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If anyone has been wronged by an Aveda Institute cosmetology school and would like to start a class action lawsuit, please contact me at [protected]

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  • Jo
      6th of Apr, 2011

    There are 100's of students that were wrongfully terminated at the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg FL.
    My daughter was one of them, I have never been so shocked at what goes on at this school. I would be interested in participating in a class action lawsuit, I have a well documented file.
    This is not a positive place any one considering cosmetology should look at real schools that are focus on putting out quality talented hairdressers, not signing people up and then taking the money and terminating them for absolute non sense. How does SELF Grooming sound? That was one of my daughters final write ups. Seriously she put lipgloss on at her station and was written up for self grooming, and once you get a few write ups like that they terminate you and keep ALL of your money. There was a student who had a car accident, and was late on a test day, not only did they not let her take the test, they failed her for the whole phase, making her retake it, at the cost of $2500.00. I could write a book on all the things I saw and heard, it was seriously the most shocking thing I have ever seen. I felt like I was watching them steal, not only money but hopes and dreams. Every student in there was there for an education that would lead to a career, and all they got was a student loan bill.

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  • Bi
      8th of Nov, 2012

    I am presently a student of this institution. May I say hell. This is not a fair education given. Favoritism, discrimination, instructors full of drama that you can't find to help you when you need their help. For a long time half the school was divided with hand picked favorite students put on the high retention side. They were booked before any other student. They were focused on and all attention and praise on them. When we all paid the same for that same education. We are a school divided. They have changed the curriculum for the honor students to get a further education in special classes . Such as color blocking, umbrees and etc i had a client come in for color blocking and since I'm not on the honor roll never learned it. They booked me with a client for this service I've never done and not one of them helped me . They claimed they were busy while joking and talking to their favorite students. I ended up on my own doing a service they would not teach me because I was not an honor student or one of their favorites. I paid $20, 000 the same as fellow students for a lesser of an education because I didn't fall under the favorites category. I searched and asked for help as they all pointed to the next and the next instructor because they couldn't be bothered. I ended up sound it on my own and it turned out great. Point is no instructor who is paid to teach would take there time out to help me with a service I was never taught. $20, 000 for what a name that doesn't hold up to the education they promised. I do not recommend anyone waste there money on a school full of drama, favoritism and a half ### education the instructors decide to whom to give it fully. Aveda is a money pit full of instructors who are not professional and come to school with. More drama than the students. My experience at Aveda is the worse experience and the biggest waste of money on an education I was promised that was never delivered.

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  • Rl
      23rd of Jun, 2013

    The same type of nonsense is taking place at the Aveda Instutute in Birmingham, Alabama. They do not have any licensed educators on their staff for the esthiology program and received a 70 from the Alabama board of Dermatology for their program. The board came back 90 days later and then gave them a zero. Students have not had an instructor since February and fear they will not even pass their board exam. They have only been taught how to do a basic facial when they should have a complete knowledge on injections and laser therapy. I enrolled as a student and am supposed to begin class July 9. I later found out from current students the situation at the Institute. Not only am I shocked that they were going to try and enroll another class after receiving a zero which makes them unable to operate but that they were going to keep this a secret from me.

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