Asda / grocery home delivery driver

United Kingdom

Monday 15th may approximately around 12pm I was driving down a lane past trelwanyd towards Penyffordd village when this incident happened.
I was driving along doing about 20-25mph when I spotted one of your drivers coming at me with some speed. I slowed down even more to eventually let them past as they got closer, they didn't slow down at all and actually swerved into me and made my car crash into the ditch causing a popped tyre and a crack on my bumper. My car obviously came to a stop, I turned around to see if they had stopped or hit anything themselves with their dangerous driving but they were driving off into the distance, so it was like they never stopped at all! I find it ABSOLUTLEY disgusted that you have people like that working for you. As a new driver having only passed my test 1 month ago this has shook me up and now am very cautious to taking that route which is my route to and from work every day. There were 2 white males in the vehicle, not only has it cost me just under £100 to sort out the damage to my car but it also put me under pressure when getting back into my car. And I hope that there are consequences for your drivers

May 16, 2017

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