Balfourclass ring

What a JOKE!!! the representative was sent to a fairly small school. She was "multi-tasking" and got my daughters ring order wrong. So we talked to the company and they were in no way willing to budge to fix their mistake. They send these people to work with teenagers, most of whom have never had to be specific on ordering something, and blame the child. My daughter asked the lady more than once to make sure that the ring she chose was correct and the rep assured her it was right. Wrong!!! the rep wrote the order wrong by one number..Who hasnt ever messed up before? yet they blame the child and want us to pay another $75 on top of the $300 we were already out to fix it..I dont think so. Come on now!!! you would think you would honor your company and do the right thing. To top it off, my daughters best friend got her ring from the same company on the same day and one of her diamonds had fallen out. Geez!!! should have went with trusty ole walmart..At least they value their customers and honor their mistakes.

Feb 06, 2017

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