Audi / pay so much and get so little

United States

Bought an audi a3 2.0t convertable from audi northcliff in feb09. Car was an audi sa demo according to them. I was involved in a minor accident damaging the suspention, however when this was being fixed, the autobody shop brought my attention to the fuel pump which had been damaged before, but temporarly fixed in such a way that if not picked up, may have caused the vehicle to catch on fire. This in it's own was a shock given that I had never been involved in an accident with this vehicle before. Now, the car needed to go in for the cluch with only 41000km on, and was towed into audi eastrand after me waiting almost an hour and a half by the side of the road in the early hours of thursday morning, for me to now be told on the monday morning that they have to wait for a new clutch from germany on friday (over a week later) and they do not even have a loan vehicle to let me have while I wait. I thought I was buying quality and great after sales service which is why I desided on audi a year ago. Given the petrol pump issue and now having to wait for a clutch, (I ask you, a clutch???) and the unwillingness to give me a loan vehicle, i'm sad to say I own and audi!!!

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