Barnes and Nobleshipped me a & new & book that looks used

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I bought a textbook online because they had a promotion where you buy a new textbook and you get member's price as well as free 1 day shipping. Well I just received the book in the mail today (4 days after I ordered it, by the way) and seriously.. I think they shrink wrapped a used book and sent it to me because the back cover and the spine are all scuffed up and dirty UNDER the shrink wrap. There's not even any tears in the shrink wrap or anything. Plus the pages inside are faded. This has to be a scam... sure the front cover looks fine and dandy, but there is no way this book is new... Yet I paid the new price. And now I can't return/exchange it because I need it for class. I really want to call and complain, but from what I've heard, the customer service is atrocious.. It would probably just piss me off more... Thanks for ripping me off Barnes and Noble!


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      Mar 29, 2010

    Why the ### would you care? Is it really that big of a deal? Used clothing I can understand... but a textbook? Just buy an *actual* used one next time and save yourself the money.

    It's probably a printing error. Not BN's fault.

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