AviancaMy luggage

My name is Marcia Chelli Domeneck
And we live in USA
Destination Brazil
The travel us great, me and my husband are in Brazil now, we start our trip in Washington Dallas international aeroporto on January 18 2017, destination Brazil
We hade connection in Bogota them Sao Paulo
When we arrive in Sao Paulo, before we get our luggage they call my name and told me that one of my luggage us forgot in Bogota and that next day they will delivery it in my destination
So we did another connection to Curitiba 01/19/2017
Monday at night january 23 2016 my luggage arives, so we pickup at our luggage at location bus station city Fraiburgo Sc Brazil
My luggage uos destroyed us trash
It was inside plastic bag like trash everything us damage, we can not belive,
We have pictures of everything
Trash complete trash inside
Please let us know what are you going to do
We do have lots of pictures
Email for contact


Jan 25, 2017

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