving a bowed out effect. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...save a little more money and upgrade with the real thing.

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  • Ko
    Koni Royval Sep 18, 2018

    @PC Home Thank you for all this info/ I just saw this their commercial yet again. Will NEVER even bother to call them.

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  • Ms
    Ms.Lanap Jun 20, 2015

    I`m sorry I had to read this, when I saw the adv. on tv I wanted to see about getting an estimate, now I`m not at all sure that I want to use this company. I don`t want to have to pay some one for shoddy, half done work.
    Ms Lanap

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  • Ha
    Halsdorfer Jul 03, 2015

    I'm so sorry I had them do my bath very little to choose from and did not like the pressure the salesman put on us you'll get this price only if u buy now or else. It's a scam. I wish I had read these reviews first would never recommend. Can't even find a shower curtain long enough that I like. Paid way to much money wouldn't take. Coupon I had. Manager did nothing when I complained. Rochester ny store. Take my advice..

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  • Dl
    dlv64 Aug 03, 2015

    Well, I wish I had found these reviews before I called too. They came out, gave me, what I thought, was quite a deal, then the day after I gave them a check I had to cancel because of other problems. Now I am in a fight to recover my check! They have lied about where it is and who can get it to me! First the sales rep says he mailed it back to me, then when I didn't receive it in 10 days I called and got some administrator in another office and she tells me my check is in a lock box in another office in another area and that the only person who can get in the lock box is on vacation and won't be back for several days. She was rude, and talked over me the whole time which lets me know she is lying too and doesn't want to hear what I have to say. Guess I am glad I did not go through with this, maybe, cause I still don't have my check. Be careful. I am going to let the Better Business Bureau know too.

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  • Ko
    Koalabay52 Aug 04, 2018

    @dlv64 You should have just notifed the bank and paid to have Stop Payment on the check

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  • Ch
    cheryl F. Aug 28, 2015

    I just saw the adv. On tv i wanted to see about getting an estimate, now i`m not at all sure that i want to use this company. I don`t want to have to pay some one for shoddy, half done work. I will not be calling them, thank you for sharing.
    I am very glad to have ran across this information.

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  • Ca
    Carol McE Dec 14, 2019

    @cheryl F. RUN! They took our $900 deposit and told us we had to hire another person/company to remove our existing tub and walls. When we were unable to find someone willing to do this job only, we decided to go with another company that did a great job and eat the $900. Now Bath Fitters is telling us if we don't pay them a $1900 "restocking fee" they will take us to court and put a lien on our home.

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  • Fi
    firingsquad Sep 02, 2015

    Just to let everyone know, we signed a contract with Bath Fitter on July 16. They required one third deposit, which was nearly $1900. Now it is September 2nd and they still haven't set an installation date. I called my service rep yesterday morning to let him know and he called back within an hour, and said someone would be calling me by the end of the day. No one ever called. At this point, my advice would be not to do business with a company that might make you wait until Christmas or until Armageddon for your shower to be installed. My wife is really impatient and is already calling other contractors, which would necessitate legal action to get a refund of the deposit. I will update this review if they ever decide to call.

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  • Be very careful when you look into bath fitters. We needed to redo our bath for my 85 year old dad who could no longer get into a normal tub. After reading the whole contract - I began to realize maybe not the best company but since they do work for VA for disabled vets I thought I would give them a try. Our first hiccup was they never acquire a plumbing permit and tried to put a two inch shower drain reduced down to an 1 1/2 tub drain which is against the plumbing code. Had to cut holes all in my garage ceiling to fix plumbing, were going to just cover up their work, inspector had to tell them they needed to put in access panel since plumbing had been redone, put in plastic access panel - had to tell them can't put plastic in a fire wall - if fire broke out in garage the plastic would melt in seconds and fire is now into the rest of the house immediately. Left drywall repairs for my husband to fix, sent one plumber out to do all plumbing work - took him all day on a Saturday with my husband being his helper. Was told job would take 2 days - 8 days later they finished which meant my father was unable to bath for 9 days. Just very disorganized - don't seem to know the local or national laws or building codes and not very knowledgeable office people - I had to tell them what was going on and what was required. When the code violations came up the scheduler didn't even put us back on the schedule - I had to call and throw a fit to get them out at least the next day. Buyer be very aware with this company!!!

