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This is concerning Banfield Vet in Alabaster Al. We had been taking our minature schnauzer to Banfield for 5 years, the last 2 years we have not had a regular vet, as they keep changing. In September 2014, I took my dog to see the vet for his bad breath, the Dr didn't look at my dog except to say that I needed to brush their teeth, then was told to try the Arm & Hammer breath freshner in my dog's water bowl. The smell has never gone away, so December 17, we took my dog back to Banfield because we now noticed a large lump on the roof of his mouth. the Dr walks in, a different one from the Trussville, AL office, Dr Ezierah ( ? ), she proceeds to just try and pick up my dog, without letting him get to know her or her him, he backs away, I pick him up, put him on the table, the Dr tells me I am not qualified to hold his head while she looks at his mouth and needs to take him to the back, she leaves with my dog, and then returns, to tell my husband and I that she needs to do surgery on my dog to remove this "growth" as it looks to be cancer, and send it off for analysis, and then starts to speak to us about chemo and where is the best place to get it, I then stop her and say, " I'm sorry, WHAT IS YOUR NAME???" This woman has never even introduced herself to us, but wants to cut on my dog and put him to sleep!!!REALLY!! So then we go to the front desk to make an appointment, the day we choose is booked up with other Mouth Mass Removals from this same ignorant Dr. That didn't seem right to me, so I contacted another vet clinic for a second opinion, the "mass" on the roof of his mouth is normal, it is just inflamed, as for the bad breath, my dog has had an infection behind his front teeth since SEPTEMBER!! which is now on antibiotics for, and has cleared up the breath, but now may loose his 2 front teeth from the infection that I was told to freshen his breath with a liquid in his water. The se people are the most incompetant group on individuals I have ever seen, and this woman calls herself a Dr? She needs he license pulled, because I can bet you those other mass removals, we unneccessary, just as mine would have been. This is completely unprofessional, and my dog will NEVER grace Banfield with his presence again. After 3 weeks on antibiotics, the infection was so severe, my poor dog had to have his 4 front teeth removed last Friday with his new vet. Due to the pain and suffering for myself and for my dog, I believe we do NOT owe this company anymore “blood” money.

Jan 23, 2015

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