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I have ordered an RC Boat from bananahobby since May 19th 2009, the funds was taken out that same day from my account, $478, I did not receive it untill June 5th, so much for 5 bussiness days, but this is not the end, because it was broken I had to sent it back for a replacement on 6/08/2009. After calling, geting huld up on, and holding for no less than 30mins +, sometimes two and three times a day, I got nothing but "please hold on", and they never came back on the phone, and when they do come back on the phone or reply to my hundreds of e-mails, they tell me it will be shiped out the next day. It's now June 19th 2009, One Month from the day they took my money and I have not received my boat, what a scam.
Is there anyone out there that can help me?


  • J
      Jul 21, 2009

    hi im Juan Jose
    i also bought a helicopter. one of the motors always stop in middle of flight. i send back to them to tell me what happend with the heli. they never answer me any more. and they sill have my heli from more than 2 months. this is my email, write me pls. [protected]

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  • P
      Jan 14, 2010
    BananaHobby - Sent incomplete order with lots of parts missing
    United States

    Please Dont buy from this company ( Bananahobby)they have no sales support and no intention of sorting any problems . My order was incomplete and on trying to reach the company through e_mail, Fax, phone or online chat you get no response. I have looked on the web trying to see if other people have had similar problems and found some complaints on Bananahobby facebook page alluding to shonky goods and total lack of support from the company regarding any complaints. So to all tose R/C fans out there--- Find another company!and dont become another victim They take your money and thats that.

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