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Asus / product warranty service

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ASUS prospective customers be warned. I have purchased many, many products from all the major and minor companies on this planet. But I have never been as frustrated as I have been in dealing with ASUS. Their customer service has literally out right lied and given misinformation over and over to our family. Try calling their customer service and you will see what I mean. We purchased one of their with a defective battery. After trying to call them, and going through menu after menu before actually being directed to a human, you are put on hold. Then half the time, the phone just gets disconnected. But even when you do finally get a human, and they tell you how to get an RMA. You have to of course document your purchase and date. But a week later, after thinking the RMA was good to go, you get an email telling you your purchase is out of warranty. After repeated calls and emails, with all kinds of new documentation, and finally getting them to agree you indeed have a warranty, they tell you to send the defective item, in this case the battery, you have to pay to send it back to them. Then even after two weeks of them receiving the defective item, they don’t send you the replacement. We have called, and emailed them many times, and good luck getting anyone to help other than say they will escalate the claim. Then you can expect nothing further being done again. We again are calling and emailing, and finally get an email saying the battery was sent last week, but they don’t have a tracking number. How is that possible? So we wait a while more, and still don’t receive the item. Call and email again, and now they say, they don’t know why we got the email, because it hasn’t been sent out yet. Then we try to get a supervisor. That is all but impossible to do. They are never available, but they offer to get your information to a supervisor and they will call you. That call never comes, and we have tried several times, including leaving a message with the supervisor and having the CS rep send them a message. We called the main switchboard, and asked for someone who is the supervisor’s supervisor. Evidently, there is no such animal. They just keep shining you on and on. We have even contacted Taiwan, and they handle things the same way, either no response or more lies and misinformation. There are a lot of quality companies out there selling the same merchandise, and you don’t need this kind of frustration. Shop else where and save yourself a lot of grief.

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  • As
      19th of May, 2011
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    Sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with our support, but we want to help out - please send us a message at and reference case number 1272130 so we can contact you about this experience and see how things are currently going with your Notebook. -ASUS Customer Care

  • De
      20th of May, 2011
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    Sure, I would love to talk to someone who has some authority and in supervisory capacity about our experience. It was horrible. So please feel free to contact me.

    Sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with our support, but we want to help out - please send us a message at and reference case number 1272130 so we can contact you about this experience and see how things are currently going with your Notebook. -ASUS Customer Care

  • Za
      26th of May, 2011
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    Just had a similar Issue.
    Computer bought in June 2010. after a week the charger got broken (replaced in warranty), good proof of support as I always had great support...
    I said I has because I have just escalated an Issue after opening an RMA. After a windows update, the laptop didn't boot anymore. No way to have it booting . Opened an RMA, computer sent for rapair.
    Now SBE (3rd party company supposed to fix the laptop on ASUS behalf) told me that the Issue is related to the HDD that looks like if had a shock (Laptop never carried out, always been placed on the Desk with UPS and Electrical Surge Protection Lead) and then it is not covered by Warranty!
    I am waiting for the answer to my escalation but I am loosing any trust about ASUS after buying only ASUS Products in the Last 5 years and suggesting to buy ASUS Laptiop to any friend it was asking for a suggestion.
    I will see if they will accept my request to have my Laptop fixed. RMA GBB3150451, Cases ID WTM2011052619127653
    WTM201105261945508182 and WTM201105261822265991

  • Za
      9th of Jun, 2011
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    Customer service manager
    Asus UK LTD
    Focus 31
    West wing first floor
    Cleveland road
    Hemel Hempstead
    HP2 7BW


