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Azuma Leasing / Thieves - Unauthorized Charges

1 2905 San Gabriel Ste. 218Austin, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-707-1188

BEWARE!!!!! DO NOT RENT FROM AZUMA!!! I rented a stackable washer and dryer in December 2006. I rented the equipment until the end of July 2007 and then I chose to end my contract because I was moving. I scheduled a pick up for August 2, 2007. I paid my bills every month with no problem. Then four months later on Friday, November 9, 2007 I happened to check my bank account online and I found a charge for $36.49 from Azuma that had just appeared on the account that morning as a pending charge. I was shocked and did not understand why this charge was on my account since I closed the account and the equipment was picked up. Obviously the charge was totally unauthorized and I became extremely upset. I contacted the company and talked to a customer service representative who transferred me to the “Collections Department”. I talked to a guy named Adam who was very rude and obnoxious. He insisted that Azuma had the right to take money out of my account according to their contract. This is bull. I asked Adam that if any money was owed to them how come they did not notify me in writing and he stated that they do not have to send out invoices at all but that invoices are just a courtesy and up to their discretion to send or not. I asked him to tell me what the charge is for and he said it was for payment and that’s all he kept saying. I then stated that I have paid every bill and asked him to provide a copy of the charge they claim was not paid and he said he did not have to do that. I also asked to see a copy of this so called contract and he said he did not have to provide it. I then asked to speak to his supervisor or manager and he refused to give me the name. So I hung up on him because I was getting nowhere as he started to sound like a robot repeating the same thing over and over again. Adam then had the nerve to call me back (he got the number from caller ID) and I instructed him to never again call me. I was done with him and needed to speak to someone in a higher position. I called back and talked a customer service rep who gave me the name of Adam’s supervisor. His name is Roberto. I have not heard back from Roberto. I also sent emails to the President and Senior Operations Manager and neither of them have had the decency to call me back. I have taken the matter up with my bank, the Better Business Bureau and the FTC and anyone else who will listen. I have also contacted the channel 4 news investigations to report this company. I want it known all over the country that Azuma is NOT an upstanding company and no one should rent anything from them. I will NEVER again do business with Azuma and I would advise anyone else to NEVER rent any equipment from them. Go to the Laundromat before you rent from them. If you need to rent a refrigerator, use a Styrofoam cooler before renting from them or find somebody else to rent from. I researched the Better Business Bureau and found that there are multiple complaints from former Azuma customers that have had the same problem, in fact too many complaints to count. I am finding all sorts of complaints on the internet and will be contacting an attorney. They have stolen money from my account by taking unauthorized funds and Azuma is nothing but a crooked company and they can just go straight to hell. I filed a claim with Bank of America and Azuma will never be allowed to use my card again. I am not letting this go. They are the WORST company and they will make unauthorized charges on your account. Here is the link for BBB copy and past into your browser. They have to be stopped and actually they need to be shut down. I have learned to research companies before I do business with them. Also, most importantly, it is obvious that Azuma is holding credit card and debit card numbers in their database even after the account has been closed which is why they were able to charge my account 4 months later without authorization. I know that $36.49 is a small amount but it’s the principle of the matter and I am not letting them get away with this. What they have done is illegal. I want them to show me proof that I owe them money. And then I want them to show me the contract that states they have the right to use a customer’s credit card or bank card without notifying the customer first and presenting something in writing with an invoice or a bill. I do not think they will be sending me a copy of this so called contract and until they do, I do not believe that it exists.


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