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Howell, MI, United States Review updated:

After selecting a bunk bed set for my two daughters, the sales person tells my wife and I that for an additional $50 we can have the set sitting next to the one we had picked. It included an under-bed set of drawers. She specifically told us that it came with the drawers. So we paid the additional money. When I picked up the bed I was a little concerned that it came in three fairly small boxes. So I went back into the store and had the store manager AND the sales rep reconfirm that I had the drawers. Of course, after getting the set home and unpacking it all I realize that there is no drawer set. So my wife and I were lied to by the sales rep and I was lied to again by the sales rep and the manager. This is a bait and switch and I'm pursuing a refund. Needless to say, I have two very disappointed daughters.


If we receive a satisfactory resolution to this I will update this complaint, but I'm not holding my breath.

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  • Mi
      Aug 10, 2009

    Well, I'm pleasantly surprised. The Art Van manager made good on the promised item and actually apologized for the misunderstanding. The sales rep was new and mis-read the product information when she promised the under-bed drawers. The item *should* have been a $100 add-on but they gave it to us because of the sales rep's promise. They could have denied any obligation because we didn't have anything in writing, but they lived up to the sales rep's word. I'M IMPRESSED AND WILL VERY LIKELY RETURN TO ART VAN FOR ADDITIONAL PURCHASES AND TELL OTHERS ABOUT THEIR QUICK ACTION TO MAKE THIS RIGHT.

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  • Su
      Nov 08, 2009

    Art Van is full of ____!!! I bought a $1800.00 mattress on sale for 50% off, with promises and so on. Long story short, it was not even a FIRM matress which the Livonia Sales clerk told me it was, NEXT DAY DELIVERY, "not when there is a sale, WE are too busy", found out that their SATISFACTION GUARANTEE is only good for 30 days (when I took them to small claims court), and the 15 year warranty on the mattress, well mine was measured and found to be very defective, but they claim it had a stain on it...there was no stain. When trying to get them to replace it due to increasing back problems from sleeping on it (I am 49), the general manager in corporate said there is no such thing as firm and laughed in my face, when I told them I can't even sit on the side of it without slipping off, more than 3 supervisors told me "beds are not made to sit on" and "sitting on a mattress anymore than 30 seconds is considered excessive", well... I tried to file with Better Business Bureau, they refused to accept the report saying it was stained!!! That is the is NOT!!! Sone one told me now that if they are a member of BBB, BBB never accepts a complaint from one of their paying BBB members...could that be why there were no records of any complaints for any Art Van. Also in small claims court, I was not even able to tell the whole story, Art Van stopped me and showed the judge warranty that I never ever saw and the case was dismissed. MICHIGANS MATTRESS LEADERS, what a laugh!!

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  • Re
      May 05, 2010

    I think it is funny that customers are quick to say that a salesperson "lied" to them. Just by reading the comment I was able to determine that the sales person just didnt know that it did not come with the boxes. Saying that they "lied" is just ignorant on your part. It would be stupid for them to tell you it came with them but actually did not, knowing that you would be calling back once you got home with it. I mean, come on.

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  • Ch
      Nov 26, 2016

    Lance Fielder at the Ann Arbor Art Van Furniture is a liar and a thief. He literally tried to overcharge us $100, and did not remove the extra charge until I asked him to remove it... TWICE. The guy is a dishonest swindler. LANCE FIELDER - ANN ARBOR ART VAN.

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  • Ur
      Dec 20, 2016

    Agree 100%. NEVER BUY FROM ART VAN Pure Sleep, Plymouth, MI. . 1st, the sales people lie and don't give you the promotions they advertise. 2nd they will say anything to sell you, make up things lie etc. 3rd, after the sale if there is a problem, they could care less and all they want is for you to leave their store. 4th their mattress prices are inflated so they can make offered prices seem too good to be true.

    My story is similar in that their dealings after the sale may be the worst in my experience. They are rude, condescending, arrogant, untruthful and UNTHANKFUL for your business. I had a delivery and at time of delivery it was identified by the drivers that the item didn't fit correctly in my bed frame. The drivers had me call sales. I called Art Van Pure Sleep in Plymouth. Scott was the manager. He told me they would leave the bases for the mattress and bring a different model base at an added expense that was agreed too. He told me that I needed to go in the next day to pay the difference.

    So I go in the next day and Scott my salesperson, a different Scott (apparently there are two), told me the manager wasn't authorized to make the deal and they would not exchange the base, "sorry company policy". I showed him the delivery paperwork indicating that the bases were delivered and noted that were to be exchanged. He said that the driver wasn't authorized to write that.
    So I asked how they could tell me that and get me accept delivery and/or why would Scott dress down his own company people. He said" I can't take them back, what am I supposed to do with them" he said I can have my boss explain our policy to you. He said the following "I don't know what to tell you". Which is code for I am done with you.

    So I contacted American Express and communicated my side of what happened. They are disputing 100% of the charge and told me that they have 30 days to respond. Till then, I guess, we will find out about policies vs the power of the consumer. When they call me I guess I'll say "I don't know what to tell you, ask Scott.

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  • Me
      May 09, 2017

    Richard from the Portage store promised us our furniture would ALL be delivered on on the same date (end of April). We were moving into our house that weekend. He LIED flat out to our face because the furniture was on back order. We are now two weeks of living in our home without any bedroom furniture. When I called to talk to him he told me to put the mattress on the floor and sleep there. I called the corporate office and they did nothing to help us out. We spent a lot of money on the furniture set and bedroom set and believe we were treated so poorly. Stay away from Richard. He is a ###.

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