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Asurion / worthless warranty

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The warranty on replacement phones is worthless! In December 2008, I received a cell phone after filing a claim for a lost phone. Immediately the phone began to have freezing issues. On February 1, 2009 the phone would not unfreeze so we visited MetroPCS for repair. MetroPCS explained that the phone was under warranty since it was a replacement phone from the insurance carrier - Asurion. I spoke with Asurion who sent me a UPS label to return the phone. I returned the phone and NEVER received another one. After multiple calls and lengthy discussions, I was told today (March 25, 2009) that they would not be able to replace it. Asurion reported that the phone was damaged when received. I requested that the phone be returned since I paid the $85 deductible. I was then transferred to "The Office of the CEO". There I found a general voice mail box set up for customers to leave messages. I paid $299 for the original phone, $85 for the replacement phone, $120 for 4 months of service, and $30 for the insurance totalling $533. I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE BROKEN PHONE TO SHOW FOR IT ALL!!!

Is anyone willing to send emails to local news stations to give Asurion some additional marketing opportunities?


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D  24th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Cancel your phone insurance if you aren't happy. Then you can buy a NEW phone at the full retail price! Oh wait, that's right. You won't pay the full retail price because you are cheap and then complain about paying $50 for a refurb REPLACEMENT cell phone.
N  17th of May, 2009 by 
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Cheap??? You idiot! I have paid more than $700 to asurion!!! Now they are not honoring thier warrenty!!! I may have been dumb to send them my money without researching thier poor business policies, but CHEAP!!! How old are you? 15? Can you do simple math?
A  17th of May, 2009 by 
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I am so mad at this company, they will never get another dollar from me!
N  18th of May, 2009 by 
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Asurion is in the business of phone insurance. Just like State Farm/Progressive/Allstate are in the car/home insurance business. Do you complain to them about having to pay a premium every year? I'm betting you don't. It's the same thing with Asurion. You pay a premium every month so that when your phone breaks/gets lost/gets wet, they will replace it. It's simple.

And yes, I can do math. I can also spell too. And what does it matter what age I am? At least I have a better grasp of pronunciation than you do.
N  18th of May, 2009 by 
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Ok Anon,

You think you are so wonderful because I misspelled a word. Because I was so stinking mad that I did not care for a moment or two about my grammar or spelling... However, I did not wet, damage, or fail to take care of my phone. I keep it in a case, I clean it, I talk on it, and I charge it. But the friggin’ phone is defective. The port that you plug the charger into has come out of two of my phones. I had no problem with paying the $10 a month (I have two lines) and I had no problem with paying the $50 for the refurb phone. I do, however, have a problem with the replacement phone having a defective port a month later and having to pay another $50 to replace that one. Clearly there is something wrong with the phone. I do not swing it over my head, cram the charger in, or yank it out!!! So, if my car insurance company would not completely fix my car after an accident, I would cancel. If my house insurance did not pay for hurricane damage to be fixed properly, I would sue and be writing similar stuff on the internet. If my life insurance for my husband only paid 1/2 what they owed me, I would go after them too! So, if I was treated as the warranty said that I would, I would not be so pissed off!!! I am not being given another phone because I apparently abused the phone, by charging it! So just because you are in love with Asurion...maybe you work there and are afraid they will fold, or you are tired of hearing complaints! Clearly I am not the only unsatisfied customer. BTW...I started a group on facebook, called the newspaper, and convinced about 6 friends (so far) to cancel their insurance. Add that up and I just cost Asurion over $100 each month!!! And I am not done...hope you don't work there...unemployment sucks!

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