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  • Ju
    Julie Krimmer Strauss Jun 16, 2016

    We hired Bath Fitters to complete a job for us in an apartment that we rent. We conveyed the sense of urgency for the project because it was not a cosmetic job, it was prompted by a leaking bath tub from our second floor to the first floor apartment. The contract was signed with the expectation that work would begin shortly after. We heard nothing and we followed up and were told that the problem was fitting the tub around the existing window and this would take 6 weeks to order. We found a local contractor to change the window within a week with the expectation that we were all set and the work would begin. Again nothing, followed by phone call after phone call to no avail. Finally we heard that the work would not begin for another 2 months. At that point we decided that we would have to cancel the order, we still had a leaky tub that required immediate attention. The response was that they were keep 25% of our deposit, over $2, 000, 00. They claimed it was a restocking fee but when we enquired if any work had begun in preparation for our job they said no. So they kept our money because they thought they could. We will be taking them to court. DO NOT USE BATH FITTERS THEY ARE DISHONEST!!!

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  • Wo
    wonhwa Jul 03, 2016

    I am livid with this company. The salesperson sold me on how and what they could do to my two bathrooms - I initially was happy and excited to have this work done. The estimate was over 13k for both. When the first two installers came out - wow they looked like slobs and did such a bad job. They left a huge gap between the new shower pan and existing tile, cut my baseboard so crooked it looked like they did it with their teeth. The shower handle was flopping around and hardly any water pressure. Their fingerprints with the glue was all over the new glass doors. They stated they were unable to extend the shower wall like the salesman told me they could, for some lazy reason - not what I wanted.

    An Ocala employee with more experience was called to fix their work - he took pics and video he fixed it best he could - now on to the master - he did do a decent job but the girl in the office NEVER followed up on getting the custom glass enclosure to finish the job. She had an attitude from the get go. This was all a cluster in January and guess what? I got a past due bill (1st I've heard from them since) for the 5k for the job. I had given my credit card to the last installer and when I never got charged, I figured, good - they did the right thing because the work and service was so bad. Six months later are you kidding me??? I never received the warranty for the 2nd bath.

    They can kiss my ### because I'm contacting my attorney on this - absolute crap company DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM YOU WILL BE SORRY AND FURIOUS LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW!!!

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  • Ca
    Carol McE Dec 14, 2019

    @wonhwa They have my $900 deposit and want $1900 restocking fee and are threatening us with a lien on our home. We are leaving the country for 4 months in January and are afraid of what might happen while we are gone. We had ZERO work done and they have 900 of our dollars. We should be suing THEM!

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  • Do
    Donna Lauraine Aug 31, 2016

    I wish I knew what branch in the Mid-West exactly this was because I would invite their staff to come train with our team. It's completely Ludacris. We are a forward thinking, problem solving, hardworking team here. Our management respects us and our team members support each other- like cogs in a clock we depend on everyone here to make it work. This person contradicts himself in saying that "the hours were great and so were the benefits" then he says "All employees, including installers and office staff are grossly underpaid." Well former employee? Which is it?

    I wouldn't pay this much thought. I'm happy to work here with our amazing team. And I think that you would be happy to be a part of the Bath Fitter family of customers.