  • Ka
      27th of Jul, 2012
    -2 Votes

    J ai acheté un netbiik pour mon fils à 200€ le 30/08/2012, quelques semaines plus tard le cheargeur tombe en panne; puis le 15/05/2012 il tombe en panne à nouveau, je l'ai deposé pour changer la batterie, le service me reclame 50€ ce que j'ai refusé, alors on me reclame 75€ sans reparer le PC. A plusieurs reprise j'ai appelé au 0170949400 en vain; mais le top c'est la reception d'un mail aujourd'hui me reclamant 193, 68€ et si je refuse le PC sera detruit !!! je trouve que c'est scandaleux mon ordinateur qui tombe en panne tres vite ce qui signifie que le materiel est defaillant à la base et on me reclame presque son prix! je sais que plusieurs personnes ont contesté les produits Asus mais je n ai jamais imaginé qu on peut faire tout pour vous prendre de l'argent injustement
    ce que je veux maintenant c'est recuper' ce materiel meme non reparé cause des fichiers importants sont dedans. quelqu'un pourrait m'aider ?merci

  • Dr
      28th of Sep, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree, as I am going through the same rubbish my self with Asus. I have never in my life dealt with such an unprofessional bunch. When you do finally get to talk to a human all they say is “I’m very sorry to hear that sir, I will escalate to the next level” and guess what NOTHING!!! I have spent countless hours phoning and emailing and got absolutely nowhere. Even by complaining to which is supposedly their complete procedure I didn’t ever get a reply.i would have expected better. With that said, I can certainly say I will NEVER buy an Asus product agian

  • Za
      28th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have already posted a complaint about ASUS and, after doing so, I worte to tehir Complaints Office in EMEA. After that I have to admit that I got a call back from an ASUS Manager that fix my probelm and changed the wrong process applied.
    I have no idea qhat was your problem but, in case, write a letter (not an email) to the Asus complaint office (ask the full address).
    I am sure that, if ASUS did something wrong, the complaint Managre will fix it.
    I bought ASUS becasue of theyr support and now, after 6 years, even if something bad happened, I have to admit that they have no competitors for the quality of SUpport.
    If they d o something wrong, they fix it

  • De
      30th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    jai acheter un ordinateur pour l anniversaire a ma femme pour quelle puisse se connecter avec ca famille a letranger mai le probleme depuis le premier jour de l achat il a jamais marcher le son dans face on entand rien on a essaiyer avec des autre ordinateur et ca marchait .apres jai appeler service apres vente on ma dit de l envoiyer a asus jai fait com on ma dit je lai recue hier avec la poste et ces toujours parreille ca marche pas franchement ca commence a nous casse la tete ma femme et vraiment tonber malade a cause de l ordinateur on ces plus comment faire ca nous a couter 460 euro jai vraiment regraiter d avoir acheter dans ce magasin j aurrais du aller acheter dans un grande surface on aurrai pas eu ce probleme a l avenir ces finie plus jamais j irrais acheter dans ce magasin

  • Za
      30th of Jan, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît entrez vos commentaires dans une langue correcte? Il ya beaucoup d'erreurs. En outre, il semble que ce soit un problème avec le magasin et non pas avec la garantie ASUS.
    S'il vous plaît entrer en contact avec le support ASUS

  • Ex
      14th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    i am myself experiencing terrible customer service! mainly their distributors!
    and i am trying to contact asus via that website for escalations... but i keep filling the form and sumitting for it to tell me "Sorry!! servers are busy.. so my complaint wasn't processed.
    to me it is starting to look like a crap company! I always thought much higher of asus :/ but now..
    i can't even contact them properly. they could have just placed an email add or anything!
    Does anyone know how i could send my email of utter disgust to these guys?!

  • Za
      14th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    Did you try to use a different browser? Sometimes more than the website, It's a matter of poor connection/browser compatibility.
    I tried to opened the TEchnical Enquiry FOrm right now and, except being a little slow it works perfectly.
    Try this link:
    or you can always call them:

  • Rn
      8th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have never seen like ASUS ... i purchased a notebook 1 year back in 1 year i faced 7 times HDD issue & battery issue & touchpad issue . When i raised a ticket & gave for service minimum they took 10 - 15 days so in one year 3 months my notebook was in service center . At last they aggreed for replacement & took my old notebook from me . Now i m waiting from last 3 months still i didnt got my new notebook . Dont no to whom i need to contact also the customer care peoples are worst .
    I fed up with ASUS & telling to all please dont buy asus products ...
    please dont buy asus products ...
    please dont buy asus products ...please dont buy asus products ...
    please dont buy asus products ...please dont buy asus products ...
    please dont buy asus products ...please dont buy asus products ...

