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Complaints & Reviews

Don't bank here

I'm tired of these banks that steal money from you. How? With their overdraft fees. They place a hold on your checks for 2 weeks so they can get you with overdraft fees. This is how they operate: lets say you have $100 in your account.
In the morning you spend $50. At noon you deposit $500. So now you're thinking you have $550. So in the evening you take out $100 which should leave you with $450 right? Wrong.
Your nightmare begins at midnight when they process everything.
Forget the chronological order of your transactions.
Deductions from your account are placed in this order:
credit first, then largest amount t to the smallest amount, then deposit which they hold.
So the next morning your account that you thought had $450 is actually
drum roll... negative $232.50
What the [censored]
You freak out. There should be a study done with the correlation between illnesses and bank accounts.
How did this happen? Did somebody steal from your account? Yes. The bank did.
To these thieves you had $100. Then you withdrew $100, Giving you a $0.00 balance.
When you made that $50 gas purchase, you thought you were fine. At the time you though you had a $100 balance. What you didn't know is that these robbers are like time traveling bandits. The bank already knew you were overdrafting your account as soon as you pulled in that gas station.
So they add a $32.50 overdraft fee on that $50 purchase giving you a negative $82.50 balance.
Then your automatic bill pay happens to occur the next day when you saw this mess.
All 4 of them happens to be $5 equaling to $20 in bills. So they tack on $32.50 for each transaction. This makes your already negative balance dive down to negative $232.50
What happened to your deposit? The bank held it, because they knew they were keeping it. So when your check of $500 finally clears, and if you haven't touched your account since, your balance is $217.50. They call this banking. I call this stealing.

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Customer Service

Over 2 years ago I changed my last name. I provided all the proper documentation. They still refuse to get it right. Today, I waited in line in the drive-thru @ 31/Garnett area for a long time. They asked me about my last name who I was. Everyone heard them. My son was with me and said wow, she was really rude. The lady that waited on me was who he referred to. They have been rude to many people in the drive-thru where others can hear. I have heard them. The tellers talk and laugh and make people wait and stare when people complain about the excessive wait in lines. I asked them to get it my last name straightened out. I have sent msgs to BOK and they do NOT care. Their tellers are very rude and continue to embarrass their customers. They have been rude to my family as well. They have raised their fees to ridiculous amounts and I am warning everyone who will listen. Don't pay high fees to be treated like garbage. Steer clear of this bank especially their 31/Garnett branch in Tulsa. They will not listen nor do they care. I will continue to post complaints on every website that will list them. If someone will tell me of a better bank, I will close my accounts at BOK.

  • Ch
    CHELITA3 May 12, 2011


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Failed Account Closure

I closed a business account (I thought) on [protected]. I transfered my account to another bank, where I had another business account, to consolidate them. Approx. 2 weeks later, I started getting notices that my old account was overdrawn! Apparently the teller had given me a cashier's check which emptied my account, but did not officially "close" it. There was an automatic deposit from the state of Oklahoma that mistakenly went into the account; there were also several debits taken from the account, which should never have occurred, which resulted in an "overdraft" position, on an account that should have been closed. I was then socked with over $250 worth of overdraft charges; I went to the bank to straighten it out; they were perplexed, until they saw that my account had never been actually closed. They then tried to tell me that if there were any automatic transactions attempted on the account, that the the account would then be "re-opened"; I checked with another bank branch, & they told me that was not true. I called the main bank center & talked to a supervisor; they said they would refer my problem to the regional mgr, who would call me- never got a call. Now, I am getting a notice from a collections agency for the $80 that the bank says I owe them!!!

  • Sa
    Sandisaysso Jun 06, 2014

    This hhappend to my sister as well. And now she has bank fraud on her record. She didnt even know they did this untill 3 years after she closed accnt and went to get a new accnt. And they said the same about returning a call.

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Rip off

My problem is with Bank of Oklahoma. I have been a loyal customer over 8 years. I was encouraged to sign up with automatic Bill pay for my Car payment. An e-check was sent out 3 days before scheduled payment allowing 7 overdraft fees over 200$ in total. When brought to the banks attention by clearifying I was in the right; they put my payment back in, but said I would be responsible for two of the overdraft fees...why? I am not sure? Later knowing I could not afford this to happen again, I cancelled my automatic bill pay, along with future payments scheduled by sitting down with a BOK manager to make sure it was correctly done.

The next month the same thing happened and left me 900$ over drawn with 7 over draft fees! They said there were two scheduled payments pending that I did not delete, but the "Payee" was not even listed. They proceeded to hold me or my car loaner responcible for fees, but BOK was the one that sent an automatic e-check, my car load did not take payment themselves. I have since then disputed and awaiting this matter to be solved. not to mention the supervisor was not willing to help nor take blame.

BOK are crooks, they are disloyal and I will be closing all of my business accounts and personal accounts with them.

BOK re-opens my account 2 weeks after I closed it.

