Asda Stores / heavy goods delivery vehicles

I am writing to complain about your HGV delivery vehicles passing our house on a regular basis, our bedroom windows are feet from the main road and we are disturbed constantly day and night and due to the size also blocks out the available light, I have attached a photograph as proof. We do not understand why they use this route as it is not the shortest road to and from the main link road, in fact it is the longest, I do not know if the drivers are using a satnav but it must be obviously wrong, I am happy to invite any of your managers to sit in out garden or bedroom and witness the issue themselves, its has become very noisy due to this, no other delivery vehicles use this route, why then ASDA? plus with this hot weather we need to have out windows open and this obviously makes matter worse. I look forward to your reply, better still, please re-route your HGV's, our postcode is BS140RQ you can see the issue concerning the road closeness on Google Earth, this was a quiet road until your trucks spoilt it.
I look forward to your reply
Thank you and regards
John Bethray

Asda Stores

Jul 27, 2018

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