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Asus / do not buy from them

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I bought an A8N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard several months ago, made by ASUS. I assembled my own system which seemed to work fine, until I attempted to upgrade to WindowsXP SP3. Doing so caused an endless loop of reboot crashes, which took a great deal of time to reverse and undo, and left me with SP2 (the older version of WindowsXP), and left me unable to upgrade without risking a lot a problems.

I researched this situation online, and discovered that the problem can be traced to my A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard.

Microsoft pointed out that this is an issue with the manufacturer, ASUS, and suggested I contact them. I sent ASUS an email requesting support. When my email was not replied to within 48 hours, I phoned ASUS tech support and eventually reached a technician who told me in no uncertain terms that this is not ASUS responsibility, that Microsoft should be the one supplying support since it was them who issued SP3, and that ASUS would therefore do nothing to assist me, or the thousands of others who bought this motherboard from ASUS!

As luck would have it, a day later, a reply came to the email I had sent out several days before. In that reply their tech department issued an extraordinarily convoluted recommendation, which required the complete dismantling and re-assembly of my computer. No explanation was given to indicate that the tech reps who replied in writing actually understood my question, because the recommendations seemed to have nothing to do with the failure to install SP3, and there was nothing to explain what was causing the problem, and how the procedures might help.

I sent a follow-up email, asking for clarification. My email was ignored.

I bought my motherboard from ASUS, because I thought they had a reputation for producing superior products, and good customer service. The service I received was utterly pathetic, and I cannot imagine why I, or anyone else, for that matter should patronize ASUS.

Anyone thinking about buying their motherboards from ASUS should consider my experience, and think twice or even three times before giving ASUS your money.

It is astonishing, that the phone-based tech support should tell me to go jump in the lake, then have that followed by a completely different reply by email, wherein, a recommendation to supposedly repair the problem is given . . . only to have that recommendation offer no explanation whatsoever as to the cause of the problem, and how the complete dis-assembly of the computer could possibly effect a repair. It is even more remarkable, that when a clarification is requested, the author of the convoluted email should ignore my request.

Beware of ASUS products!

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  • Ko
      5th of May, 2009
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  • Sh
      17th of Dec, 2009
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    After sales Service from Asus singapore is really bad, their service support staff were very ill-mannered towards customers.
    Many people bought their Asus mainboard and discovered the mainboard faulty after a few days. Nowadays their mainboard is manufactured in china and not in Taiwan and other countries, they will push away their responsibility and refer consumers to their distributors or suppliers. ASUS products which were in china have a lot of hardware problems which is on par like the china diary milk product Sanlu Group and china lead-poison toys hazards issue. I bought a F6 Asus notebook form Funan Digital life mall only for 2 days and it became faulty. So I went back to the Notebook dealer in funan to request for a refund, they rejected me and they told me they can't replace my faulty unit with a new working unit. Eventually the Dealer refers me to the Asus service center which is the ADELPHI building opposite funan digital life mall. I was so angry and upset and I went to the ASUS service center, I requested for an exchange of the unit. The Asus Counter staffs me that their company doesn’t have such policy.

    They would provide servicing of the notebook and exchange faulty hardware parts which I can't believe it and accept the fact. I was so piss off with their servicing and product quality, I used 3 ASUS mainboard previously and it was still working fine then. I noticed Asus quality is no good like before like its legend history, I think Hewlett Packard, Dell, Fujitsu and Acer quality and services is far better than ASUS. Not just their service is better than ASUS and I found out that those brand also manufactured their notebooks in china like ASUS. I have waited for 2 weeks to get my ASUS notebook fixed instead of 3 working days as what they said they would speed up the process initially, I was not happy for what they did and they break their promised. So I requested to see their Manager in charge when I went over to collect back my note and they told me their Manager "Jimmy" is not around. So they asked a Senior Engineer whose name is "Jason”, he told me that he can't do anything in a very unfriendly tone he then gave me their management's email " I have sent an email regarding the issue and there was no reply for their management.

    As you can see their poor professionalism especially their management in Singapore does not care for their consumers. It seems like they do not have the ability or capability to provide good services to their consumers perhaps in future those who bought the ASUS notebook and encounter the same like should make complains to their taiwan headquarters. ASUS is a small peanut in the IT world and their product quality is getting worse, SHAME ON THEM and they still have the cheek to sell their products across the globe. This comment goes out to those poor people who has been cheated by buying Asus notebooks, they should consider this low down brand before they purchase the ASUS notebook. I really want my money back from the dealer or sell my ASUS Notebook away to someone.

  • Si
      4th of Feb, 2010
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    Strongly Agreed.
    I bought 2 each identical laptops A7T. One that is gently used got no boot (dead) before 1year. RMA fixed free. Just before 2year warranty ended, lcd display has a 2" vertical blankout on the right. RMA said it was my abused, it would cost me ~$350. After auguing w/ them, they agreed to fix it. When returned after a month, I found 1gb of ram I installed was missing. I called them and they said they escalated my case and were locating my ram. After more than 20 calls and 3 months elapsed, they told that they never saw the ram, TOUGH, CASE CLOSED, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.
    Right after 2 years, the other laptop has the same lcd blank stripe.
    I have another cheap Acer, almost 2 years, which has no problem yet.

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