I was in the drive thru for 25 minutes i then called and asked why the line was not moving i was then told by an employee that they where training a new employee. When i finally placed my order of 2 ice creams one of which was a 1 scoop of chocolate fudge and the other was a double scoop of rocky road and mint chocolate chip. When i pulled up to the counter to pay my total was $7.49 and i asked for a manger. The girl told me there was no manger in duty at the time so i then asked for the person in charge and then a employee by the name of Jared came to the window and i asked what was taking so long and i told him the customer service was horrible and that i am a store manger and this was unacceptable. He then just stared at me and said "oh well" i then said the least you can do is compensate your customers for waiting 25 minutes in the line. And he just continued to stare as i handed my card over to the lady to pay for my ice cream. I then asked for corporate‘s number and when she came back she then said " we don't have corporate‘s number " so then i asked " well then can I have your store managers number because this is really unacceptable" they continued to say they where unable to give that information out so i had them take down my name and phone number to be contacted back. I then asked for the store managers name and i was told " Bally " and "christy" when i was handed over my ice cream i asked the girl to put lids on the ice cream and put in a bag. She did . I then drove off to my destination. And when I reached my destination and open the bag I then found the two ice cream‘s with lids on them but no spoons in the bag. Then I called back to the store and Jared answered and I told him that there was no spoons and that I had already reached my destination he then just said sorry and hung up . I was extremely dissatisfied with this customer service that I received today I have never in my life received customer service where i waited so long and got nothing in return but rudeness. This occurred 8-4-2018 at the Baskin Robbins located in Carson city Nevada on north Carson street. I do not intend to go back to this location as i have been before and have recieved excellent customer service.


Aug 04, 2018

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