  • Ch
      12th of Nov, 2015
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    Worst company ever and I will never purchase another product from Asus again. I purchased the RT-AC68U router for $190 last February 2015. When I received it I went to tech support to make sure it was set up properly. I had some internet issues with inconsistent signals and went to my cable company as the asus tech said everything was good from their end. After months of back and forth with my cable company and them fixing lines and supposedly doing everything from there end I decided a little later to check with Asus to see if maybe the tech misinformed me. Sure enough I went through several hours of troubleshooting over the phone and the tech said I am sorry sir but your router is defective. They told me I had to send it in and I said at the time I could not. My wife was in school and we needed the wifi for both her school and my work. she told me there was no other way and I said well Ill see what I can do and see if I can get a router in the mean time so that I can get it sent in. Well I finally got a router for the interim and realized she never sent me the email. I called back and they told me I had to pay to send it in. I was so frustrated that I blew up at the representative. She at one point asked me why I waited so long to send it in. this was after I had explained to her the history of my experience. When I told her that their customer service was terrible she actually told me I am not customer service I am a technical support specialist. are you kidding me? anyone who speaks to the customer on behalf of the company is considered customer service. This experience was so bad that I will tell everyone I know not to purchase Asus products. I know that a small dent but a lot of people do come to me for electronic advice. I hope enough people that had to deal with situations like mine complain and have some influence in order to help Asus understand customer service matters.

  • Ch
      7th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    sorry for posting this i want to share my experince faced by buying asus mobiles. if any one wants to buy asus mobiles please read this and share to your friends.
    Worst Servicing and worst products providing by asus. every one will see 5 star ratings and buy the worst company mobiles like asus.i am also one of the person who did like this. in bangalore only they have 3 worst servicing center think about other places.
    here is the my experice :
    if you want to see the worst quality of asus please visit the below site :
    i went to servicing center today.there is no value to the customers..they are telling you put it in the water thats why mother board got damaged.. ...but i didn't put it in the water...if this is the case why my screen is not damaged...they are playing games with us...i bought it one month back only.they are telling its out of waranty...they don't have commonsense mobile cost itself 9999 but for this damage they are asking we are looking to them ??how they will think that we will pay 9700 they don't have mininmum commonsense..even one month is also not yet completed how they are asking money for bangalore itself they are not providing value and service to the customers...i saw so many customers so many complaints there is no proper respond from their side.anyway i got frastruted with asus products and services i am frastruted with servicing center guys the way they are talking.when i gave my mobile its getting recharge but its taking time...there is no issue with mother board.please your spending 10000 rupees so don't buy worst products like asus. if you want to see the worst quality of servicing they are providing go to the servicing center you will find number peoples frustrated with that mobiles.

  • Ev
      6th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    When my Asus desk top started going bad - not too long after I bought it, customer service curtly told me to buy a new hard drive. I would not have purchased Asus at all if I had known it didn't even have a simple thing like a fan installed. I lost a lot of valuable information.

  • Do
      7th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I bought a high end laptop from Asus just to find out that it's defective, went to replace it to find out that the new one is also defective after 4 days...When I went back to replace it, I was faced with an ignorant staff that doesn't know anything about Laptops. Going to the support was a different story, their recommendation was stupid & appears like they totally out this planet...Now, my laptop which I didn't had the chance to use is getting fixed at their retailer service center & it has been now a month.
    Really one of the worst vendors & worst retailers I've ever dealt with.
    My Recommendation; Don't Buy Asus, Specially high end products...Doesn't worth the investment

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