    -Inside sales rep at Bath Fitter

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  • Si
    Sid Miller Nov 04, 2016

    There life time warranty means nothing it took two days to install and i had to do all the work putting the drain back in working order the tub has stress cracks in one corner i called about it and the rep said i must have used the wrong cleaner on it, mind you its just in one corner so my life time warranty is no good will I ever use bath fitter again ..no and neather will any people i know they are all aware of how bad this company treats its customers shame on you bath fitter

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  • Am
    amiraweston Feb 15, 2017

    Terrible company!!! Bath Fitter of Ft Myers is a sham and a scam. My bath tub cover, 3 plain walls and glass doors was over $4, 000. My tub and walls are the standard 60" wide and 30" deep tub alcove. Nothing custom!! I never got my bathroom installed. The contract said 6-8 weeks and after 2 months they still didn't have an install date. Contract is null and void. I cancelled and they kept my deposit of $1, 100. Customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with. They are rude and lie, don't return phone calls. It was a nightmare!
    They have the Florida Keys territory and do not have installers in the keys. I was told there was only 1 installer for 120 miles of territory.
    They can send a sales rep from Ft Myers to sell bathrooms and collect money but they can't send an installer from Ft Myers?!!
    Please read other reviews on the internet. There is a lot of bad stuff with Bath Fitter. I contacted my sales rep and he said " sorry for your problems"
    I wish I would of read the reviews first, I would of never called them. I rely on reviews and from other reviews, they do not honor the lifetime warranty. Don't contact them!!!

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Traut Feb 22, 2017

    I actually have someone at my house now for the third or fourth time. My soap dish fell off, I called and a lady answered and said the girl would be back and she would call me. That did not happen. The caulking around the tub is coming apart and not the first time. Every time I have had to take a day off, because they do not work on weekends. I paid over $7, 000 and now wished I would have gone with another company. The hassle alone is not worth it. Oh, one more thing, when I called this last time she said that is why it is lifetime guarantee.

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  • Wa
    Wally Harris Mar 01, 2017

    We had Bath Fitters replace our tub with a shower liner in March of 2014. The install did look great at the time besides the hole the installer made in the wall and said nothing about. We have had recurring issues with the caulking and they have returned twice to repair it. The last time I called about the caulk I was told they charge $95.00 an hour to come and redo the caulk. Now I have two voids in the shower floor that pop when stepped on. I called about that when I talked to them about the caulk. They reminded me that I had a lifetime warranty, but it would be over a month before anyone could come and check out the problem. I don't know how much longer it would be before they come to repair it. I didn't ask. The warranty is only as good as the people who stand behind it. We paid $4275 for our install of a no frills shower. Call me crazy if you like. We, like everyone else thought, "Wow one day in and out!" That's just to good to be true. It's true, but are you getting the best bang for your bucks? Now that we've had ours for three years and having problems, I don't think so. When we started all this I had said why don't we check about having a tile shower put in. My wife was afraid we couldn't afford a nice tile shower so we chose Bath Fitter thinking it would be cheaper. She's been watching to much HGTV and those remodel shows.LOL! Little did we know. Now that we've had problems we checked with a very reputable tile company here and they were more that $1000 less than Bath Fitter. Besides the price and the lifetime warranty we are having the tile shower put in. I told Bath Fitter about this. I just think if we stay with what we have we will continue to have problems with the shower. I like the idea of having something I am not going to have to repair and caulk all the time. I sure as heck don't have to worry about a void under a tile floor unless the house drops out from under it. And what we are having done looks much nicer than what we were given by Bath Fitter. The first two pictures are of the shower Bath Fitter installed. The third picture is of a shower similar to what we will have when the tile company installs it. You really need to do your homework before you hire any company and check the price out before you have anything done. I just didn't do my homework or this wouldn't have happened.

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  • Jm
    JMark9306 May 30, 2017

    53 days after cashing our check, the installation was completed, HOWEVER, the bathtub still does NOT FIT properly, although better than the first tub attempted. The installer pointed out that there are two areas in the front of the tub where it was not properly adhering to the old tub, leaving it bowed in two places. If you push on those areas, the calking line will definitely break loose which will hinder cleaning. In light of all our problems, I was told we could get a free shelf and a free towel bar. They showed up with the wrong shelf and no towel bar, so they had to go back to the shop to get those items, only to have to make a second trip back to the shop because they had the wrong drain. As for the shelf, it turns out that Amy the office manager NOR both of the installers knew their job well enough to tell me that the shelf that I asked for is NOT designed to be used with a tub, only for a shower because now the "foot rest" is way too high to get your foot on and the top shelf can only be reached while standing on your tip toes (pretty dangerous in a bath tub). I was only trying to something really nice for my wife and all we got was $FOUR $THOUSAND $DOLLAR$ worth of incompetence. Worst. Company. Ever.

