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I recieved a call from the auto marketing group after I had listed my car in the auto trader. The guys name was Alex Harper, he said that his company sells cars at full market value or a premium to people with bad credit who cant buy cars elsewhere. Although, they require a $500.00 upfront fee. Im sure this is a scam, most financing companies will take a cut once the deal is complete.

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      Nov 29, 2010

    I am affiliated with the D.A.'s office here in California and just received a phone call from a sales representative (clearly of Indian decent posing as an american named Tony). I intelligently asked him a few qualifying questions in response to his questions in regards to my vehicle for sale, once he was unable to answer my questions due the the complexity of the questions being asked he transferred me to his manager whom is definitely in another country all together judging by the tone heard during transfer. All in all, I've done my research and this company has failed to sell a single car, THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT SPEND A SINGLE MOMENT ON THE PHONE WITH THESE PEOPLE. In regards to what you can do if you've already been taken by this company, I would agree with "G>Hag" that the FTC and the D.A.'s office should be notified, filing with BBB complaining about this company would help as well. Many credit cards companies will definitely investigate these claims specially if fraud is involved, it may take some time but you all have a good chance of getting a "charge-back" and having your money returned. I am going to take this matter personally, possibly have the numbers tracked by the local police department and get to the bottom of this. They should have known better than to come up with such an unprofessional business scheme to take good citizens for their hard earned money. Little did they know that they just tried to scam an attorney... Good luck to you all, and remember, THIS IS A SCAM.

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