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I will tell my story at the hands of this rip off merchants one day but for now I want to warn people about them like the other two complaints on here have tried to do, & Attractive Professionals just slag them off.

Their customer service is not acceptable. They have a million excuses to keep you 'waiting for them to send you 'THE ONE' (as they keep saying is all it takes!!).

They are deluded if they really think their service is good, & it's interesting that it's all women who are complaining.

I have actually heard from another two women - thus making five of us AT LEAST who are not satisfied that they actually did anything for us, for our money. I know I am a decent honest and genuine person: if they were to write about me like they did about Laura (a customer!!!), I would be disgusted. How dare they slag her off and say she's the problem.

It is a sensitive and emotional area indeed but they are selling a service they cannot fulfil and they get nasty and defensive if you ask for a refund.

  • Attractive Professionals Customer Care's Response, Oct 06, 2017

    Anonymous reviews/complaints are a cowardly way of handling a dispute, designed solely to put the other party at a disadvantage.

    Surely if you feel you’ve been wronged, the correct thing to do is to seek legal redress but if like Sarah, you know your case won’t stand up in Court, anonymous reviews give you a way to smear someone instead.

    In her first six weeks with us, all went well and Sarah met three of our clients. She then emailed to say that from then on she only wanted to meet men who had country houses and kept livestock.

    When I politely pointed out that those parameters would be too narrow, she immediately demanded a refund and then sent us a series of highly offensive emails.

    As we’d not been at fault we didn’t reply to most of them apart from to tell her that we would be happy to defend ourselves in Court. She chose this route instead.

    The great shame of it is that her profile and photos were appealing to our members and if she hadn’t sabotaged herself, I feel confident that she would have met a partner.

    Margot Medhurst

  • Updated by Heidipona, Oct 06, 2017

    Sorry but who is Sarah?!!!

    The reason I am doing this anonymously is because I do plan to take AP to court.

    I do not understand why AP feel that 'explaining' all of the clients 'faults' or 'demands' etc is relevant. We are not complaining that we did not meet a man to have a relationship, we are complaining that AP mis-sell the service that they then struggle to provide, as well as not being happy with the manner with which they conduct their business & the very large pre tag they put on the 'service' they promise...numerous times AP have been the ones to back out of the contract with the customer and prematurely end the service, because the customer dares to express their unhappiness with what they've parted with their hard earned cash for.

  • Updated by Heidipona, Apr 14, 2018

    Please find our Facebook page and contact us so we can work together to raise awareness. Thanks.

  • Updated by Heidipona, Jun 26, 2018

    Hi please message me, as the BBC want to talk to us!!! thank you

Sep 25, 2017
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  • Ph
      Apr 12, 2018

    April 2018
    Sadly I too, have fallen victim to the dealings of this so-called company.

    My grievance lies in the fact that I’ve paid a substantial fee upfront to a company in whom I have put my trust. In addition, the £55 per month seems ludicrous when I feel that this company have not delivered the bespoke, personal service that it so effusively advocates. I had been sent (on the whole) unsuitable profiles that in no way reflects or respects my requirements and expectations.

    I called ABIA (Association of British Introduction Agencies) five times over a few weeks, to be greeted by an answer machine and never a response.

    I plan to contact Trading Standards and the Press to expose this disingenuous, underhand organisation which must be shut down, to prevent the hopes of other genuine high fee-paying women from being so cruelly dashed.

    Please feel free to comment. I imagine there are more of us who have been lured, duped and left disappointed and humiliated, not to mention, a few hundred pounds lighter...

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