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Authorhouse / theft of royalties

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Hey Wes or Dave, both of you go to hell! We all know you were sent here by AuthorHouse/Xlibris/iUniverse to cause division and derision. You already know that I'm fairly well known so your arguments are first class grade A b/s! AuthorHouse is a crooked company and now that the D.A. in Indiana is investigating them, all of us need to give them all the support he needs and prevent a behind the scenes under the table payoff if that' s possible (and I'm not saying the D.A. can be bought). But I have no doubt that if AuthorHouse can pay somebody off that they will do it. Instead of planting these people online to try an explain away the theft of our monies they would save themselves a lot of trouble if they would just pay us our money then they wouldn't have to explain crap! So save your lame and stupid explanations, save your frickin' breath and just pay us the money we are owed or surely as God lives and give us life and breath He will bring you down to your knees! Without us you wouldn't have a business! Even if you paid us our money, you would still collect substantial profits per the agreements! But if we have to go to every company you deal with and turn over records and books, this thing is set in motion and we won't stop until we either get our money or see all of you in jail where you belong! Now take that back to your bosses at AuthorHouse because they have surely committed a crime by stealing our royalties!

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      29th of May, 2010
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    I appreciate your professional response (insert sarcasm here). We must be a really bad company to have the Better Business Bureau rate us as an A+ with only a couple of hundred complaints and tens of thousands of satisfied authors over the last 3 years.

    To be totally honest, I have never heard of you. That doesn't mean that you're not well known in your own circles, but if you feel you're selling books and not getting paid for them, you can get a report directly from us or the multiple distributors that we use to sell your book.

    I'm always baffled at all the conspiracy theories such as yours. I've researched and see no investigation of Author Solutions by the Indiana District Attorney. That would be bordering on lible, my friend. I'll leave it at that.


  • We
      29th of May, 2010
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    I love that song!:) Long live Hendrix!:)

  • Mi
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    I must certainly wonder about Authorhouse myself.

    My first novel was published by them and within a short time I found it available through other sources, not the least of which was Google, which has published my ENTIRE novel online! I'm pursuing action against them.

    I must certainly presume that Authorhouse leaked it online as I did not!

    I can only guess at how many copies were sold, for which I've not been paid, or worse, not sold, because of their tactics.

    I'll be following through with legal actions as much as I can though my funds are limited.

    After all, if I don't stand up for myself, who will?

    Mitch L. Gohman, Author of Decision Point: The Family

    P.S. Brenda, you should be more careful when you accuse someone of LIABLE (not lible :) As the judge in my novel said, "Words are an attorney's business" - words are the same business you claim to be in!

  • Au
      4th of May, 2011
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    I just posted a response on your other complaint Daniel and I noticed you had a second complaint. I thought you other complaint was reasonably written out and this is why I responded, but after reading over your complaint here I am getting the impression that you are at fault. You seem unreasonable and erratic. I also tried to find your book on AuthorHouse and you’re not listed. Your website does also not work. Have you even published with AuthorHouse? It seems to me that you may be trying to spread false rumors about this company to try and get people to not sign-up. Saying that a representative (Wes in this case) and their argument are B.S. because you don’t agree with it doesn't give much factual feedback for someone to investigate. Also, paying off the District Attorney??? Surely you do not believe in this silliness. It reminds me of the birther movement or people saying we didn’t land on the moon. You can't just stomp your feet, kick, and yell with a red face saying "pay you money." If you want royalty payments from any self publishing company then you need to market and promote your work--period.

    I will go ahead and re-post my other comments below as I think it might help Mitch.

    I am an author public relations rep (independently in business and I do not work for a company) and I just thought I would respond to your post. I have been working part-time in this field for about 6 years.
    Lighting Source is just a printer down here in Tennessee. So, you are not being “issued” by a new company. I’ve had authors that work with AuthorHouse as they are one of Lighting Sources largest clients. If you see your book listed with Lighting Source then this is a good thing--it just means that your book is in the distribution channels. It means that anybody can find your book on websites like Amazon and any bookstore/retailer can buy your book and put it on their shelf. Did you call AuthorHouse because I am sure they could tell you about Lighting Source?

