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ripp off

Client name: Claudia Ossa Pet name: Chester Phone #: [protected] On December 15, the Banfield clinic in...

price gauging of meds/misdiagnosis

Prices of perscriptions 8x+ higher then if you order it online. The same exact product and mfg. They get you in with a year's contract and the "Free Visits" end up costing hundreds of dollars and misdiagnosis of pet. Too many medications and costly tests to scam up the price of the "Free visit".

  • Do
    dogmom Dec 11, 2008

    wrong phone #
    Correct # for Banfield is

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bad judgement

November 7 2008, I got a new puppy for me and my husband. Were so happy and wanted to make sure our puppy was healthy. So we take our puppy to banfield located in petsmart, I waited for them to call his name to see the vet they told me not to put my puppy on the ground because he could get sick so I said ok. They take me to a room and I waited for the vet, a man came in take my puppy and started to look at his teeth, feel his heart beat, and look in his ears. He told me my puppy was ok, he was in great health. I ask him questions and he anwser them. Then he said "the doctor will be with you in a min" I thought he was the vet but, he wasn't. The same man return about 10 min later and said the doctor was in surgey and will be in there for a couple of hours. He said I could leave and the vet was going to do the same thing he just did. I didn't want to but, I said ok.

When I took my puppy home all he wanted to do was sleep, he didn't act like a normal puppy, he just laid around. He only drank water and ate no food, his nose was runny. I thought he was just getting use to his surrounding. The next morning he throw up and was so out of it I call the pet store were I got him and they gave me their vet number, I took him only to find out he was really sick, and had a cold virus. Now my puppy is in the hospital and I don"t know when he is coming home, or if he ever will. Me and my husband are so heart broken. I paid banfield and they did nothing, what if I waited to long because they said he was fine!!! Going to them was the biggest mistake of my life. Now I can only wait...

Thank you for listening
N, h

they only want your money!!

Their only interest is whether they can sell you the "plan" for $442 or the one for $513. Even after I said I...

suffering allowed

Speaking with employees I have found that pets brought in suffering that were to be euthanized were allowed...

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my dog died

Hello, I was an owner of a black chihuahua, I took him to Banfield to get checked On October 9, 2008. He...

awful company

I took our pet for an office visit and several times declined their "plans" but they wouldn't give up! They just kept asking if I wanted the plan for $442 or the one for $514. And these prices didn't include the medication they were suggesting.

Since they were so determined that I was going to give them some major money, they charged almost $70 for a 3 day supply of ear ointments, in addition to the $45 charge for the visit. I got no refills, of course, so my dog will have the same problem in a few days unless I put up with the sales pitch again and pay another $115. And buying one of their plans wouldn't even help with the cost, since the meds are not included and are ridiculously over-priced - from Banfield's own Glenhaven brand, so they profit from anything they prescribe, also.

Too bad they can't care half as much about a pet's health as they care about filling their pockets. I've had dogs all my live and never objected to paying a fair amount for pet care, but this is a rip-off. I'm out a good chunk of hard-earned money and my dog's problem is not even solved. Obviously, I'll never go back.

  • Valerie Oct 22, 2008

    I took my 11 wk Dalmatian puppy in to Banfield b/c she had a small lump on her neck that seemed to be tender when touched. The attending vet looked at her & immediately told us it was cancer & said that it needs to be surgically removed IMMEDIATELY or that my puppies life was in danger. For some reason, in the back of my mind I did not believe the lump was cancerous at all. I had to ASK THE VET for an anti-inflammatory to try to bring down the swelling. The veterinarian was very rude and condescending when I would ask her questions about my puppies' health.

    She gave us a weeks' worth of anti-inflammatory & an antibiotic & we scheduled the appt for surgery, b/c we didn't know what else to do. During the course of the next week, the bump started to get smaller, so we decided to take Kali to another vet to get a second opinion.

    This vet was EXTREMELY thorough & even withdrew fluid from the bump & sent it to the lab to be tested, a procedure that the vet at Banfield told me was not possible. The results came back today, & the lab determined that the bump is an inflammation & has absolutely no cancerous cells whatsoever.

    Banfield wanted to put my 3 month old puppy through a surgery that was not necessary at all. They determined that the bump was cancerous based on absolutely no medical findings. I will never take Kali back to Banfield again!!!

