AutoZone / defective brake pads return problems

United States

I had bought some brake pads in 2007 at Autozone. We have gone less than 15, 000mi in 4 years. The pads started to squeal loudly. I went to store Autozone #2517 in Santa Fe N.M. As a matter of fact, I worked there for 5 years as a CSM. Besides all that, that day they could not sell a thing because the whole computer system was down. I was advised to go to the newer store on Airport Rd. I had no problems having the pads exchanged. even purchased new rotors. The problem is this; after doing the job. A few weeks later, they started to squeal loud!!! I checked them and cleaned everything.

I was frustrated and bought a set at another place. That solved it. I took the bad one back. The Autozone mngr. could not find the warranty listed. My family have a huge listing of parts bought at Autozone. TOO BAD customer service is not what it used to be.All the frustration for a $20.00 set of brake pads.


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