    I don't know anything about AuthorHouse filing for bankruptcy and I highly doubt this as I believe their authors still sell more books than any other self publishing company. They are huge and have a lot of success stories, but they are just one POD out of many.

    As for not receiving payments for your book sold-- All this means is you haven't sold any books or you just haven’t yet received the quarterly report/check. I have authors that have worked with AuthorHouse so I have looked at their Terms. It says pretty clearly that they pay out royalties quarterly as long as you are making $25 or more worth of sales. I think if you make less than $25 then they just roll it into the next quarterly check.

    May I ask you Daniel—when you said you still haven’t received any payments, are you implying that you think AuthorHouse is stealing your royalties or are you saying they are late on paying you? The reason I ask if that I just got done reading over a few complaints on this website about AuthorHouse stealing royalties and AuthorHouse therefore being a scam. I thought I would touch on this subject from a PR point of view. I have had authors call me before and start off the conversation that they thought AuthorHouse was stealing royalties so let me answer the way I normally do below. And by the way, most authors I work with do not feel AuthorHouse is a scam—in fact, it’s pretty rare that someone says that…

    1) Grab a friend and go online to
    2) Watch them as they go online at and pull up your book
    3) Ask them to buy your book and go through the process
    4) Watch them go through step-by-step. Have them do it with their name, their address, and have it shipped to their home. It doesn’t matter if they pay for it or if you offer to pay for it for them. I am only spelling out this experiment so you can see there are no royalties being stolen.

    If you follow this step-by-step experiment above then your friend will receive a copy of the book because AuthorHouse (and the printer Lighting Source) will fulfill the order. But, here is the key to all of this--YOU, THE AUTHOR, WILL RECEIVE A ROYALTY CHECK AND A STATEMENT OF THE BOOK SALE IN THE NEXT QUARTERLY REPORT. That's it. Period. Done. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that AuthorHouse is not stealing royalties. And the best part about this experiment is that at any point in the future if you felt like AuthorHouse is stealing your royalties—you can “test” them out. At any point in the future, just randomly go on to any retailer website like Barnes & Noble and have a friend buy the book. You will always see that sale reflected on the next royalty check and report.

    So, this is why I am confused when I read that authors are not receiving royalty checks or they are claiming AuthorHouse is a scam. And I do not mean to be rude when I make this point as really I am only curious--Do these authors realize that they can “test” to see if AuthorHouse is stealing their royalties by just buying the book online?

    Now, in your case Daniel—what I would recommend you do is to work either with AuthorHouse or with someone like me--a PR rep. It's not that you are not receiving royalty checks--you are just not selling books. And, the way you sell books is the same for any new author, regardless if they published with AuthorHouse or not--you need to market, advertise, and promote. You need to do this yourself and you need to get help. AuthorHouse can make sure you have a professionally designed book, they can make sure your book is priced correctly so it's not over priced, they can make sure it's distributed, and they will do the order fulfillment. But, just because the book is distributed does not mean that people know about it--this is where the marketing comes into the equation. And then there is the case of the writing. Do you have a good story, is it professionally edited, have you defined your target audience and are you tailoring your marketing to this audience, and on and on.

    So Daniel, I will wrap this up but I just wanted you to not worry about Lighting Source and not worry about your royalties. AuthorHouse is just one type of self publisher and they give you tools to get a book out on the open market. At this point, it just sounds like you need some marketing assistance. I would try AuthorHouse first, but I wouldn't stop there--there are plenty of books, online sites, and people out there who can help you sell books and make a decent royalty amount. Maybe even look for a PR rep in your area (I only work with people in the Nashville area).

    I hope this helped and I wish you the best of luck!


  • Jr
      23rd of Sep, 2015
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    Author PR rep
    My husband is a published author with Author house we have ordered multiple times from different sites as well as the site author house made for him and we have not received one single copy. Nor has my husband receive a royalty check since February 2014 uh it is now September 2015 every time he calls they give him a date he will receive all past due royalties and it never happens we have been forced to go to an attorney. From records he is now owed over 45, 000 from nearly two years.

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