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Bassett Furniture / poor service, damaged goods

1 United States Review updated:

The following is documentation on the history of our involvement with Bassett Furniture.

*Our original visit to Bassett Furniture located in Columbus Ohio off of Polaris Parkway was approximately 4/21/06. At that time, we met with Alisha, sales consultant, to discuss our furniture options and make selections. At this time we notified Alisha of the current building status of our new home, and explained that we would like to order the furniture now, but have delivery set for the day after closing. At this time, we were not yet sure of the exact closing date, but informed Alisha that it would be early September 2006. Alisha informed us that we could make our selections now, and she would actually “order” each piece when necessary so that they would be ready for delivery around the time of closing (beginning of September 2006). The Items selected at this time were as follows:

5th Ave. Leather Sectional Sofa- Leather Select
5th Ave. Leather Ottoman- Leather Select
5th Ave. Dining room Table, 4 side chairs, 2 armchairs
5th Ave. Nightstand- 2 total, dark (item number [protected])
5th Ave. King Sleigh Bed- Dark (item number 2727-K135)
5th Ave. Armoire- Dark (item number [protected])

*Early August 2006- Notified Alisha that the closing date was set for September 12, 2006, and delivery day should be 09/13/06. Alisha assured us that delivery on or very close to this date would occur. $2,000 was deposited towards the total amount owed, and financing was established.

*Early in the week of September 4th, 2006- Had not yet heard from Basset regarding the delivery date/time. Contacted Alisha, who then informed me that our sofa would not be ready for delivery by next week as originally quoted because she had not entered the order in time- Apparently, leather select orders can take up to 6 weeks for completion. Was told that we would have to wait an additional 6 weeks to get a sofa. We explained that that was not acceptable, and would look at different stores to see if we could find a sofa we liked better. Alisha stated that all other furniture orders were completed and should be ready for delivery on 9/13/06.

*Late in the week of September 4th, 2006- We went into the Bassett Furniture store off of Polaris Parkway to Speak with Alisha and Rich (Manager) regarding the sofa situation. Agreed to accept the current floor model of the Hudson Sectional with corner (item number 3408-66LS) and Hudson Storage Ottoman (item number 3408-S2LS) in lieu of the 5th Ave. Leather Sectional and Ottoman that had not been ordered correctly. We were assured that the floor model we were to get would be cleaned, inspected, and delivered to us with the rest of the furniture on 9/13/06.

*September 11, 2006- Had not yet heard from anyone to confirm delivery date. Contacted Alisha, who confirmed that delivery would be on 9/13/06.

*September 13, 2006- Furniture was delivered. Upon delivery, we were notified by the delivery drivers that the Hudson Sectional with corner (item number 3408-66LS) and Hudson Storage Ottoman (item number 3408-S2LS) as well as a nightstand were not with the order. In addition, all 6 of the dining room chairs were damaged and appeared to be used. Damage included scuff marks, ink marks, crack in a leg, and dents in legs of the chairs. Immediately called Alisha (while delivery drivers still present at my home) to inquire about the missing pieces and notify her of the damaged chairs. Alisha stated that somehow the sofa and ottoman had been shipped to the Cincinnati location, and were still there. In regards to the dining room chairs, she explained that the whole dining room set was used because it was their floor model. When I inquired why we were getting used furniture, she explained that when we got the “factory direct sale price” on the dining room set, it meant we would be getting a floor model. I told her that she did not clarify this when selling the product to me, and that this was false advertisement, misleading the customer, and overall dishonest practice. She apologized for not being forthcoming and explaining at the time of sale that this is what the “factory direct sale” meant. I told her that there was no way that I would have agreed to purchase a floor model- the sofa was the only agreed upon “used” item, in that it had reportedly just been put on the floor and was virtually new. I also reminded her that we had purchased the additional insurance for all of our furniture, which reportedly covered any damaged items. She agreed to have a Bassett Furniture representative come to look at the damaged items to see if they were repairable. We spoke with Rich further about getting the sofa and ottoman to us as promised- Rich assured us that the sofa would be delivered on Friday 9/15/06.

*September 15th, 2006- Both the Hudson Sectional with corner (item number 3408-66LS) and Hudson Storage Ottoman (item number 3408-S2LS) were delivered without incident. Damaged nightstand delivered (nightstand had dent in the top). We were told the nightstand was damaged in shipping, and would be reordered and replaced with a new one.

