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Auto Express of Hamilton / Billing Issues Customer Service

1 2980 Dixie HwyHamilton, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 513-863-2277

I am having the same problem right now They repoed my SUV 4 days before Christmas while I was waiting on a return phone call that my payment was going to be late and that I would Pay it on 12/31. I talked to Jeff who was going to talk to Josh and get back with me on the same day which was on a Friday 12/17. He never called back and sent a repo man after the SUV. I called him and he lied and was very rude said he called me back and left a message. HE DID NOT. he first said I thought I called you back but then started getting mad and being very Rude. I paid extra money the prior month to go monthly with Molly who suggested that we do this and also spoke to Chris about this matter and he was the one who told me how much I needed to pay to bring it monthly. I then get a call From a JEFF that is very un professional thinking he can bully people by the way he talks to them telling me that I am not monthly that I am still Bi weekly he told me Chris didnt make the desicions in the office that Chris worked in the garage has nothing to do with selling cars. and would not let me talk to Chris or Molly. He said I was sounding like his daughter making excuses. I was Told by Josh if I couldnt pay on time just call and tell him. That is what I was doing Not needing to get talked to by this unprofessional individual. He lied on the phone and said I wasnt schduled for repo yet that I wasnt on the list that If I could pay anything would help. I did not let him know the man was already here I justed wanted to know that If I payed something on it would it get repo-ed he said he couldnt guaranteed that. So that shows that If I had paid the pymt (180.00 for being late on Bi-weekly pymt if that was the way he wanted it) not how it was set up that I would had my SUV repo-ed for 1 missed bi-weekly pymt right before Christmas. All they care about is getting their money not about how people are struggling trying to pay everything they can and have a Christmas for their Kids at the same time. They told me I would have to pay a repo fee of 350.00 and catch up on my payments to get it back. This Is not my first time having this done. The first time they repoed it with 1 payment late of 90.00. By 1 business day late this is a fact! and how they run a business is ridiculious. Their office closed on a Friday at whatever time they wanted to close since they dont go by their business hours. And came and got my SUV on Monday Morning at 5:30 Am which cost me over 600.00 to get back because of the towing fee then was 450.00 by the other repo people they used then. I was going to call in that Morning when they opened. I even left a message on their answering machine Friday that I was going to pay on Monday since they were closed to call me when they opened up. Just to show you what type of people you are dealing with at this car lot. I suggest You stay away and go else where cause they will LIE to Your Face just to get Your Money and then after that Look Out you never know when they will show up to get your vehicle. I too have filed a complaint on these people as well and I am not just going to let this go. There is no telling how many people they are doing this too. As Far as their above statement that people make these remarks out of anger. And They have settled all of their BBB complaints. You will see what type of Individuals your dealing with. And everything they do to people will come back on them 10 times worse maybe not for them to realize or admit but maybe their finances, or business or family life will be affected by the way they treat people. God Truely takes care of his own and when you do something to one of Gods children. I feel sorry for you cause he can make it all come crumbling down around you. You can say anything to pacify what you do BUT in the long run that is the one person that will truely make you pay. You can laugh about the last remark I made because you have no clue of what Im saying. But when you start having things happen to you because people are having hard times You will be right along with us 10 folds more.

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