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Even during the week of Christmas, expedited shipping was available. I received my system board in time to finish the gifts I had saved on my PC! Their service was fast and effective. They were able to answer any questions I had, and check out was a cinch!

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  • 1j
      Mar 04, 2009

    I purchased from Ascendtech an “ ASUS K8V-MX W/ATHLON 64 3200+ MBOARD KIT”. I understood it came with no manual or drivers so I went to Asus and downloaded the manual. When my “ASUS K8V-MX W/ATHLON 64 3200+ MBOARD KIT”. Arrived I installed it into my case and began to hook up the wires. When I started to hook up the panel wires the ASUS K8V-MX W motherboard looked nothing like the diagram in the Asus ASUS K8V-MX W manual I downloaded. I called Asus and found out that I had been sent a ASUS K8V-MX WS motherboard, note the S. This is a motherboard Asus made for a third party and although they don’t really support that board he was able to help me properly hook up the panel wires. After hours of searching I was able to get drivers for most everything except two comports. At this time I am not happy but I am dealing with the deception. After having the system for two weeks the Ethernet port ceased to function. I tried all the diagnostics, different cables different ports on the switch ect. I could plug my laptop into an Ethernet cable and it worked but the Ascendtech product showed “Network cable unplugged”. I called Ascendtech and waited on hold for several dollars worth of long distance phone call hung up and called sales they took my phone number and said they would have support call me. Guess what! No call. So I spent $69.99 on a wantabe ASUS K8V-MX W mother board with partial functionality and now my choices are spend unknown $ waiting on Ascendtech support over a misrepresented $69.99 mother board (not a lot of trust there now) or I can accept the $69.99 dollar lesson and BUYLOCAL!

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  • Do
      Apr 15, 2009

    I wish I had read this site before ordering from them! YES THEY SUCK!!!
    I got a used board marked as new its a huge deal to return anything to them. Yes the return guy does get very nasty he tries to intimidate you. or Asendtek on ebay is a very shady company and not at all like the online retailers I usually order from. Even after they admitted sending me a used pull they have not changed their item description on their web store or there ebay store. I see some people are happy with them but for me its been a very bad choice and a waste of time and money. They said I should have read the disclaimer and I probably should have but honest sellers post a honest description right up front without burring a disclaimer that you might get hosed in a little link.
    The owner is so dishonest in the emails
    1st he said my board was new,
    then he said "With all due respect, you did not buy, or pay for, new"
    then" IE, no one out there, sells this board as new, , , they can't, and if they say they do, they are lying"
    Its a $70 lesson :(

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  • 42
      Apr 23, 2009

    They are currently running a hard drive recovery scam under the name of Data Recovery Labs.
    They have a google ad words campaign that says $179. It is just a bait and switch.

    My drive had a comon click of death issue (stuck arm). No OS. NO Raid or complex formating.
    A simple FAT32 that holds my movie library. They wanted $1698.00!!!

    That is outrages! (I go the drive recovered for $200).

    Here is the catch...

    They never even try to recover them.
    No clean rooms.
    No screen shot of file list.
    No promise of recovery.

    1. Make stupid low google ad.
    2. Get Drives
    3. Give unreasonable quote
    4. Charge undisclosed price to return (no paypal!)
    5. Profit

    Scam Scam Scam

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  • Th
      Jun 04, 2009

    The name says it all, if you pronounce it right. As$Endtec. Very pure products and of course when you want to get a replacement for the nonfunctioning Garbage that was sent to you, Think Again . You will get some incompetent idiot that thinks they know everything there is to know about everything, when in actuality they DO NOT. On top of the bad mobo that I had to send back for $10.00, They gouged me on the 20% restocking fee and since they shipped it “free” the first time, I ended up paying $9.00 for that too. All because their, “Tech” boy can’t tell the difference between a bad board which has no video and a good one. Do Not buy the FIC Socket A mobo with Nvidea chip on it, or any other product, for that matter, from this company. They are the shadiest Co. that I’ve ever dealt with. What worries me the most is, the board that I sent back will be shipped off to another person that has a Socket A cpu that needs a home, and they too will have to go through what I did. When at first I requested an RMA, the person on the other side suggested that I purchase another motherboard. And get this a “939”. What? Didn’t he get the reason why I purchased a Socket A, or is this all about BAIT and SWITCH? I too am going to stick with Newegg for all my online purchases. The only reason I didn’t this time is because they do not sell Socket A motherboards any more. That’s what I get for trying to save a buck.

