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The Sunday paper contained an ad offering Direst TV, Internet and home telephone service for $89.99 per month with free installation and a DVR with service to three additional TV’s. I called [protected] as listed in the ad at 4pm 3/20/17 and spent 55 minutes listening to Penny and all the options. She said service was available in my neighborhood. I provided all billing info requested. She told me my bundle will be $105.82 per month which included ESPN and Fox sports. I would also receive a $25 loyalty credit because we currently have both Uverse and cell phone services with AT&T. She requested information for a credit check which came back fine. Then she started checking program availability and said she could not honor price quote. She could add Direct TV to my existing Uverse account for $60 per month, bringing total bill to $160+ per month. I told her if they can’t do $89.99 advertised I’m not interested. She put a supervisor on the phone. I reminded him that I’ve been on this call for 55 minutes and I need a yes or no to “Can they give me the $89.99 advertised rate?” The phone went dead and disconnected. I believe the ad to be a “come-on” with no intention to sell the services at the quoted price.

Mar 20, 2017

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