Bank Of The West / Fraud

I found out recently that someone stole my credit/debit card number and decided to "borrow" $800 from my checking account to shop somewhere on the east coast. This is the first time it happened to me. Bank of the West didn't either catch this or notify me...I found out myself that same day hours after a deposit. Called a representative...he told me "sorry we didn't see this sooner" and said he would send an affidavit for me to fill out, along with a new credit/debit card (he stated he automatically cancelled my card which was good) and my bank statement. No later than five days. Five days later I have an empty mailbox and still...empty pockets. Can I take action if they refuse to return my stolen money? What can I do now? And not only that but they told me they de-activated my card on the day I found out...but the fraudulent charge appeared with other charges on that card the next day? Seriously?
I hope anyone who is considering using this bank please look elsewhere! You'll be dealing with a nightmare.


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