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NY, US Review updated:

Rules to the at&t wireless consumer*

1. Dont call in to customer service yelling!
2. Always check you rollover balance!
3. Look at the bill before you cal in assuming you have been over charged!
4. Dont kill the messanger!!!
5. Dont lie!! Things happen, we really do understand. We and consumers also.
6. Dont claim you shold have a wireless phone insurance. (If you didnt ask for it and you havene been paying for it then you dont have it. This goes back to rule 5 because if there was something on the bill you were paying for and you really didnt ask for it you would hacw called in to have it removed asap!
7. Asking to talk to a manager is ok. Reps are not threatened by that.
8. Accept responsibility for you own actions!
9. Stop under estimating your children. Thgey kow more about cell phone than you do!
10. Pay you bill on time and when you dont expect a $5 late fee (Most states) and its past due 10 days or more expect to be disconnected and expect the $36 reconnection fee!

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  • Wa
      Sep 02, 2009
    AT&T - No reception on wall street
    New York
    United States

    To think that in the middle of Wall Street, iconic for blazing fast need for speed, my AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000 has NO reception, dropped calls, and finally, it says "congestion."

    For the teeny-bopper generation, AT&T was a monopoly, and Uncle Sam broke it apart, but if they keep this up, in the middle of WALL STREET, for crying out loud, they will be out of business, and Uncle Sam will have one less bad apple to deal with.

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