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Autoglass / Autoglass repair

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Wanted to repair a 20mm deep cramp on the driver side of my windscreen which appeared due to low temperature but i've been refused. Man in the office says it's to small to repair and even does not look like a star and are not able to fix it. Not able??!!. They wanted to replace it only. I don't want to wait untill it will get bigger size. I want normally pay for the service. Obviously it's better to repair than buy a new one. Where are my rights? So what do they deal with?? Why do they exist?

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  • Me
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    That's ok... they just came out to replace my windshield today when I was at work, and after completing the form that they fill out showing all the previous damage, the installer didn't give me a copy, but instead held on to both. Normally I would have thought better of it, but since I was at work, I was a bit distracted, and didn't notice. Anyways, when the repair was done, I was still pretty busy at work, so I didn't get a chance to check it out... but when I did, I noticed that the trim around the windshield was bent in spots, like someone had taken a crowbar to it. When I talked to the installer, he told me "I'm pretty sure it was like that already". Mind you, I have just spent the past week detailing my car... and had Rain-Xed the windshield the day the rock hit it... trust me, I know EVERY flaw in that car!!! So, finally I gave up arguing, and just decided that I would replace the trim at some point anyways (there were some chips out of it before anyways) But wait... it gets better... when I got home, I noticed there was an odd shadow on the windshield, and lo and behold... the headliner is falling down in the front where it meets the windshield. And the little booger had noted it on the form... AFTER I signed it!!! So now, trying to fight this out with them is going to be fun, since the paper has my signature, and states there was damage (mind you it just says damaged, not that it is falling down). So I guess you can consider yourself lucky that they refused you... who knows what other damage they could have cost you in the process of fixing the small chip!!!

  • Pa
      11th of Mar, 2011
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    I have an isuzu vehicross, it's an import so in some ways hard to get parts for.
    It got a cracked screen, so went through my insurance to get it replaced.
    Autoglass said they definately had the screen in stock and it would be fitted on the 24th of feb.
    Went down to their depot on the 24th to be told the screen they had in stock had been "damaged in the warehouse" so they couldn't fit it.
    Several weeks have passed during which time I've had all kinds of garbage from them like "we have a trooper screen that might fit " etc etc
    I gave them the CORRECT part number myself over 3 weeks ago!
    I went in their depot (luton) yesterday to see what was going on as plainly they had just ignored everything and hoped I would just "go away" and raised a bit of a stink.
    Today I get a phone call from them assuring me that the screen was on order, and had in fact been on order since the "first" had been found damaged.
    Decided to check myself with Isuzu U.K.
    They were incredibly helpful and did say a screen had been ordered from Japan through an Isuzu dealer... Yesterday!
    Me... I'm off to trading standards with this one...

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