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Banfield / ripp off

1 Dublin, CA, United States Review updated:

Client name: Claudia Ossa
Pet name: Chester
Phone #: [protected]

On December 15, the Banfield clinic in Dublin, CA misdiagnosed my pet with bronchitis and formulated an antibiotic called clavamox. The bill was well over $200. For 5 days the dog did not show any signs of recovering. I then took the dog to the kennel where I purchased it. The owner listened to the caugh and said he had dealt with that same type of caugh countless times. That it was nothing more than kennel cough and that according to his experience the dog should be treated with doxycyclin and not clavamox.

I went back to Banfield on Dec 20 and told them that there was no improvement. The nurse took the dog to the doctor and after 5 minutes came back out saying the dog had “ammonia”. I asked the nurse if he meant “pneumonia”, to which he replied – “no, the dog has ammonia”. I told him I needed to talk with the doctor because I never heard of such an illness. Surely enough, the doctor came out and said the dog had “pneumonia”. A nurse that has never heard the word “pneumonia” cannot possibly be a nurse. They must have randomly hired a passerby to fill in the job.

I continued my conversation with the doctor. I asked her is she could prescribe Doxyclyclin as recommended by the owner of the Kennel. She said doxycyclin would not help because it was a drug for kennel cough and my dog did not have kennel caugh. She said they needed some Xrays worth almost $400 dollars in order to prescribe the appropriate treatment. At this point I was already very skeptical of the clinic’s ability help my dog recover. I refused the Xrays and she recommended that it would be best if I could return my dog and get a healthier one.

I went back to the owner of the kennel determined to return my pet. He told me that although the cough was wet he was 99% sure that it was kennel cough. He arranged for a visit with the vet that treats his pets and told me that if the dog did not get better in 5 days I could return the dog for a full refund. His vet prescribed Doxyclyclin and after 5 days the cough was gone. As simple as that !!

In summary, Banfield misdiagnosed my dog twice. They hire unqualified individuals and dress them up as nurses. And they try to get you to spend as much as you can.

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  • Ve
      4th of May, 2010
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    ok [censored], you can treat kennel "cough" not caugh(<----wtf?) with clavamox, clavamox and doxycyclin are almost the same thing, except clavamox is a boader based antibiotic, so it tackles down more than just the kennel cough, obviously you werent giving it religiously like you should have been doing, because ive treated my own dogs with the same drug and theirs was gone in about 5 days too. pneumonia can spring up as a result of kennel cough, especially if you are not treating the dog like you should be...I would be more pissed off at the kennel you purchased the dog from, if he had been vaccinated like he should have been by the kennel with bordatella, then he wouldn't have had kennel cough in the first place, and that 200 bill (which is pretty normal in the vet care industry) wouldn't have existed in the first place. Just be thankful your pet didn't pick up parvo like most pets from kennels do, because then that measley 200 bill would have cost you 700...yes you can thank your savior kennel agency for that

    P.S. if you cant pay the vet, dont get the pet

  • Th
      16th of Dec, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Why are you so rude??? Clearly that was a typo as the poster spelled the word correctly later in the post. Say what you'd like, Banfield has some serious issues that require attention. It seems as if you take these complaints personal. You've no idea how helpless you feel when you trust your beloved pet to the care of someone who harms them. Never mind that you've actually paid this person.

  • Ba
      27th of Dec, 2011
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    We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. Thank you for providing this feedback and for bringing this to our attention. We are currently unaware of this situation and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly to gather more information. Please give us a call at 877-500-2288.

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