*Mid October 2006- Still had not heard from Bassett Furniture regarding sending a representative out to our home to inspect the damaged nightstand and dining room chairs. Called Alisha to determine when a representative would be out to our home. Alisha agreed to come that day with a representative. Alisha and the representative came to the home, inspected the dining room chairs and nightstand, and photographed damage. Alisha told me that the photos and report would be given to the repair personnel to determine if the damage could be “fixed”.

*Late October 2006- Still no word on the decision regarding the damaged dining room chairs. My fiancé spoke with Rich who explained that all 6 chairs would be replaced with brand new chairs. Delivery of the new nightstand and 6 new dining room chairs would occur within the next 2 weeks.

*Week of November 6th, 2006- Called Bassett Furniture and spoke with Carmen. Carmen indicated that the chairs and nightstand had not yet come in from the factory.

*Week of November 13th, 2006- Call received from factory in Cincinnati to set up delivery of new dining room chairs and nightstand for 11/21/06.

*November 20th, 2006- Received a call from Carmen notifying me that the replacement nightstand had been damaged during shipping, and would not be delivered with the chairs on 11/21/06. She stated that she would re-order a new replacement nightstand.

*November 21st, 2006- “new” replacement chairs delivered, all 6 replacement chairs damaged. The replacement chairs were in worse condition than the originals. Photos taken of damage. Chairs are obviously used. Damage includes a cracked leg, deep scoring in legs, scratches in legs, scuff marks on all corners of all chairs, dirt smudges, red ink marks, blue ink marks, black ink marks. Immediately phoned Alisha and told her the poor condition of the replacement chairs. Explained to Alisha that I had the understanding that the replacement chairs were going to be brand new chairs. Explained to Alisha that I would be contacting Bassett Corporate offices to make official complaint. Alisha stated she would have to make some inquiries to determine what had happened. Called Mary Piepher at Bassett Corporate and expressed my dissatisfaction, giving her a complete detailed account of my experience to date with Bassett. Mary explained that she would have to make some calls regarding the situation and would get back to me.

*November 22nd, 2006- Took one of the side chairs to the Bassett Furniture store located off of Polaris Parkway and spoke directly with Carmen and Rich. Showed Rich the damaged chair as well as the photographs taken of the other 5 damaged chairs. Rich stated he believed this chair was most likely (and the other 5 as well) floor models that had come off the floor at another location. When I reminded Rich that we had been told we would be getting brand new chairs, Rich stated that the corporate office must have declined that request and decided to instead give replacement floor-model chairs. I reminded Rich that he had assured my fiancé that we would be getting brand new chairs. Rich agreed that the condition the chairs were not acceptable. I explained to Rich that I had done my research and found that Bassett Furniture has an unsatisfactory standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of Ohio. I explained to Rich and Carmen that I expected some kind of restitution for the amount of trouble we had gone through, feeling lied to and misled throughout the process, and the ridiculous amount of time we had waited to get our full order of furniture delivered to us in satisfactory condition. Explained that I would file official complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General of Ohio, Angie’s List, the Federal Trade Commission, and the local papers if we did not receive brand new chairs within two weeks. I informed Rich that I was aware that the owner of the store is Dan Dougherty (they keep his name under tight wraps, I had to do extensive research on the internet to locate it) and that I had a contact name of another dissatisfied Bassett Furniture customer who had similar problems (delivery of damaged goods, extensive waiting for delivery, and poor customer service) to mine. Rich immediately called Mary Piepher in corporate and explained the situation. Rich indicated that he would have an answer to me by the end of the day. I received a call from Carmen later that night stating Mary was still waiting to hear back from corporate.

*November 23rd, 2006- Received a call from Carmen indicating Dan Dougherty had approved that we would have 6 brand new replacement chairs, and that they should be able to deliver them within 2 weeks because they were “in stock”.

*Week of December 4th, 2006- Delivery scheduled for 12/13/06.

