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I purchased the PC Scan and Sweep software. When I try to use it, The Company wants to charge me again. WHY???? Sounds like a major league SCAM to this writer. I have tried to contact Ascentive software about this problem and can not find any person to talk to nor to email. This customer is not at all happy with the experience with Ascentive Software. In addition I have been unable to remove the software from my computer. This is a total disaster. When a company offers a product that has promise and then the product will not function because of some unknown reason and the company further isolates itself, they need to be put out of business.

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  • Sa
      10th of Mar, 2010

    Do not order finally fast/ascentive! i had same prob. can't get in touch w ascentive or find a phone number. i used it once and computer sped up, then tried some time later and they wanted credit card. TOTAL SCAM !

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  • Kb
      15th of Mar, 2010

    Call 1.888.550.8299

    FinallyFast is pure poison. As soon as I loaded it things got slower and slower. Then errors started appearing right and left and my computer started crashing (something it RARELY did before). Of course when I tried removing the software it wouldn't leave. I finally called ###-Scent-ive and demanded my money back as well as help in getting this trash off my machine. They sent me an e-mail saying there wouldn't be any FURTHER charges so now I have to call them back and demand that they drop ALL charges.

    Since removing FinallyFast my computer is already much faster but the errors remain. I have to get someone in to fix my computer now and will definitely be sending ###-Scent-ive a bill. I know they'll ignore it but I'm sending it anyway.

    I'm really pissed off at these people. I'm currently unemployed and my computer is ESSENTIAL for job searching, applications and for putting together my portfolio (graphic arts). Do these spunkmonkeys give a damn that they're messing with people's lives?

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