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After the experiences I have had with Banfield. The ladies at the front desk are very nice and helpful but I have no confidence in trusting my dogs health to the vet. I would say they are adequate for routine shots but nothing more. Long story short they did not catch that my puppy had tape worms even though I told them I thought he did. Apparently the routine dewormer is not enough to kill tapeworms which require a special shot that they did not think to tell me until my poor puppy had suffered from tapeworms for 2 1/2 weeks, despite numerous calls asking when the worms were supposed to be gone.
After bringing him in at 5 months because he was limping they told me he may have something broken and they would need to do an xray-while he was under anesthesia.. estimated cost: $550.00 - I felt like they were trying to rip me off when they said they would not recommend doing the xrays while he was under for his neutering to save money and the danger of putting him under twice.
We did end up combing the procedures which saved three hundred dollars. They only took x-rays of his knee which Dr. Studdard said was the problem. She referred us to an orthopedic vet and when I took him there the new vet said his knee was fine and it was his hip. So I had to pay 250 more to have the new place xray his hip (while he was awake, apparently you do not need to put a dog under for a hip xray)

So it is his hip and we are having the new vet do the surgery to fix it.
We cannot get our money back from Banfield for the wasted xrays they performed. I understand she may not be a orthopedic vet but common sense would tell me that if she was unsure of what may be wrong with a dog (while his owners were paying hundreds of dollars to find out) she should probably take xrays of the hip and knee just in case.

Also the fact that nothing is actually wrong with his knee and she "interpreted" (there was a 70.00 interpretation of xray fee) the xray to me as if there were many things wrong with it bothers me.
I would think that a vet would know a little more about general structure of dog bones, even if that is not your specialty.
While I am upset about wasting 250 dollars on these worthless xrays due to the lack of common sense by the vets at Banfield I am more worried about the animals that are taken there for things other than normal shots.

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      30th of Apr, 2011

    For future reference, tape worms are easily treatable. Most pet stores have pill form medication for them. Sorry about your experience. That is horrible!

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