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I have a 5 month old pit bull who when we got her had Kennel Cough. We have been trying to get rid of this for a month now. A week ago my cat got into something toxic and became paralyzed and almost died. Seeing that we take our dog to Banfield we decided to take the cat there for treatment as well, as it was close to home and an emergency. I was told the blood and urine tests ran $250+ and was basically made to choose whether to get help for my cat or take her home to die. Of course I told them to run the tests but asked if they took payment plans because we did not have all the money upfront. I was told they do not take payment plans but we could pay what we could and the balance would be sent to collections after 10 days and we could just make payment arrangements to the collection company. So 2 days later I picked up the cat, had a balance of $558.37 (which I paid $90 then) and left.

Well now a week later, my dog is still sick and needed to be seen. She is on the wellness plan so I made her an appointment and took her up there. I was denied service because I had an open balance. After arguing with the lady behind the counter for more than 10 minutes, she went and got the Vet who came out and asked what the problem was. I explained what happened and that my dog is ill and needs medication and needs to be seen. The Vet was really trying to work with me and asked if I could make a payment on the balance, pay the office visit (for the cat) and for medications, to which I said I totally could, I just did not have the $468.37 up front or I would not have left a balance to begin with. Well, the front desk lady rudely interrupted and said nope, can't do it, it has to be paid in full or it will be sent to collections and the insurance will be canceled. I broke down in tears because my pets are my babies and how can they turn us away! They have my credit card information for the wellness plan, it is not like I am trying to run off without paying, we had a pet emergency and I just think it is so sad to say you care about pets but then make people choose whether or not to pay rent or let your animal die.

I did call this morning and talked to someone who was very helpful and gave me the number to corporate and the office manager. I hate that this has happened and do not want this to screw up our health plan, but I am pretty sure it will and after the episode last night, I will be finding a different Vet to take my animals to.

I still to date have not received anything from Banfield showing me what all they did to my cat, the costs estimates, etc..

The lady behind the counter had no right to talk to me the way she did, said that Most people don't leave a balance and there are no Vets out there that will allow a balance to carry over, which is b. s. because I have taken my animals to a vet that allows payments on high balances... which is where I should have taken my dying cat to in the first place but Banfield was closer and it was a true life or death emergency. I am grateful they saved my cat but am very displeased about the lack of customer service

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  • Da
      Nov 11, 2010

    I can understand them refusing to see the animals but refusing payment because it was not in full. They did call last night and said they could give us an extra 10 days to pay but my husbands uncle just passed away and we have to travel to Michigan, if it were not for that we could have paid the bill in full.

    I am very capable of taking care of my animals, but we had an emergency and just asked for 30 days to pay off the balance. If they can extend it 10 days I do not see why they can't extend it another 20. There were many factors that brought up this complaint, not just the money issue but the way I was treated. When the cat was taken in, the Vet kept insisting that she, and I quote her words "Got into my stash of Marijuana", I have never been so insulted in my life. It is just a disgrace to be treated like that. We have spent thousands of dollars at Banfield on our pets in the past 6 years, but after this one incident, we will defiantly be finding a different place to take our animals to.

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  • Il
      Jan 19, 2012

    If I could comment... I have to completely disagree with almost everything you're saying.
    A.) Some places will accept payment plans, Banfield simply doesn't. If you can't handle that, go somewhere else. In the end you never paid your bill anyway and got sent to collections.
    B.) The vets have a doctorate for a reason. The cat got into your weed and you were too embarrassed or worried to admit it. Take responsibility because they knew exactly what your cat had ingested. He wasn't in the hospital for three or four days straight because they were pulling ideas out of thin air.
    C.) When you showed up and threw a hissy fit in front of the desk because your dog was unable to be seen, you did not speak to a doctor. They don't come up front to deal with clients who are demanding to be seen when they can't pay the balance they already owe PLUS the balance they will be incurring with a second sick pet. You spoke to the lead vet tech who acts as the assistant manager.
    D.) Your invoice can be open for ten days, which is a company policy. Even though you had a credit card on file, it can't be charged without your authorization so you can still NOT pay your balance and temporarily get away with it. You could also close the account, so even if an attempt would be made to collect your total balance it might not work. Your due date got extended because you made such a commotion and because the manager felt bad for you. If Banfield extended everyone's open invoices to 10 days, then another 10 days, then please just one more week, then my grandma died...they would never get paid. And again, you never paid the full balance anyway so what's the difference?
    E.) Banfield doesn't make you choose between your rent or your pets' health. YOU do. No one is forcing you to pick Banfield or pay their prices- you have other options.

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