    Hopefully this review will save somebody from the stress & worry that I went through to find out her bump was nothing! Luckily she is all better & happy as can be.

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  • Ba
    banfield nurse Nov 05, 2008

    OK, not because i work for them i would say that, but i did work in a nice looking highpriced emergency hospital and other general practices.
    The plan is a great deal, why because for the retail value u pay only 50% for the services u get with the plan not to mention office visits are always FREE, meaning if u go there lets say 7 times a year u already got ur money back just from the office visits
    Come on there is no vet hospital that would give u free drugs, also the medication price is within reasonable price, DO UR RESEARCH FIRST BEFORE SAYING IT IS A RIP OFF.
    also working in other hospitals never seen free services been done to animals they charge u for every thing and u have to pay 50% upfront or LEAVE. u know how many times we helped owners who can't afford estimates specially if u r one of our plans client, that u don't like.
    just today our Dr. insisted on giving free medication worth of at least 50$ beacuse the owner couldn't afford it, also free xrays for another pet. SO PLEASE DON"T SAY BANFIELD IS TRYING TO RIP OFF SOME ONE< WE NEED TO MAKE MONEY TO SURVIVE LIKE ANY OTHER PRACTICE AT LEAST WE R PROVIDING A FFORDABLE SERVICES AND COPASSIONATE CARE.

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  • Ba
    banfield nurse Nov 05, 2008

    Don't judge the whole practices because of one doctor's mistake, yes i know he is wrong and should have adviced u to do an Aspiration biopsy. but this doesn't make all of banfield's practice bad because of a dr's mistake.

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  • Ri
    Ripped1 Sep 16, 2009

    You were one of the lucky ones. Thank goodness you were able to get to a competent vet. As far as the useless comment above made by a Banfield nurse what would you expect. Certainly one can see by the hundreds of complaints on Banfield they should be put out of business.

    0 Votes
  • Ra
    rachel614 Nov 21, 2009

    Ripped, your comment isn't that smart either. Banfield Nurse is right. You can't judge a whole company by one dr. i know that you can't judge a bump or lump just by looking at it or touching it. you have to draw fluids from it and send it off to be tested. that is the ONLY way to see if it is cancerous or not. so, whoever told you it was cancerous without taking a piece of it must not have been a dr. it was probably the nurse or even the front desk person for that to happen. and for you to "have to ask" the dr for medication, that can't be right. you either didn't give the dr a second to offer any type of medication or the dr didn't want your money.

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  • Ra
    rachel614 Nov 21, 2009

    you go banfield nurse. once again, if you can't afford pets, and give them a healthy, long life, don't have them. it's not banfield's fault that your dog has an ear infection or needs ear cleaner. it's your fault for bringing your pets into an environment with unclean air.

    also, no banfield is going to keep begging you to sign up on the plan. we honestly could care less if you say no the first time. even though it is a great deal, and saves a ridiculous amount of money, we could care less if a client like you signs up on a plan or not.

    1 Votes
  • Ch
    cheecharella Dec 23, 2012

    Banfield are ###, thieves. Solicited HARD for me to purchase Well-care plan when in Los Angeles Banfield emergency for one of my dogs literally on way Moving to another CA city 3 hrs away. They ASSURED me there was a Banfield in that well known city, and that I'd need a vet there under health circumstances of dog. True, so I bought plan. When in new city looked up location of Banfield. Nearest was 1 hour 45 min away!!! I called LA Banfield that sold it and they agreed I should be allowed to drop but could do 0 but give me 'corporate' number, who REFUSED to let me out of plan. They continued to charge my cr card for ea month for duration of yr long plan until I thought to change my ATM visa card so they could no longer bill me. Sadly they had gotten majority of the 'plan' pymts, Still for the one month they could not bill they ruined my credit by still refusing to conceded they sold me a service they did not OFFER. They may as well have sold me a cruise ticket for a ship that did not exist. This yr, 3 yrs later, they opened a Banefield here in the Petsmart. I tell everyone I can: stay away

    -1 Votes

rip off

They actually refused to treat my cat unless you pay $400 up front!! They do not examine your cat, they just...

poor care

My 1 1/2 year old cat was acting lethargic, not really eating and a cough. After a few days I realized she...

bad service

Today, I've taken my cat to the Banfield Pet Hospital (#447), and had a very unpleasant experience...

awful place

I have used Banfield in Woodstock, GA for years. Always open on Sunday, which is a great convenience since I'm a single mom and work full time. I just called to ask a question. The recording said they were closed. I call Petsmart and the person who answered said they were not open today or last Sunday and didn't know why. I was just there shopping the other day and there was no sign up anywhere posting new hours This is not right. No notice at all. This seems to be typical of how they operate... I'm pissed.