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  • Sl
      Jul 06, 2009

    I just went round and round with that tech guy. He blamed me for the supposedly new MB not working, and no way this board was new. It arrived with a nearly dead cmos batter and the security sticker had been cut away from the cpu voiding the manufacturers warranty. Their website looks so professional I didn't do a search for reviews before I ordered. That was my fault. Buyer beware, don't buy from Ascendtech

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  • Dg
      Oct 15, 2009

    I too wish I would have read this. I doubt a good board ever leaves that building. (if they aren't working out of the back of a van.)I bought a new board from them and it came up with bios error press F1 to continue.The as_ end tech told me to try 2 different processors and to try different memory and if it still came up with that error to send it back.It was the same no matter what processor was in it..He didn't suggest flashing the bios..Which I would have tried since I will hardly get anything back from the as_ end techs after all my shipping fee's and their restocking fee. How ever if they suggested a flash that didn't work they would have been stuck... Oh what am I talking about??? They would have told me the board works fine when they got it back no matter what. Just like this last time..Save your money! Deal with a reputable dealer. I am wondering how they can keep being listed on Price Watch??? Or don't they care either? Dave

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  • Fe
      Oct 04, 2010

    I totally agree with all of you, I wish we would have read this site also.
    I have been going round and round with the tech guy. We finally after two weeks of trial and error decided to send the darn thing back, it was a motherboard combo had a dead cmos battery and was just all in all buggy.
    We had e-mailed back and forth for a week to make sure we got the right rma # for a refund. Waited then I get an e-mail that another one was shipped so I get on the phone they tell me I can refuse it so I wait another week... and refuse it . wait another week ... they get it ..another week call to find out if they had processed my refund round and round we go they ended up taking their 20% and shipping cost I end up losing half of my money on their broken board.
    no matter how good it sounds

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  • Ka
      Dec 08, 2010

    We ordered a graphics card from them. It was never sent, until I called 10 days after waiting for nothing. They say..oh. we can't deliver to a P.O. Box.. yet they never emailed me to say so. They finally send it with no cables to connect it. We email them saying that we needed a better graphics card for gaming, and they told us that EVERY computer comes with molex cables for adding graphics cards. What a load of horse crap. I am writing a review on every site I can find to complain about them. I wish I would have read reviews before dealing with these idiots.

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  • Ji
      Dec 30, 2010

    I bought a replacement motherboard from them for my Nephews dead Compaq. MSI MS-6577, I know its a piece of crap MB in the first place, but wanted same to match front connectors ie card reader USB etc. Did'nt get it got an older version missing connectors, plus it's completely dead. I missed their 30 day return date, so I guess like you folks, it cost me $50 to learn not to deal with these ---holes.

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  • Ju
      Jun 09, 2011

    Bought a package deal of 10 motherboards including processors, fans, memory stick and Hardrives.
    The 10 motherboards that I needed according to service dept. were in stock.
    I transferred the required funds into Ascendtech’s a/c.
    After 3 weeks and NO items turning up I contacted the service dept
    to be told that the Motherboards i ordered were ALL FAULTY and I would need to choose another board to suit my needs.

    With the help of one of the service people the goods finally arrived in Australia some 4 weeks later.
    Every thing was well packed for shipping but the only BIG problem I faced was the fact that none of 10 400gb hardrives worked.
    They were all 5 to 6 years old and when I queried a “manager”
    about the age of the product, he pointed out they deal with “new, used and refurbished products.

    I was further told that all the hardrives were tested before leaving ascendtech and were all working-I could return them to the USA and they would be replaced with all shipping costs to be paid for by me-the consumer !

    I personally wouldn’t deal with this company again

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  • Ph
      Jun 13, 2011

    I ordered a new motherboard from them. The board which came was not only used when it was supposed to be new, but completely DOA. I know this because the identical board it was to replace still worked fine, but only being replaced because of a physical problem (the connectors got messed up in the NIC). The board they sent me would not even POST even with the same exact components attached, I even checked the jumpers and what not to make sure the were not set wrong. I have been doing PC repair for years and I think I know how to diagnose a bad motherboard. I even switched the components back to see if something had gone wrong like an ESD shock or something, but the old board still booted up fine.

