My name is Anthony Palmieri. My telephone number is . I was interested in a 2010 Ford Focus, whicjh I saw on sale at your Chrysler Jeep Ram dealership in Littleton Colorado, from Car Gurus.
I inquired about the vehicle and got an email response from a guy name Revere, who asked me if I wanted to take it for a test drive this week- which was good, but it went down from here!
I called the next day and reached the receptionist at the dealership in Littleton, who could hardly speak because of a cold.She said she was transferring me over to Revere, but dropped the call. Later, I sent a reply email to Revere to tell him that the call had been dropped and to contact me himself. Instead, Mallory, a sales manager sent me an email apologizing. In her email she said that she would be happy to help me. This is when it gets bad..
I left a voice message with Mallory, which she never returned. I then called her directly and she answered. Mallory said she forgot about sending me the email and really had a hard time establishing a good phone relationship. I remember everytime I asked her a question about the vehicle I wanted to buy, she seemed nervous and in a rush. Worst thing bout our conversation was that she couldn't answer even the simplest question about the Ford Focus hybrid. Finally, Mallory brushed me aside and said she would get the answers and call me back. She never did, but I did get a text from a guy named Tyler? He said he probably didn't know either! Boy I am pissed!

Nov 27, 2018

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