  • Sa
    sally Mar 12, 2009

    there has always been a sign on the wall stating hours change...they started closing on sundays in october of last year...

    0 Votes

scam and cheating

My cat was having problems breathing and meowing because she swallowed something. We went to banfield, but when the vet found that the cat didn't have a vaccine for 2 years he panicked. He said he cannot do anything with the cat because if someone gets scratched, the cat will have to stay in isolation at banfield for 10 days and the person that got scratched will have to get medical examinations. They wanted to give my cat FIVE xrays, 2 blood checks and a bunch of other things which would cost me almost $1800.

I went to a private animal hospital, the vet took a leather glove, held my cat and gave vaccinations. He put something into my cat's throat and removed a little marble. My total cost = $170.

  • Valerie Sep 26, 2008

    I called Ben-field to see if I can sign up for the wellness program at the same time my cocka poo puppy can be spayed. The women answered the phone was not friendly at all. Later I found out that she was the same lady who was there when I signed up for the program. It looks like she works there full time She is there all the time. She told me that the Dog needs Physical when I signed up for wellness program. It will take about an hour. So I left my dog there. and she told me to pick her up in an hour. when I came back to pick up my dog this receptionist does not acknowledge me at all although I was standing there waiting. I was there on time to pick up my dog. She was just talking and socializing with another customer and She glancing over me saying. "Your dog is not ready". How rude. no apology what so ever. I told her Could you please call me when she is ready. and I left my phone cell phone there.

    I would like to cancel wellness program that I signed up for but How can I do that. Right now My dog is in for surgery at Ben-field I am so worry about her. I am very happy with the Vet we go to Everyone there loves my dog. Only reason I chose this place because we couldn't set up an appointment soon enough for her spaying. I want to go back to my old Vet. I have another dog 3 year old beagle. My old Vet loves my two dogs.

    Another thing is that my dogs physical record shows her weight is little over 10 pounds. Her surgery schedule date is one week later. her weight is over 16 pound. She didn't gain that much weight in one week and her physical record shows her ear was checked and oder free but also that is not true her ear was small at that time. I had to confirmed three times for my dog's surgery date. They picked the wrong date for the surgery. No apology from their part.

    I will look into canceling wellness program. Ben-field and Pet Smart are not the store with friendly people working.

    They are not nice to all the animals at all. They pick and choose. I thinks all the animals are precious and special. and If you can't be nice to all the animals They shouldn't be working there.

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  • Ca
    Carrie Mar 30, 2009

    I think that maybe you were rude and inpatient. The reseptionist is NOT a nurse, and she can not hurry other co-workers, or discahrge your pet herself.

    I hate how customers think that when they enter a place of service that everything has to be dropped and they get served right away. AND I HIGHLY DOUBT the receptionist was "SOCIALIZING, " she was most probably helping another customer BEFORE YOU, and you were just RUDE AND IMPATIENT and you were not served FIRST, AT THAT VERY SECOND--JUST TO LET YOU KNOW: YOU CAN'T CUT PEOPLE IN FRONT OF YOU, IT'S RUDE!!!

    IF you don't like BANFIELD then go ahead to your other vet, and let them deal with you RUDE AND SORRY ###. Banfield or other services do not like rude and impatient customers ANYWAY.

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  • Ph
    phorse Jan 26, 2010

    Actually, if the rabies vaccine was out of date, the cat would have to be in quarantine for 6 months. More than likely, this vet was very inexperienced but was protecting the health of the staff. This could happen at any clinic. Needless to say, if your cat had bitten anyone at the second clinic, then, by law, your cat would have to be quarantined.

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terrible experience

Our dog started puking last night and then had bloody stool this morning, called our vet "Banfield" at PetsMart and said we think she has parvo "HELP". We were told they had new patients and well dog visits all day but they could see her at 4pm 7hours later. So we found another local vet who saw her immediately he confirmed that she did have parvo. He also said this is highly fatal in puppies and the longer you wait the higher the chances are of death. Needless to say we have a new vet. Banfield seemed more interested in Corporate Money than in the actual care of our puppy.