*December 12th, 2006- Call received from warehouse in Cincinnati stating the brand new chairs had been inspected and found to be damaged due to the factory using “too much glue” during manufacturing resulting in glue “drip-marks” down the legs of the chairs and causing damage to the leather. As a result, they would have to re-order the chairs. I clearly indicated my frustration and my dissatisfaction with this incident, and demanded that a resolution be determined. I requested to speak with the owner of the store, Dan Dougherty. I received a call back from Kelly (I’m pretty sure this was her name) who told me that only 2 of the new chairs were actually damaged, but the other 4 (three side chairs and one arm chair) were in perfect condition and would still be delivered with the new nightstand on 12/13/06. I again expressed my dissatisfaction with ongoing issues regarding the quality of merchandise and not having my complete furniture order delivered to date.

*December 13th, 2006- Received a call from Carmen who informed me that the nightstand would not be delivered with the 4 new chairs today because there was a “misunderstanding” between the Bassett store in Columbus and the factory in Cincinnati. Carmen stated that Kelly from the factory in Cincinnati had misunderstood that the nightstand they had was the first replacement that had been damaged during shipping. The explanation lead me to believe that the new nightstand had not yet been even ordered! I again expressed to Carmen my growing dissatisfaction and my intent to file complaints to appropriate agencies regarding this issue. I asked Carmen to please contact the owner of the store, Dan Dougherty, and ask him to call me at his earliest convenience to discuss ways in which Bassett Furniture would be giving us restitution. Carmen stated that she had sent Dan two emails requesting he call me.

I called the Louisville Kentucky store location, apparently the corporate office location for stores owned by Dan Dougherty, and asked to speak to Dan. I was placed on hold, then told Dan was not in the store. I proceeded to tell the sales woman my frustration and asked her to contact Dan and ask him to contact me ASAP. I was then told that Dan “does not speak directly with the customer... he hires people to do that.” This only served to heighten my anger and frustration, and made it evident to me that I was not a valued customer, nor were any customers for that fact. The sales woman was evasive when asked if Dan would be returning to the store at any point during the 13th, stating that he “travels between his 5 store locations frequently” and “is in and out.” When I inquired to the sales woman whether Dan lived in Louisville and therefore was primarily at that store location, she responded that he “has like 5 different houses all over the place.” This again told me that Dan obviously felt he was too good to speak to the lowly customer. The sales woman then offered to let me speak with Mary Piepher, who was at that location. I was transferred to Mary, and explained in detail again what had thus far transpired. Mary stated she did not see the new nightstand even in the order, confirming my original suspicions that the replacement nightstand had never been ordered, which should have been reordered way back on 11/20/06. Mary stated she would look into restitution for this issue.

Shortly after hanging up with Mary the delivery of the 4 brand-new chairs arrived. Three of the “new” chairs were significantly damaged; one side chair was in acceptable condition. I immediately called Mary Piepher at the Louisville Kentucky location and notified her of the situation. I informed her that I would take pictures of the damage, and demanded significant financial restitution at this point, or a lawsuit would ensue. Mary stated she would continue to investigate the situation.

*December 14th, 2006- email sent to Mary providing our request for financial restitution as well as pictures of damage to the third set of chairs.

*December 15th, 2006- Called Mary to determine ensure she received my email and check on the status of the situation, she was out of the office. Contacted Carmen from the local office who stated that Mary would be out of the office the rest of the day, and she would have Mary call me on Monday 12/18/06.

Called Mr. Spilman, CEO of Bassett Furniture Industries (Corporate offices of Bassett Factory in Virginia) and spoke with a representative regarding the situation. Was instructed to forward the email I sent to Mary that included the complete history of this situation as well as pictures to the secretary of Mr. Spilman and Vice President Mr. Sanders (Louise). Was told that I would receive a phone call on 12/18/06.

*December 18th, 2006- Received a call from Louise, explained my concerns and request for financial restitution. She indicated she would talk with Mary and find a solution and call me back today. Received a voicemail back from Louise indicating she has been in touch with Mary, and they were not yet at a resolution, but would have one by tomorrow, 12/19/06. Email received from Mary indicating they were still working on the situation.

*December 19th, 2006- had not yet heard from anyone by 5:30pm. Checked my voicemail and found a message from Kelly at the Cincinnati factory stating she wanted me to call to set up a time for a furniture repairman to come to my home to assess the damage and determine if the items could be "fixed." I called Mary at the Louisville store, and was told she had left for the day. I explained that I had been told a resolution would be reached today, and had not yet received one. My finance called the store and indicated at this point, we want our money back ($2,200) and all financed funds to be voided, Bassett could come remove their furniture from our home, we no longer want anything to do with this company. We were told a representative (Mary, I presume) would contact us tomorrow, 12/20/06.

