Asus Notebookwarranty repair service

Had researched the asus computers before I made a purchase, but I neglected to research the company's customer service and repair service. now, the good price I got through amazon is being offset by the lack of customer service/warranty repair work. don't know of any other large computer firm that offers only one repair facility in the entire us. unless you can walk in to one of four companies to get service. unfortunately, I don't live in ny, ut, ga or ca. with my previous laptops, one can secure authorized warranty repair service locally... and that's for firms like lenova/ibm, dell, and any number of other brands. not asus.

And, after reading so many complaints about extended delays in getting back the repaired laptop from asus calfornia facility and even worse, the repairs not being made, but laptop returned to owner... well, now I know that a good product is nothing without
Good customer service and warranty repair service to back it up. so, if you care about support and service, don't buy asus products.

Jan 26, 2015

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