  • Valerie Jul 17, 2008

    On July 9, 2008 I took my puppy in to Banfield animal "hospital". The reason why I took him there is because my puppy was sick with Parvo. All he needed was his treatment. When I took him there they took him in, they wouldn't touch him and acted like they were going to help us and told us not to worry about anything and they would call us back.

    They called us with an estimate, and I explained to them that I wouldn't get paid till Friday. My intention was not to leave him there get him treated and not pay. I just did not want him to die. She said I had to come pick him up! While I was trying to find other resources to see what other options we had, we kept him there thinking that they would at least give him fluids. You know keep him well while he was there.

    Before we went to go pick him up, I had a very rude phone call from a worker there named Liz. She was being very smart alec with me, and her and co workers were all laughing in the background. When we went to go pick him up he was still in the cage where I had place him in, laying un touched.

    Because of them my puppy is now dead! They could have done something to prevent his death, but instead all they did was ridicule us and laughed in our face. The reason why we went there is because on their website, it says they treat Pets like family. Well I'll be the first to tell you, that’s a false advertisement. They do not practice what they preach!! The place I went to go get his treatment the first time was really helpful and assisted my puppy right away. They also said that by law they should have done something to help him. Instead, they let him sit in a cage for 10 hours and feel every second of his suffering pain. This is a form of cruelty and neglect. They are a business and they are supposed to be there to help animals. I hope this is not the way they treat other pets because no one deserves to be treated that way. They treated him like he was just a nasty piece of trash!

    We took him there in hopes that they would help him, instead we got a bunch of rude, insensitive, and uncaring people. I would not even take anything in need there ever again. That place was a big mistake in my part. I hope that what happened to my puppy, will not happen to anybody else.

    They should seriously change their advertisement on their website to, "Have money? Come on in!!" Cause that’s the way they treated me!

    I want this email to be forwarded to anybody and everybody that can help me put these people out of this profession, because the way they treated my puppy shows that they are not professional, or trained in their occupation. I will not stop until my voice is heard. And I will not let this die down the way they let my puppy die. It's a shame how people who are supposed to care for pets can be so cold hearted to an innocent little puppy!!

    The place I went to was in Fort Worth, Texas

    Pets Mart Banfield Hospital

    415 Carroll St

    (817) 870-1865

    The girl I would especially like to report is named Liz!

    I will also proceed in pressing charges!

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  • Li
    Linda Oct 25, 2008

    Sounds like a terrible place to take a pet, sounds like they only care about the money and not the pets or customers.

    0 Votes
  • ghsthntr07 Mar 25, 2009

    That is very unfortunate the way you and your pet were treated and I am sorry for your loss. I have to say being an employee of a Banfield who should be blamed are the clients who do get their pet treated and never pay. Sometimes people feel it is our responsibility to treat their sick pet even if they have no money.

    Since I have been at Banfield I have seen more than enough people who come in and expect us to not charge and even try to negotiate prices. I have also heard "I get paid next week" and next week never comes and here the clients bill is not paid so us Techs and Dr's reap the loss of an nonpaying client.

    Most people think Vet Medicine is a joke and that we just make people wait and pay. Well until you are in our shoes don't judge. 99% of vets do not take payment plans because there are a lot of deadbeats who do not pay. Be mad at them. Sad to say but I deal with clients like that everyday and it does make you a colder person because of the abuse of people who can't afford to treat their pets. (Not saying you are one of them)

    It is also because we hear the same story over and over. It gets old after a while. Who I feel for are the animals they are the true victims not the client, Vet or Techs. If you can't afford the bill don't get the pet. I sometimes wonder if someone would treat their child the same way. Maybe just go to the ER and not pay their bill and leave the ER will the expense.

    Again I am sorry for your loss and how you were treated. Not all Banfield hospitals and employees are the same. we do have hearts and care about what we do. I left an RN job to pursue my love for animals.

    1 Votes
  • Le
    letsMakeitbetter Jul 08, 2010

    Banfield has a COME IN NOW policy. They should have seen here then... esp if they are your regular vet.. i am sorry!