2 weeks after I had totally closed a checking account at BOK and zeroed the balance, the bank re-opened the identical account and began allowing Geico insurance to make monthly withdrawals. BOK also started charging me a $6/mo fee for the account PLUS almost $30 PER ITEM in overdraft penalties. I had closed this checking account in person, with the "assistance" of their manager, some skinny dork of a guy who is clueless. He assured me the account was 100% closed and no further transactions could take place. Now, over two-weeks afterwards, the account is OPEN AGAIN without my knowledge or permission.

When I went to the bank to confront them about this, this idiot female at her desk and this ### of a manager are TOTALLY CLUELESS. He says he did close it..blah blah blah. Tries to blame me and says "ummm well it was a pre-approved purchase." WTF does that mean? The account has been CLOSED for over 2 weeks... I did not owe them a penny. I already had a new bank account that I'd been using. So the ### manager promises to check regularly to make sure it doesn't re-open again. WTF? These idiots are telling me this account might re-open over and over and charge ME penalties etc? Apparently at BOK if you have EVER given your account for a recurring payment (, electric bills, cable, phone, gas, etc.)... it last FOREVER AND EVER. These halfwits could not even explain why or how it happened. They could not say for sure it won't happen again. BOK has a staff that is seriously stupid and untrained. The one at 91st and Delaware in Tulsa is the WORST.

I left this bank a few weeks ago because of their continual ERRORS and false OVERDRAFT fees of almost $30 EACH. Then last month they started NEW overdraft fee on top of the $30 of an EXTRA $5/DAY.

The state of Oklahoma has recently passed new laws to stop BOK and incompetent banks like them, from DELIBERATING re-posting account charges a second time in order for BOK to acquire additional overdraft fees. The dumb brunette chick at BOK admitted this to me last month when I went in to complain. BOK will ALWAYS pass the buck and blame the other businesses involved. Bank of Oklahoma is the WORST business I've ever had the misfortune to deal with.

I would AVOID BOK like the plague.

  • He
    helo Aug 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The root of this and other problems is" recurring payments" . When AOL was charging for their service, I had a recurring payment. When AOL went free I told the credit card people not to process anymore payments becasue it's free. Two months went by and no payments until the 3rd month. I called aol and the credit card people. Bottom line I had to close the credit card and I learned NEVER to do another recurring payment again with anyone!

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  • Jc
    jcmann01 Mar 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a business man in the community and if I had a customer coming in calling everyone idiots and ###s until I got my way, I would be less likely to be of any help either. It just so happens that you cannot close an account until you release all the auto drafts. Perhaps the manager that assumed that you did this task. You have to call the individual companies auto drafting your accounts and get them to release the auto drafts before account is closed.

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  • An
    Anon1984 Oct 13, 2011

    You actually don't have to cancel your recurring payments to fully close an account. If you close an account and a draft does try to come through it will bounce. I'm guessing the account was never really closed in the first place. But I do agree that kindness will get you more help than insults and rudeness.

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  • Cl
    Cluelessidiot Oct 13, 2011

    As the "skinny dork of a guy" (p.s., thank you for the "skinny" compliment) who was the manager at this BOK branch when Mr. V0n Morris came in, I feel compelled to comment. As I explained to him FULLY when he first came in - timing is everything with respect to closing accounts and ACH debits, and the proximity to his closing the account and the payment coming through were very close, causing the account to re-open. ACH payments are "preauthorized, " and problems like this happen frequently. I told Mr. Von Morris to contact GEICO after the first incident to apprise them of the closing of his account...apparently, since I am an "idiot, " he didn't feel it necessary to heed my advice.
    I saw this all of the time while working at the bank...people who want to blame others for the problems they have managing their personal finances. Mr. Von Morris was as irate, belligerent, and vulgar in my office as he was in his post, even though all fees and overdrafts were refunded to him in full, and I apologized repeatedly for the incident. He even shook my hand and apologized for his demeanor before leaving the branch, so I find his post to be somewhat surprising.
    I noticed from his other post that he seems to have a similar outlook on DHS...perhaps he should look to himself before launching a tirade about how ignorant and clueless OTHERS are...

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Overdraft Fees

I have been banking with BOK for about 5 years. I had always had a very stable, typically above $500 account...


Bank of Oklahoma has added one of the most rediculous fees I have ever heard of. I am not even sure it would stand up to a class action lawsuit. They now charge a $5 PER DAY fee if the account is overdrawn. All banks charge an overdraft fee which if you go over what you have in the bank you expect to get. Been there done that. But now they also immediately start charging a $5 PER DAY fee on top of that until you get the balance back above $0. This means someone who goes over by $5 gets the $28.95 fee which is already excessive but then gets $5 per day on top of that. If this happened a week and a half before someone got paid they would end up paying $83.95 because they went over $5. They actually have the nerve to tell you these new fees are GOOD for you as a customer. I struggle to figure out how that could be good for anyone other than BOK's bottom line.