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  • Th
    T. Hoang Mar 02, 2018

    My review is related to Bath Fitter of Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    First of all, there was an 8 week wait time, from when I signed the contract to when the installation took place.
    Then it took the installer to change the Moyen cartridge 3 times until it really worked. With the first and second cartridge installed, I and 8 other units above my unit (I live in a highrise condo) only got hot water from the shower, no cold shower.
    When I signed the contract, I indicated that to pay for the job, aside from a deposit of $587, I would pay $500 a month for 6 months, because I did not have enough fund to pay the balance after the installation was done. The sale rep (Patrick) agreed, took my Void cheque as a way of direct debit from my bank account.
    But to my surprise, a few weeks after the installation, Snap Home Finance sent me a Financing paper, showing that I had to pay them $31.72 a month for 180 months, with 7.95% interest, as my debt with Bath Fitter !
    Very upset, I called Bath Fitter, Burnaby BC office at 604-419-4199. No person answered the phone and I had to leave 3 messages until I reached Jordan. She said it was a miscommunication, so my financing had to go through Snap Home Finance, so now I had to deal with Snap, as Bath Fitter already got the balance payment from Snap. So finally, I had to gather money from some sources to pay off the whole balance $3328 to Snap.
    In conclusion, while I am happy with the product (acrylic shower stand walls in one piece) I am very dissatisfied with the services, from installation to payment to answering my phone messages.
    Tim Hoang

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  • Su
    susan victoria-tyte Mar 13, 2018

    I used bath fitters 10 years ago to replace my shower and tub-it now has cracks and is leaking into the basement Bath Fitters came out to se what the problem was and they told me it would be 975.00 to replace REALLY ? They said the damage was from some kind of chemical that was used. PROVE IT ! The caulk had come away from the walls as well. LIFETIME WARRANTY ????? REALLY ? I'm sure as I read this site's comments that this has happened to MANY PEOPLE. DON'T USE BATH FITTERS ! It's a SCAM!! Now I have to pay thousands more to get a REAL bath. This is unacceptable! Time for a class action LAWSUIT!

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  • Li
    Lisa Koen Aug 14, 2018

    Thank God I found this reviews. I was thinking of getting Bath Fitters redo my bathroom. NOT! Thank you all for helping in deterring me from making a bad choice.

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  • Sk
    skeptical buyer Jul 05, 2019

    @Lisa Koen Me too!! Thanks to all the people that reviewed this terrible company and exposed their faults. Someone in my townhome community just used them for services or I would not be looking for an online review forum. I wonder how long before they post a nasty remark about how dissatisfied they are? Wow, just wow!

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  • Dc
    dc000001 Oct 10, 2018

    called me twice to set up a time to come in to get estimate on tub liner only. Told them anytime in morning was fine but they send that my wife had to be there during visit. I told them that I had 4 year old and that it would be impossible for him to leave us alone to hear what rep was saying besides all we wanted was a white liner since both tub and toilet were peach and wanted to switch toilet to a white one and wanted tub to match. They said for just me to be there it would take over a month for someone to come out but they could come in 2 days for a evening appointment. I told then don't bother then to which they try to tell me it was for legal reason she needed to be there...What a crock of BS i told them. Had plenty of work done on house without wife being home for estimates.As long as she signs contract that's all that's needed for legal purposes..They just want her here to try to up sell us on stuff thinking she'd be more willing to do more than what we need. Told them to take my number off their list I'll find someone or something else to get tub done. In case you think I'm lying they didn't it to neighbor down the street...they just wanted a liner then rep started calling wife to convince her to get new faucets or wall liners and every other thing to jack up bill and get better commission...

