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B&n are offering an online promotion today ($10 off purchase of $75+ code: bndec17). Although I planned to order over $100 in merchandise, b&n refused to honor its promotion. Here's why:

I was ordering three copies of the same book, to be sent to three different people. Each book ships for free. However, there's no provision for entering multiple shipping addresses when placing an order online. That means that b&n's system requires me to place three separate orders, each under $75 and ineligible for the $10 off promotion.

Other retailers would have acknowledged the issue and offered to credit my account post-transaction. B&n customer service refused any accomodation, even making it sound like the issue was my fault, despite being caused by their ordering system. Their only solution was to place one order, shipping the books to me. Sure, i'd get the $10 promotion, but i'd then have to spend far more than that to ship the books to the recipients.

I will not do business with b&n in the future. (I wouldn't even have shopped with them today if enough copies of the book had been in stock elsewhere. ) they aren't concerned with fairness or customer satisfaction.

Dec 17, 2014
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      17th of Dec, 2014

    Oh grow up! You did have a choice, and I'm not too sure I believe your comment that other businesses would have honored the discount anyway. Most businesses have their computer systems set up in a certain way. Furthermore, you were actually placing three orders.

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