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  • Ja
      30th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Beware of Model Home Furniture store, Mason Road, Katy Texas! Owned by the Ochoa family. They claim to be Christians and they are there to make a fast buck and rip you off! I purchased over $6,000 in furniture in their store because they advertise up to 70% discount on all types of furniture! Sounded like a great deal... Until I had to deal with them! They delivered damaged goods to my home and then REFUSED to replace them! It took months of going back and forth for them to simply refuse to give me a refund of $1600, they wanted me to keep the damaged furniture, or take a different set that was also defective!

    I finally had to take it up with small claims court in Harris County. The judge even told her "this is not something customers spending all this money should go through, Fingers & Star wouldn't put their customers through this!"

    Their wording on the receipts is store bought and not even LEGAL! It protects them and screws the customer!! DO NOT SHOP AT MODEL HOME FURNITURE! The sales at Metropolitan, Star & Fingers are better deals than MHF regular prices!!

  • Me
      7th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    On 9/8/07 I ordered a sectional sofa from Bassett Furniture Direct, Wheaton, Illinois. Upon calling on 10/6/07, I was told that the fabric is back ordered and therefore I will not be receiving my furniture for another four to six weeks.

    The catalog I had said "Custom furniture in 30 days." So there I was thirty days later and I am just told that the fabric is back ordered? Did the manufacturing people not know how to communicate with the stores that a fabric is not available?

    So there I sat after four weeks expecting furniture delivery and personally I'm not even hopeful of seeing it by Thanksgiving. I paid this order in full - $3,046.82 by check. I'm sure they already cashed my check - yet no one is courteous enough to let me know that I will not have a sectional for my company to sit on next weekend? In another four weeks will I be told that I need to come in and pick another fabric because this is still unavailable?

    When my associate told me of this "snafu" she asked if there was something I wanted her to do. I told her that she could reimburse me for shipping. She said the store manager would never do this because the men work so hard. Gee, I also worked hard for the money it cost me to buy the sectional - it is more than one months salary for me.

    Did somebody forget to look at the fabric bolt the day the order arrived at the factory? All I can say is that somebody dropped the ball and now I am paying for their lack of consideration. They definitely need to take that "Custom Furniture in 30 Days" off of your advertising. It simply isn't true.

    This is simply not acceptable practice from a business that wishes to have people continue to do business with them. I could not provide them with an invoice number because my order form does not have one. I also bought an extended warranty on the fabric which I assume will not begin until the actual furniture is delivered.

    So yesterday 11/3/07 I finally get delivery of my furniture - and guess what --- the fabric is shabby beyond belief. Their back ordered fabric must not have come in because this certainly isn't the top of the line micro suede I ordered and paid for. It is blotchy and my son says it looks like a brown leopard. The weaving is irregular and the nap inconsistent. So I called the manager at the Wheaton,Illinois Store and was told that "NOW I have to deal with customer service" - I called them at 3:30 and supposedly they were opened until 4:00 - but no one called me back. I emailed them at customer service hoping to hear from Carolyn again who emailed me after the first incident. But then in reading all the other Bassett complaints it looks as though I may be suing Bassett furniture to get my money back because it sounds as though no one gets any satisfaction or help replacing shoddy furniture. So that's my story up until now.

  • De
      5th of May, 2008
    0 Votes


  • Bg
      24th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Seems to me that Bassett is still more interested in $s than sense - common sense that informs management how to treat customers. I recently ordered a custom sofa. I'll spare you the numerous back and forth interactions with the store (which should have scared me away) just to place the order, because it was the financing "opportunity" that really bugged me.

    First, we were rushed to conduct a crazily hurried order over the phone to get in on some 30% sale before noon. The result was a GE financing arrangement not at all accurately explained by the salesperson. We were told that the first year of payments was "interest free." What we were NOT told was that if a customer was a dollar short or a day late, a finance charge of 28.9% would be tacked on to the ORIGINAL purchase. Meaning that my sofa could cost me 28.9% over the purchase price. Now, I have no intention of paying late, but life DOES happen. When I asked the salesperson about this deal and wouldn't sign the agreement, she told me my sofa was "already being built. "When are customers informed of the terms, " I asked. "After the paperwork is sent, " she replied.

    These terms are usurious. BEWARE. This is how Bassett has decided to make money!

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