    The bad board is not the reason I am writing a bad review. It's tough to test every used component that you come across, so that is understandable. The thing that got me was an email I got from them afterward claiming that the board I sent back, tested perfect, passed over 1000 test, took a complete install of Windows, internet access, media access, etc, and is running with no problems. I kept the email as proof if they want to dispute them sending that to me.

    Really? What exact 1000 tests did you run? You are a liar. This is a complete and total fabrication. No company would ever go through all that trouble to test a used board (unless they are ###s) when they could just boot to a simple PE environment and run any hardware tests they need. It is companies like this one that make people have second thoughts about doing business on the internet.

    I would have easily even overlooked the fact that the board was supposed to be new when in fact it was used, but I cannot overlook the audacity of the person who sent me that lie. You can even look on their website for an ACER BOXER DAO78L MOTHERBOARD and nowhere does it say that it is used. And I know that OEM parts do not normally come with I/O plates and driver CDs, but this even came in a reused old wrinkled up anti-static bag.

    Do yourself a favor and read carefully the reviews on this site, and out of the hundreds of other sellers out there, I implore you to choose another one for your own good. This company often sells untested used components and they do not stand behind them when they fail. Not only did I lose over a week on this job waiting for functioning parts, but I lost money on a restocking fee and shipping back to them. FOR THEIR DEFECTIVE PART. Go ahead and roll the dice on them, but you will probably be back here like the many others leaving a bad review.

    EDIT: Today I got a cocky email from the [censored] "Steve" over there that told me if I was so sure of myself to come in there. Yeah, right. Like I'm really going to waste my time to drive to Ohio. What a slimeball.

    Is this the type of business you want to deal with? Just Google "ascendtech scam" and see what you get.

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  • Mr
      Jul 27, 2012

    I purchased an Asus used motherboard from Ascendtech for only $24.99. The ad said "Free Shipping". Installed only to find that the NIC didn't work at all. I called them and they said we'll do a refund. I sent it back to them my cost $7.39. Once they received it I got $12.99 in my bank account. I emailed them asking what happened to the other $12 and they said they took that out for shipping per their policy on returns! I followed by stating that this is not a return where I just changed my mind...Your part is Defective! No difference to them, they didn't even confirm that the motherboard was defective, only treated it as a return less shipping that I had no idea of the cost. Anyway, after 6 or 7 back and forth emails I just went to my bank and filed a complaint hoping to retrieve the $12. Ascendtech are thieves! They should be brought up on "Theft By Fraud" charges. You know, when everything goes well, the shipping, the part works, too many people give great reviews. That is really not important. What's important is how that company treats their customers. This one is GROSSY UNSATIFIED! They are profit driven even if shipping costs are only left for them!

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  • En
      Oct 22, 2012

    They did the same thing to me, sent me a bad board then told me I did not have the ability to determine if it was a bad board or not. The guy got really nasty over email, making rude comments about my website and feedback. In my opinion these guys are selling dumpster parts that they found. Do yourself a favor, do not order!

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  • Av
      Nov 30, 2012

    NEVER BUY something in AscendTech Inc
    They sale ONLY GARBICH.
    It not only my opinion

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  • Bo
      May 03, 2013

    Charged me a $32 "restocking fee" for a product that never worked. Really? I reported them to BBB and Consumer Affairs, as I can see 100s of other similar complaints. Please do the same and get these guys out of business.


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  • Ne
      Jul 11, 2013

    I had purchased a motherboard on eBay from them for my Compaq CQ5110F (HP COMPAQ [protected] ASUS M2N68-LA NARRA6-GL6 MOTHERBOARD P6300 5320F AM3) which costs 64.99, my RAM didn't fit and want to return it. I shipped the package and it was delivered Wednesday. They are expecting it at the first place but they never issue me a refund back so I don't know if these jerks are going to keep my money or what. It's really a scam on what you had paid for and I'm never buying boards from this company again, still waiting for that refund.

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