    0 Votes


My Son took his Five Month Old French Bulldog to Banfield to have him nutered. He died before the proceedure was done. Apperantly he had trouble with the sedative, and died when they put him out. All he wants is for them to replace His Pet, as you may know French Bulldogs are an expensive breed. What should we do to see to it that they replace his Friend. He is totally in shock from this experience, as is understandable.

  • Ha
    Happy Customer525252 Nov 08, 2010

    As you should know, anytime you or your pet are put under anesthesia, there is a risk. I don't feel that they "owe you" a new dog. That entire statement feels heartless.

    0 Votes

not true

I work at banfield. And to the comment about the giardia not working - at banfield if your on a wellness plan...

pets are treated like cr*p

I am a past employee of Banfield, the Pet hospital located in Tukwila. This location is ran by Kris Ann Fazio DVM, who I feel is one of the most incompetent, uncaring persons ever to become a Vet. It is hard to imagine how or why she became a vet, as she only cares about how much money she can squeeze out of the trusting client that comes into the hospital. Pets are certainly not treated like family, even though some of the team members try to provide care but are generally not allowed to do much for their comfort or care. The sick and well pets are all held in a crowded, noisy, and often unclean "back room" of the hospital . Whether they need it or not, pets are subjected to numerous lab tests and these are being performed by undertained and unlicensed pet nurses. Many of these pet nurses have no training in pet care of any kind, and no medical training. Team members are well aware that it is not the well being of the pet that is the focus, but rather or not the client can pay for the services. Dr Fazio has many rules and protocols designed to collect more money from the client, and team members are punished harshly for not following these rules. The huge number of complaints fall on deaf ears as the Corporate office only hears what Dr Fazio tells them and clients are ignored. Dr Fazio will not even talk to the clients instead making team members take the abuse from very angry clients. Do NOT go to this hospital!!! Pets are treated like crap here and people are too!!!

  • Wow... disgruntled (former) employees are really bitter sometimes. I currently work at this Banfield location and am here to tell you that you could not find a more caring team of people to care for your Pet. Do you really want to believe the comments of someone who obviously was unhappy in their job (so they either got fired or left), who cannot spell and unfortunately has no grasp of grammar and the English language? I think not. Banfield in Tukwila is a caring, compassionate hospital that will offer you, as a client, excellent service, and will offer your Pet excellent care. I've been on staff there since before Dr. Fazio took over the hospital, and I can tell you that it is 110% better than it was when the person that wrote this horrible review was there, and it is truly a great place to bring your Pet.

    0 Votes
  • Bi
    Binye East Apr 14, 2009

    It's hard to say, really. As a pet owner who does allow for Banfield to service his pets needs... it's hard
    to gauge whether or not they are doing a good job (e.g. don't get to see what exactly is being done to
    my canine because i'm not there to see it).

    But the way my pet reacts as we pull into the store... she mortified and refuses to be brought into the
    Petco location (where the Banfield institution rests).

    This has to be some type of indication that, "hey, as a dog, i don't like this place and how they treat me
    here. Don't bring me back in!"

    So what else do i do?

    Some times, i feel that there are additional charges to the final check-up bill that i feel should have
    been included in her insurance plan. Of course, BANfield can charge whatever they please because the
    typical dog-owner will do what they can to keep their pets as healthy as possible. Banfield knows this
    and will most likely... take advantage of us - a business is a business, now matter how friendly they
    seem on the outside.



    With that said... Banfield is more of a ripoff than anything and my dog doesn't like returning to the place.
    Even if we're simply there to purchase toys, food, diaper pads, etc. Her experiences, i believe, have been
    less than fruitful and exhilarating.


    A Tukwila customer who feels like he's being financially raped by Banfield.

    Mr. Binye-To-The

    p.s. It's unfortunate that they don't sell any "happy" fishes there.


    1 Votes
  • T0
    T00Funny Jan 19, 2011

    CURRENT employee at Banfiled SHOULDN'T attack someone's grammar and spelling when he/she CAPITALIZES the P in Pet mid-sentence. Just sayin'

    0 Votes
  • La
    Laura Molina Nov 14, 2011

    November 2, 2010 I took my beloved Tigger to Banfield Pet Hospital thinking it was a good place to take my little chihuahua and it was free for first time customers. Tigger was feeling lethargic and I asked could it be his teeth and the Dr. ? (Asian male) said that was the problelm. Cleaning his teeth and extractions cost me $930. Still after several months Tigger still did not feel well and on July 9th he passed away of acute Kidney Failure. This was the problem all along. I trusted Banfield, and had they taken a blood draw and x-ray he would have still been with me alive. I took him to Lien Animal Clinic and Highline Hospital in Seattle and both were fabulous, but it was too late. I hate Banfield never ever take your loving pet there.

