Auto Parts Giantrun a round rip off scandals

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I placed a order with them June 6th, said I would recieve tracking information in 5 business days, guess what nothing ever was emailed to my box, so I called them as usual being the first time me calling, they were kinda rude and stupid about the whole damn thing. Thats when I got suspiscous about it, so I gave it three more days, what a surprise still NOTHING!!! They kept telling me it had shipped and that it was all UPS's fault for not giving them a tracking number, yeah right, I called the UPS headquarters and confirmed that nothing was ever shipped, so I got rude and hateful myself and flat out told them that i wanted my damn part. guess what, three weeks had went by and still nothing so I cancelled my order, and contacted my lawyer. They ended up sending me a email saying that they were refunding my account, okay so I sent them a email and told them they had till thursday to credit me back. Thursday morning, I checked my account and still nothing, so I contacted them as soon as they opened and told them that if that money was not in my account by friday morning, The F.B.I fraud would be notified, my lawyer, and the California State Police. Guess what I had my money back in my account thursday night, but that still gets under my skin, so I still notified Federal Fraud about the situation. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE TO ANYONE OUT THERE LOOKING FOR CHEAP CAR PARTS, PAY THE EXTRA DOLLAR TO YOUR LOCAL MAN AND ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR GETTING, DO NOT BE SCAMMED BY THESE STUPID PATHETIC CON-ARTISTS WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THEN RIP OFF THE MAN WHO ACTUALLY WORKS FOR THEIR MONEY!!!


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      Jul 03, 2009

    So, they screwed up and didn't send your part. You threw a fit - which was uncalled for - and cancelled your order. You gave them until Thursday to refund your money. Because it wasn't in there first thing in the morning, you called them back and threatened them - and you got it Thursday anyway. Even though you got your money back, you decided to file a complaint anyway - which I'm sure was promptly discarded and will never be looked into.

    I have no idea why you contacted your lawyer, but I'm sure he was happy to be paid for basically nothing. The FBI was probably only annoyed and, had you called the police, they wouldn't have done anything.

    Seems to me you're the one with the problem. You got your money back so the refund system worked. Calm down.

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