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  • Ba
    Bath Fitter Support Oct 11, 2018

    @dc000001 Hi, this does not sound like the experience we strive for and we'd like to look into this matter further. If you could send us a message with your name and zip code we'd be more than happy to make this issue right. Thank you

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  • Dc
    dc000001 Oct 11, 2018

    @Bath Fitter Support my name is dennis and zip is 07882 but like I said in post don't bother I will find alternative to get the tub white

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  • Ba
    Bath Fitter Support Oct 12, 2018

    @dc000001 We apologize for your negative experience Dennis and we appreciate your feedback as it will help us improve in the future. Nonetheless, please don't hesitate to contact us in the future if you ever should require our services. Thank you and have a great day!

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  • Jo
    Jones/Shelton Jan 10, 2019

    1. They "had" to reschedule because installer was sick which I understand does happen. 2. I received a call that the wrong tub was sent and they would "not charge me" for better tub that was supposedly sent. That the cost for the upgrade to the Quartz front tub would be "absorbed" by Bath Fitters. 3. The installers came - worked and left for lunch. After 2 hours or longer, I received another call saying there was a problem with plumbing and installer could not fit under the floor to fix the problem. A plumber had to be called and could not fix the problem until the next day. Again, I understand things happen and understand waiting till the next day. However, the installers only indicated to me they were leaving for lunch, never indicated a problem with installing. 4. I went in to look at the tub and it was plain, flat front tub and no arm rest. Nothing like I had ordered. I sent text to person who came out & did contract with me. She said installer should have explained to me that the Quartz front tub that I was getting for "no additional cost" was "mis-cut" and they could not install it in my house so they installed "plain" tub so I would have one to use until they could RE-ORDER and install the one I originally ordered! This was on a Friday and that the original tub I wanted would not be ordered until the next Tues. and would take a week to get here. 5. On Tues, 10/30/18, I sent pictures to the original seller and asked her if could receive discount if we kept the tub they had put in even though it was put in without asking me and WAS NOT what I had ordered. After deliberation, an amount on a discount was agreed. 6. On that same Tues. I also sent pictures asking if the installers could come back and recaulk the tub as it had 2 places that had not sealed properly. And yes, we waited longer than the required 24 hours before using the tub. The seller said she would send to office for a service call. Today, is Monday Nov. 5th and I just sent another text to seller asking when I would receive call setting up appt. for recaulking. Also, asked about new contract to show discount and was told manager has to do that. 7. Our bathroom had a type of hardwood flooring and caulking got down in the cracks. I was advised I would need to cover toothbrushes etc. because of dust but nothing said about my floors. They did sweep but a broom hasn't got this out. I have been GREATLY disappointed with BATHFITTERS. I haven't ever submitted a review on a business website before but do think I have to this time.

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  • Ba
    Bath Fitter Support Jan 21, 2019

    @Jones/Shelton Hi Jones/Shelton, this is not the type of experience we strive to provide, and we would like to investigate this matter further. Could you please provide us with your name and zip code? Thank you!

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  • Lu
    Lucky Escapee Aug 30, 2019

    After reading these reviews, I've decided Bath Fitters did me a favor when their estimator did not show up for the initial appointment: no call, no re-scheduling, NADA. My callS (that day and the next) to the local (Arden NC franchise) was rewarded with only a answering machine message promising to return my callS.
    I'm a professional and do not tolerate such unprofessional conduct; I will NOT do business with such a NON-business/professional-like company. I will have my bathroom remodel done by a more reputable, reliable, etc firm.

    AND BATH FITTER SUPPORT: do not bother asking for my name, etc. Investigate yourself silly. Not MY problem!!!