    0 Votes
  • Banfield Pet Hospital Nov 21, 2011

    @Laura Molina- First of all we want to say how sorry we are for the loss of Tigger. We understand how hard it can be to lose a pet and our hearts go out to you during this time. We apologize if one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. We are currently unaware of this situation and urge you to call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 so we can gather more information and address your specific concerns.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Marcia VL Jan 28, 2013

    Banfield Pet Hospital of HORRORS should be the name out there online!! This OBSCENE corporation kills/maims animals and rapes wallets!! PEOPLE READ ONLINE ABOUT THIS OBSCENE CORPORATION!! This corporation is owned by Mars Candy Corporation. John F. Mars is worth $13.8 BILLION DOLLARS KILLING AND MAIMING PETS AND RAPING PEOPLES BANK ACCOUNTS!! A$$WIPE CORPORATION!!

    0 Votes

they're all about making money

I got my puppy in April 2008 and got her Banfield's wellness health plan right away for a one-time fee of $180+ and $25/month. BIG MISTAKE! I should have done some research before going to them. She got her first round of vaccines soon after enrolling her. They offered the anti-histamine, which I was told is to prevent possible reaction to the vaccine, but it was going to cost $20! I accepted the first time. On her second round I declined it and guess what? My puppy was better after the shots than the first time. On the same appointment, I also requested Banfield to check on the 2 slightly balding spots on my puppy. I was told it could be demodex and that they have to do a skin test to confirm it. I agreed to the skin test. Banfield called me later and confirmed that it was indeed demodex and that treatment would cost $500 for 4 weekly baths! I was told it is not advisable to do it myself at home as it involves using a toxic solution. I did some research and read that goodwinol ointment is effective in treating demodex so I declined the treatment they were offering on June 19, 2008. They probably didn't expect that I would decline the treatment so when I came to pickup my puppy, I was being charged $23 for the skin test! I argued nobody mentioned that there will be a charge for the test. In the end I was told that I can't bring my puppy there anymore until I pay so I had to pay. I also asked about the option of canceling the health plan and was told that I would still have to pay the whole year because I signed a contract! By this time, I already know they care more about making money than caring for my pet.

My puppy was scheduled for spay on July 11, 2008. Her demodex was almost gone. When I came to pick her up, I thought she would have been spayed already but I was told that it was better to wait for her demodex to completely clear up. My puppy was turning 6 months on Aug 14 so I asked about the 6-month policy about spay - that there is a charge for it if the puppy is over 6 months. I was the one who brought it up so I clearly remembered what the guy told me - that it will be waived because it was their recommendation to postpone it for the sake of my puppy. Now, it is Aug 27 and I called to reschedule my puppy for spay. I was told that I will have to pay for it because my puppy is over 6 months! WHAT??? I told Darlene (Banfield) the story but she didn't "hear" a word I said. She was determined to make me pay. She then passed me to a guy. Same thing, didn't hear me. Then the manager, Maya. She said I would have to pay because there is a note in my puppy's medical record that I would have to pay if my puppy becomes over 6 months when she is to be spayed. Nobody at Banfield cared about what I just said. All they care about is making money!

I will just bring my puppy to a local SPC for her spay. I will never go back to Banfield ever! I will pay for the rest of the year and close my account. They are a nightmare!

shots gone bad

I have five dogs. Three of them have reacted to the shots Banfield uses for rabies, distemper. My miniature...

vet care

Banfield Pet Hospital Westheimer Houston

This use to be a very nice hospital when ran by another doctor. However, the only thing Banfield seems to be interested in is selling services not covered by their Weillness plan or running additional tests not covered and not necessary. I have been a client there for many years and have seen things change under the new vet. It has went from a caring compassionate facility to one that only wants to line their pockets. I had to seek a second opionion on what they had diagnosed and thank God the second doctor charged $122 versus their $700 to $900. Stay away from this facility

traumatized my dog

Do not ever take your pets here. I took my dog in today for a vaccination. I've been taking her to...

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