Aylesbury Farms / I wouldn't wish life in this community on my worst enemy

his complaint is being written in regards to the deceptive business practices of
Aylesbury Farms. An apartment community that has already obtained a prestigious
"F" with the Better Business Bureau, along with 90% of all written reviews online being
completely negative; and the remaining positive 10% being written by the leasing office staff.
A neanderthal would be able to differentiate who wrote truthful reviews for this complex.

My nightmare begins on September 18th. I had requested numerous times to view the specific
unit I was to be signing for. Lorna, the agent who was handling my lease refused stating that
"the unit is not ready to be shown". Three weeks prior to the signing is when I first inquired
about living in this community. For three weeks she would not let me see the unit, which she specifically stated was already vacant since the day I first inquired; instead referring me to "drive around it and see if I liked the view". On the day of signing the lease,
I requested one final time to be able to see my unit to which I got the same response. One humorous aspect of this response is that Deborah the manager had once proclaimed that
ALL vacant units are inspected TWICE weekly for "upkeep" sake. The first of many lies, fairy tales, and fables she would spew.

As the sun is bright and the sky is blue; true were every single negative review and complaint against this apartment complex and Deborah. Upon unlocking my door and stepping into my apartment for the first time, here is what I have photographic evidence of and what I have witnessed to my horror:

1) An ungodly amount of cockroaches. They like to insult your intelligence by convincing you that these gargantuan roaches are "palmetto bugs" or "water bugs". A primate would know that it takes five seconds to google these adorable nick names and find out that they are in fact nicknames for cockroaches. If only I were exaggerating when I say that I have seen at least one roach every single day I have lived here; whether they be dead, alive, unconscious, or breakdancing in agony in the middle of my kitchen from the boric acid that the pest control has tainted my apartment with. There is boric acid in my shoes, on my pillow, and my bed every time they come out to "treat" this issue. Would it be surprising that they simply come in when no one is home and bomb the place with insecticides? No, that would be silly as we already know how subhumans operate. Here is the final kicker: there is a picture of a dead roach inside a bathroom light fixture already uploaded to Get ready for it: I had a giant dead roach inside my bathroom light fixture when I moved in. I now have the second photo of this phenomenon. What a magical treat it is to turn on your bathroom light every night to have a shadow of a colossal cockroach cast upon you.

2) Numerous superficial damage throughout. As if the Exorcist green-pea vomit colored wallpaper and countertops were not enough of a detriment to one's psyche, they are stained and damaged. Was this information disclosed to me prior to signing the lease? Once again, we are already aware of what kind of humans we are dealing with. The agent walked in for our inspection and stood there with her arms crossed telling ME to find any discrepancies as if we were playing a game of hide-and-seek. Any damages I did not discover of course would be charged to me at the end of my lease (we know how snakes like to play). They continuously denied my request to view the apartment prior to signing. Deborah performs the move out inspections. She literally looked me in the eyes as I got the approval and signed my lease; completely aware of the atrocities awaiting inside the unit.

3) Cheese in my drawers. In two of the drawers in the kitchen upon my first day of moving in, I found grated cheese. The type you drizzle onto tacos. This would be the first and only explanation I would ever need to fully comprehend why this apartment community has a roach infestation. For management to deliver an apartment with such negligence that a tenant finds cheese in the drawers upon moving in should illustrate the extent of filthiness, negligence, and carelessness that the management possesses.

4) Like their business practices, the apartment was delivered most unclean. Yellow stains
on the tile surrounding the tub that I cannot remove with all the bleach in the world. Mold and mildew on the caulking that they did not even bother trying to correct prior to delivery. I don't even need to elaborate: there was cheese in my drawers, end of discussion.

What the management has so generously done in response:
- Dusted every inch of my apartment in insecticides to the point of my pillows being slippery. This caused much distress to the roaches living inside the walls and now I see even more of them every day.

- Replaced the moldy caulking and tried to use MY bleach sitting on the counter to remove the yellow staining on the tiles. How do I know this? Because he/she dripped the bleach onto my bath mats and left spots on them. Read on, it gets better.

- Politely removed the dead roach from my light fixture along with the cheese in the drawers.

- Upon inquiring about the numerous cracks on the walls, water leak damage on the ceilings, and the stained countertops and wallpaper, Deborah replied: "those are settling cracks from when the structure shifts through rain etc". I couldn't help but guffaw as this complex was built..oh...let's see: SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.

- I have not heard back from Deborah in over two as she promised to give me a call back in regards to a resolution. Once again, I'm not surprised. Her professionalism is awe-inspiring and restores my faith in humanity.

My Demands:

I have lived in Georgia for almost a decade. No one believes me when I say this but in the entire time I have enjoyed life in the South, I have seen but less than five cockroaches. In ten years I saw five cockroaches all of which were NOT in MY home. Granted, I lived in a million dollar home for most of the time along with apartment complexes with rent over a thousand dollars a month. However I have never been subjected to live in such conditions where every time I come home from work there is a cockroach welcoming me and asking how my day went. I utterly refuse to continue residency in Aylesbury Farms. It is not only detrimental to my physical health but my emotional health as well. I will most likely lose my mind and become a paranoid schizophrenic if I see one more thumb sized roach mounted on the corner of my living room like a security camera. Everyone's definition of an apartment being "uninhabitable" will vary; however one enormous large per day is plenty for me.
This is the single filthiest dwelling I have ever had the pleasure of breathing oxygen in. It is a SLUM. In a perfect world where justice reigns and humans have some sense of decency, this apartment complex would be demolished and the management sued for every penny of their living earned through flicking their serpentine tongues at potential tenants. They got me. They got me for a twelve month lease that I will use every neuron of every brain cell to get out of. I demand a FULL refund of ALL rent I have paid along with all of my deposit. I also demand complete termination of this lease with no effect on my credit. I want this to end as though it had never started. I work full time in a salon across the street and I vow that every single client of John's Creek who walks through those doors will know that the Nightmare On Elm Street is actually based on a true story around the corner.
I have hired an attorney and will treat this interesting event in my life as if it is the last fight I will ever fight. Deborah Lessall and Executive Affiliates are the epitome of human greed and lack of morality. I'm as disgusted with their existence as I am with the "palmetto" bugs incessantly giving me heart attacks every night I come home.

Aylesbury Farms
Aylesbury Farms
Aylesbury Farms

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