  • El
    Elle1 Jun 27, 2010

    They actually start charging that fee after 5 business days, not immediately. And no they are not the only bank that does that.

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False advertising

I opened a free checking account with BOK in Feb of 09. According to their website, a customer service rep and a branch manager foreign currency could be ordered with no charge at the market rate which was $1.4009 per GBP on the 10th of March. When I approached the teller I was quoted a rate of 1.5112 per GBP. They go through a company called Foreign Currency Exchange Corp out of Orlando Fla. When you recieve your currency order you finally get a disclosure

"Important Notice: The exchange rate used for this transaction may vary from other exchange rates in existence globally."

Their website reads this way:

"BOk will order the currency in the amount you specify at the current exchange rate. The currency will be ready for pick up in 1-3 business days at the branch where you placed the order. In most cases, the currency can be shipped overnight to a branch near you, if necessary.* "

Absolutely pathetic way of doing business.

  • Go
    gosu May 21, 2009

    huge mistake by Bok

    On May 4th, 2009, I deposited 100 to my saving account. Well, I checked my online banking statement the following days, however, it is not there. Then I went to the branch (Stillwater, OK), what they told me was this $100 was wrongly deposited into another person's account ("This person has the similar name"). What a stupid huge mistake!! I never heard of this before in my whole life. Another big shock was the manager didn't even say a single "Sorry" to me!!! Unbelievable.

    After that, I closed my account at bok.

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  • Ln
    lnlake Sep 11, 2009

    I to have had trouble with BOK. I joined this bank maybe a year ago to use on the weekends if I need to cash or deposit a check. Just the other day I got a statement in the mail that I was overdrawn by $3.00 and would be charge $28.50 Now I only use the debit card for extra cash on the weekends and never have used the checks. I was told that once I removed the overdraft protection my card would not work if the cash was not in the bank. I thought well good. Well I go to the bank and shock of shocks now I owe $70.05!!! I said hey my statement at home says $28.50 owed and besides I should not have gotten overdrawn with the card if it will not work if the funds are not there. Well this time they showed I was over drawn $5.00 and I think they said the same day! I thought what???? I tried to explain to the young women there and she gave a big story about merchants not uploading and blah blah! I said I don't know anything about that but I think these charges are way too high. I asked to talk to the manager and he was not there but another lady (maybe assistant manager) came out of her office. She always has a stone cold face and not very polite with customers always matter of fact. She rattled off her jargon to me and of course it was all my fault! I asked if she could at least waive 1/2 of the fee. NOPE! The other young woman wanted to know if I checked my balance. I said no, but after I said that yes I do sometime check it at the ATM but I wasn't too worried about it since the card as I understood was not supposed to work if the funds at not there. She made several condescending remarks about me failing to check my balance in front of two other customers which was very embarrassing to me. I paid the money in cash and closed my account immediately. I was getting upset but trying to keep my cool. I said I want a receipt! She snapped back at me I will give yo a receipt! She said some more words about me not checking my balance and I said you all told me that the card would not work if the funds were not there. The other women then jumped on me they were not going to argue in a hateful scornful voice and face in front of these other customers. I took my receipt and walked away very upset.

    Bottom line don't ever bank at Bank Of Oklahoma they will probably get you sooner or later. They may have been legal in what they did to me but unethical. Their charges are too high also. I will never bank there again and word of mouth goes a long way. I want to encourage anyone out there do not remain silent, voice your opinion to everyone and especially here on the net. Do a search on Bank Of America you will find other stories where people have been screwed by Bank Of America. My main bank is RCB Bank Pioneer here in Ponca City, OK. I have banked with them for years and these people are very very nice and customer oriented not like Bank Of Oklahoma that scorned me in front of other people. That was horrible what they did to me. That was worse then screwing me out of $70.05!!! They can keep their darn money I hope they choke on it. The hateful expressions and attitude is what tears at me! It will take me along time to get over that!

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Illegal closure of bank account

A bank account was closed out by a person in a law firm one day before the owner of the bank account died. There is a letter from a bank personnel saying the balance of the account was enclosed. FBI and OSBI -Oklahoma- informed me that they could not help, when it clearly states anything over $10,000.00 illegally taken from bank is a federal offense, this account was over $88,000.00.

Is there a time limit for persecution of this type of crime?

  • Bl
    Black vs schlosser Sep 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mortgage... Modification... Foreclosure...

    PAUL SCHLOSSER, BOK mortgage

    I'm looking for others that have dealt with Paul schlosser.. Who have been given a mortgage modification without applying for it...without signing anything...without asking...
    Paul schlosser... Now it's my turn mf.
    To be continued...

    . Kelly black

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  • Ma
    Maggie Valencia Dec 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst bank ever! Customer service gives wrong information. They tell you one thing and when you call back they give you different information. They advise to listen to my recording of my call, but manager says she doesn't have the time to listen to it, then why offer in the first place!! Not worth dealing with this bank.

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