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  • Bc
    bclin Oct 03, 2019

    Disappointed! I've had my Bath Fitter tub for about 12 - 14 years and (even though a very basic model) I was very pleased with it. I did notice a few stress cracks directly on the bottom of the tub the other day and reached out to Bath Fitters to see about the 'lifetime' warranty on their products. What I found was a bit disturbing. Even though the representative that I got on the phone was very nice and professional, the situation of 'verifying' that I had an 'authentic' Bath Fitter tub was in question. Apparently, the Bath Fitter location that originally installed my tub, enclosure, hand rails, corner storage and soup dish went out of business. When the representative contacted their headquarters, they found my account (even knew that there had been a service call - which was just re-calking of the tub), but what they couldn't find was the model of the actual tub installed. I sent pictures to them, but they couldn't verify that the tub was Bath Fitters (even though they did not question the enclosure, grab rails, corner storage or soap dish. The representative said that all they could do was to send out a field rep to my house to look at the tub to determine if it was truly Bath Fitters - at the tune of $182. I told her that was unacceptable. She told me to read my contract because they can charge for this type of thing. They seem to be very concerned that I'm calling about a bathtub that I must have put in (even though Bath Fitters admits that everything else is their product) OR that the Bath Fitters I was working with at the time put in a tub that WAS NOT A BATH FITTERS PRODUCT. I don't know how many times in the conversation that I had with the very nice representative that she said 'If it is a Bath Fitters bathtub'. Made me feel like Bath Fitters thought I was trying to get away with fraud. As far as the $182 dollar charge to have someone come out to verify the 'authenticity' of the tub, I'm going to scour my home this weekend to look for the original contract and pray that the tub model number is there. Not sure I would recommend Bath Fitters to anyone after this point. I was a fan, but this type of service is what I try to avoid.

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  • Sh
    Shower install Dec 03, 2019

    I had a tub to shower conversion about 2 weeks ago. First item was the doors were set up so one had to get out of the shower at the water end which was not possible as the toilet is about 10 inches from the shower. This is a small bathroom and our only. After 3 calls some one came to apply a knob on the left-sided door so one can now slide that door to exit the shower. Prior to this we had to leave the door partially ajar. The installer damaged a porcelain tile and I showed it to the guy who added the knob. He had no interest. We do have extra tile. Also the left door is very hard to slide. I will make another service call to see how far I get and how many calls I have to place to get service. It took the installer more than 10 hours to do the install. He did not take a lunch break. Also during the time he was here, 9:30 a.m. until about 7:30 p.m. I had no access to the bathroom and finally drove to the grocery store and used theirs. I was surprised to see the completed project and the very thin plastic shower walls.

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  • Ba
    Bath Fitter Support Dec 03, 2019

    @Shower install Hi, we can appreciate your frustration and rest assured Bath Fitter is dedicated to completing everything to your satisfaction. Please do feel free to reach out to your local branch for service and if there is anything more we can do to assist, please feel free to contact us through our website https://www.bathfitter.com/contact . Thank you.

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  • Ca
    Carol McE Dec 14, 2019

    We contacted Bath Fitters at the California State Fair. The rep came to our home and told us we would have to hire a separate company/individual to remove our existing tub and walls before they could install the tub and fixtures. We went through Home Advisors and got one name of a contractor and he didn't show for his appointment. By then our 3 day cooling off period for the contract had passed; we had paid Bath Fitters a $900 deposit. Weeks went by with no contact or returned calls. We called another company who started work right away, finished with a great result. Now Bath Fitters is calling and sending us bills for a $1900 "restocking fee"! and are threatening to put a lien on our home. We are leaving the country in January for 4 months and can't be here to defend ourselves or counter sue them. WE LOST $900 FOR NOTHING!

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  • Lo
    Louise Balzano Jan 10, 2020

    Very disappointed in bathfitters. I had two bathrooms done, one a shower stall and one a bathtub. The shower stall now has three cracks in the base and the bathtub wall is coming loose. I was going to have my tenant's apartment bathroom done with bathfitters and called someone out. We showed him the shower stall and he took pictures to bring to his office. He told us someone would call and take care of these cracks. So far, it is a year later and no once called. It is getting worse. They are waiting for more business, but will call a plumbing contractor to do the tenant's bathroom. Bathrfitters wanted over $8, 000 - I could get this done with tile for less than $5, 000. They are very expensive and don't honor their warranty. Now I have a shower stall to repair and still waiting to hear from someone.

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