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AXA Equitable


Awful company

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AXA Equitable
United States
In the year of 2006, I realized that I was fast approaching retirement age. After inquiring of family and friends, I sought out AXA Equitable as I was told that Ms. Sheila was an exceptional financial planner.

I spoke with Sheila several times over the phone as she was located in Philadelphia Pa. After our discussions about my needs for retirement and the monies I would be investing, Sheila made a trip to New York. Sheila was very personable and we seemed to hit it off well.

We discussed several different options; the Roth IRA, Traditional IRA and an Insurance plan for my granddaughter that would allow me to save money for her education. I explained to Sheila that I had several different pension plans that I wanted to consolidate. I also explained that I had money in a money market from refinancing my home that I wanted to invest.

The bottom line is that money was rolled over from the different accounts into a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA. I also gave Sheila a check for $40, 000.00 which she did place in a Roth IRA along with a approximately $3000.00 rolled over from another financial institution.

In February of 2008, I received a letter from Wendy, Manager of Investigation, AXA Equitable. That letter stated that it had been noted that "signatures did not appear to be consistent thru out all my documentation." Wendy forwarded the questionable documents to me and after close scrutiny, I realized that my signature had been forged. At that point, I contacted the audit department. They could only suggest that I contact my Financial Professional, Sheila. I instead sought the advice of a lawyer. He instructed me to be very vigilant in checking my monthly statements. Since no money was missing, there was little that could be done. What I really wanted to do was remove all my monies from that institution. However, I found out this was not an option as I would be penalized.

As time past, I became more and more uneasy. In April of 2008, I requested $6, 700.00 from the Roth IRA to make a purchase. Later on in the year, I did have the Roth IRA rolled over to another account. I was penalized in excess of $2000.00.

During income tax time in 2007, I did receive a statement from AXA for the $6, 700.00. AXA had neglected to check off the type of account the money had been removed from. As my accountant needed this information before he could complete my income tax, he requested that I call AXA and obtain the information.

When I related the information to my accountant, he informed me that a lump sum of money could not be legally placed in a Roth IRA unless it was being rolled over from another account. Ms. Sheila had knowingly placed money in a Roth IRA inappropriately. In addition, Ms. Sheila had forged my signature to documents.

AXA Equitable has been informed and chose to do nothing about it. Is this the type of Financial Institution you want to do business with. A Financial Institution that OFFERS NO PROTECTION to its investors and LOOK THE OTHER WAY when their own audit department reveals that forgery within there institution have occurred.

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A  29th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I to had a bad experience with AXA. Their rep told about an annuity that guaranteed a 6% growth yearly on the principal. After 2 months I had lost 14k and when I confronted the advisor she said the principal isn't guarantedd but the 6% is which you start taking at age 59 1/2. When I called this year to take the 6% they said I could only take a lesser value because I had to leave my money in for 10 years. I really don't think the right hand knows what the left is doing with this company. If you ever have any dealings with them make sure you record the conversation because they say one thing and do another.
A  7th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
AXA are very much a terrible financial company. They send out wrong forms or not at all which will cost you time and at times money. Lost over $5000 due to their fault while transferring my account along with a $65 processing fee. Currently under investigation for my claim. Avoid.
A  5th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
AXA is a horrible company. Bad products topped with incompetent employees that are only consistent at giving wrong information. I actually worked for this company a few years ago and realized it was time to move on. I can tell you from the company's standpoint that the only thing they care about is racking up enough inbound calls to meet the quota. Correct information and good service is not much of a priority. They dont treat their staff fairly either. When new positions open up, management doesnt inform everyone to give a fair chance at interviewing. Instead, they pick their friends. Last but not least, they are extremely cheap. To have each and every person in the call center have a minimum 75 inbound call requirement daily (working through lunch is usually the only way to rack up that many calls, unless you are just picking up the phone and hanging up on everyone), you would think they have enough gratitude towards their workers to buy coffee...they dont believe in small perks to keep employees happy. Finally, in this job it doesnt matter if you have a degree. Your chances of moving up are the same as a temp who received their GED and can rack up 100 poor quality calls a day. Trust me, this is all they care about
N  25th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
I had an annuity with AXA for a long time, it was brokered though Chase (was a different name back then) and now that I have hit over 59 1/2 yrs old I was advised to "term it out" . Oh boy, there are very eager to have you cash it out. THEY are the experts, mind you.
I dealt with my bank(Chase) and AXA for what they called a smooth transition. It was anything but smooth. Chase did the deposit incorrectly and had to re-do it per my tax man's instructions. This year i get a 1099 on the AXA term out and I am being taxed on a very strange amount, much higher than what I invested. My tax man (CPA) says that it is a wrong amount.
So between calling my banke (Chase) and AXA to try and get someone who not only cares but wants to help and correct it all, I get put on hold that turns into dead air. I have been told : " you signed the papers, now live with it" / "it's all done right you just don't know what you are looking at" / "we can't do anything to help you, it's a done deal".
Kind of gives you faith in companies that are EXPERTS and are supposed to guide you, advise you and treat you like an important person. Very upset at paying high taxes on something I was told i would NOT have to pay such taxes on.
No one seems to care about customer satisfaction...no one seems to want to help the little guy who ASKED for help and advice.
Both Chase and AXA acted poorly in my opinion. Leaves me wondering where the pride in workmanship has gone?
N  27th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
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A  3rd of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
Worst company. never open your life insurance account with them. had bad experience when tried to get loan against my policy.
They would ask you security questions to verify you. even though u give them right answers. they will tell u, you failed to provide correct
Answers. your ssc no also will be wrong as per them. if u ask them how? they will give u simple answer they use lexisnexis company for verification purpose. as per there public records ur driving license, ur ssc does not match.. can u believe this [censor]?. imagine if anything happens to me what problems beneficiary has to go through. if you need to open life insurance policy use mass mutual insurance. never ever use this company.
Do yourself a favor and to ur loved ones stay away from these thugs.
A  9th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
Have had a policy for my wife & I since 1988. My wife is an additional rider on the policy. She passed away in June '17 and Equitable/AXA refused settlement for $25, 000.00 saying her coverage expired when she tuned 70, although there was no OFFICIAL notification of this requirement. Equitable/AXA uses a "bait & switch" to garner premiums and then refuses to pay when payment is due. DO NOT ENROLL in any policy with

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