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Bank of Oklahoma / False advertising

1 Tulsa, OK, United States Review updated:

I opened a free checking account with BOK in Feb of 09. According to their website, a customer service rep and a branch manager foreign currency could be ordered with no charge at the market rate which was $1.4009 per GBP on the 10th of March. When I approached the teller I was quoted a rate of 1.5112 per GBP. They go through a company called Foreign Currency Exchange Corp out of Orlando Fla. When you recieve your currency order you finally get a disclosure

"Important Notice: The exchange rate used for this transaction may vary from other exchange rates in existence globally."

Their website reads this way:

"BOk will order the currency in the amount you specify at the current exchange rate. The currency will be ready for pick up in 1-3 business days at the branch where you placed the order. In most cases, the currency can be shipped overnight to a branch near you, if necessary.* "

Absolutely pathetic way of doing business.

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      21st of May, 2009
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    huge mistake by Bok

    On May 4th, 2009, I deposited 100 to my saving account. Well, I checked my online banking statement the following days, however, it is not there. Then I went to the branch (Stillwater, OK), what they told me was this $100 was wrongly deposited into another person's account ("This person has the similar name"). What a stupid huge mistake!! I never heard of this before in my whole life. Another big shock was the manager didn't even say a single "Sorry" to me!!! Unbelievable.

    After that, I closed my account at bok.

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      11th of Sep, 2009
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    I to have had trouble with BOK. I joined this bank maybe a year ago to use on the weekends if I need to cash or deposit a check. Just the other day I got a statement in the mail that I was overdrawn by $3.00 and would be charge $28.50 Now I only use the debit card for extra cash on the weekends and never have used the checks. I was told that once I removed the overdraft protection my card would not work if the cash was not in the bank. I thought well good. Well I go to the bank and shock of shocks now I owe $70.05!!! I said hey my statement at home says $28.50 owed and besides I should not have gotten overdrawn with the card if it will not work if the funds are not there. Well this time they showed I was over drawn $5.00 and I think they said the same day! I thought what???? I tried to explain to the young women there and she gave a big story about merchants not uploading and blah blah! I said I don't know anything about that but I think these charges are way too high. I asked to talk to the manager and he was not there but another lady (maybe assistant manager) came out of her office. She always has a stone cold face and not very polite with customers always matter of fact. She rattled off her jargon to me and of course it was all my fault! I asked if she could at least waive 1/2 of the fee. NOPE! The other young woman wanted to know if I checked my balance. I said no, but after I said that yes I do sometime check it at the ATM but I wasn't too worried about it since the card as I understood was not supposed to work if the funds at not there. She made several condescending remarks about me failing to check my balance in front of two other customers which was very embarrassing to me. I paid the money in cash and closed my account immediately. I was getting upset but trying to keep my cool. I said I want a receipt! She snapped back at me I will give yo a receipt! She said some more words about me not checking my balance and I said you all told me that the card would not work if the funds were not there. The other women then jumped on me they were not going to argue in a hateful scornful voice and face in front of these other customers. I took my receipt and walked away very upset.

    Bottom line don't ever bank at Bank Of Oklahoma they will probably get you sooner or later. They may have been legal in what they did to me but unethical. Their charges are too high also. I will never bank there again and word of mouth goes a long way. I want to encourage anyone out there do not remain silent, voice your opinion to everyone and especially here on the net. Do a search on Bank Of America you will find other stories where people have been screwed by Bank Of America. My main bank is RCB Bank Pioneer here in Ponca City, OK. I have banked with them for years and these people are very very nice and customer oriented not like Bank Of Oklahoma that scorned me in front of other people. That was horrible what they did to me. That was worse then screwing me out of $70.05!!! They can keep their darn money I hope they choke on it. The hateful expressions and attitude is what tears at me! It will take me along time to get over that!

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