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The Aspen Dental office number is 1416

I had a tooth that needed to be pulled so on1/9/2017 decided to visit Aspen Dental because they are a in-network with my insurance company Amenities. I gave them my information and received an X-Ray of my teeth. After they accessed the damage I was told what the insurance company would cover and what I would need to pay out of pocket for the treatments I would receive on 2 separate days. I made first payment for the tooth extraction on 1/9/2017. After I paid the procedure was done. I made the second payment for fillings and cleaning on 1/18/2017. After I paid the procedure was done. Before I left they maid a 3rd appointment for 2/1/2017. Once I get into the office I'm told I owe money because my insurance didn't cover some of the procedures that were done which was also my first time hearing of this. I've never had an experience like this before I might add. A practice called balance billing from what I understand. So now I'm being told I owe 171.00 because AD claims my insurance company didn't pay their end of the bill.

What I would like is for these charges to be dropped. I made out of pocket payments in confidence that all charges were met.

Feb 01, 2017

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